Nov 10, 2006

Believers Must Get Out of Bed With Politicians: America Must Still Get Out Of Iraq!

Notwithstanding the replacement of the fallen Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfield or given his replacement Robert M. Gates the new Secretary of Defense, America must still get out Iraq.

Even if Mr. Gates turns out to be a more effective Secretary of Defense let's say than Donald, and he listens to his generals and restores the confidence of those who serve under him, unfortunately that will not change reality in spite of any military successes that he might achieve in Iraq. Why?

We cannot ignore the following:

* America, without provocation illegally invaded the once sovereign nation of Iraq
* America took down its President (now facing the death penalty and vanquished
Iraq's Government
* America invited its enemies to enter the Iraqi theater, rather than fight its own
battles in America or on the enemy's soil
* America is arguably responsible for the death, murder and maiming of about
600,000 Iraqis
* America set up a puppet government during its military occupation of Iraq
* America is still occupying and controlling the once sovereign nation of Iraq.

The questions remain, so what constitutes a victory in Iraq? Should Mr. Gates in a more effective way than his predecessor did, dispose of more Iraqi lives? Should he continue to invite and fight America's perceived enemies in a once sovereign but American occupied land?

I am not sure that I can root for Mr. Gates either under the circumstance, get my drift?
The only real victory in Iraq will occur when Iraqis get their nation back, install their choice of government, vanquish and drive the invaders (especially America) from their nation, and be compensated for the loss of lives and all of the other carnage and destruction that was done in their country as a result of the scurrilous and criminal actions of the United States of America.

The victory that the United States still longs for, is to control the outcome in Iraq and have the government that it wanted installed in Iraq firmly in power; and that my friends is what we refer to as hegemony. Yesterday President Bush stated that the terrorists desire to go into other nations and install their own form of governance in those lands. Hello, Mr. Bush, is there anyone at home; that is what you have done in Iraq and Afghanistan?

If Saddam is to be punished, eventually America, its citizens and its leaders must receive their comeuppance and be punished for America's gross interposition and imposition into the lives of the innocent Iraqi people and the destruction of a once sovereign and proud nation!

The Bush ploy to upstage the Democratic landslide this week by replacing Rumsfeld with former CIA Director, Robert M. Gates, is an unsatisfactory solution to the real problems that persist in Iraq, the hegemony of the United States of America. And the Busy strategy does not alter the fact that America has behaved as a rogue nation under the President Bush. And where has the voice of the church been? Regrettably the church in America has been on the side of the invaders, and too many Christians are still encouraging Mr. Bush to secure victory in Iraq, in spite of America's trangessions in Iraq!

Hopefully late President and slaveowner, Thomas Jefferson's words, God's justice won't sleep forever, will ring true. For God 's justice slept a long time for Mr. Jefferson and his counterparts!

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