Nov 14, 2006


The real reason that America has not prevailed in Iraq is because of America’s convoluted justifications for going into and of late, remaining in Iraq. The fact is that America never should have been in Iraq for any of the reasons that were cited by the President; there never was a just cause or reason for being there!

I. Folks, when countries go to war, one country has either somehow offended the other country, is in an alliance with either country’s enemies, or one country has simply chosen to attack the other either to conquer, exploit or to occupy it. Colin Powell tried to explain what should have been considered, in pre-analysis, before going into Iraq in the first place. And we all know that his sage advice was summarily ignored.

II. The real reason that America has failed and continues to fail in Iraq begins and ends with the President and the flawed and convoluted reasoning that he used to send the military into Iraq in the first place. How does a nation define victory when there have been so many lies put forth as to the reason that it entered into war in the first place? How will that nation know when the mission is accomplished if no one really knows what the mission is?

Here are some of the reasons that we were told that we must go into Iraq and why we are still in Iraq:

1. America is in danger because of an Iraqi threat (given Iraq’s, WMDs).
2. Iraq is in violation of numerous United Nations Resolutions, including the
possession of WMDs.
3. To bring democracy to the Iraqi people
4. To fight the war on terrorism
5. To stabilize the region
6. To prevent Iraq from falling in civil war and having some outside agitator
to come in and take advantage of Iraq

III. If any of you will recall, Bush declared the mission accomplished in Iraq not too long after Mr. Rumsfeld’s quick plan to take down Iraq succeeded. Well think about it, if the mission was accomplished why didn’t we leave?

The answer is that America is stuck in Iraq because of the fantasies put forth by the President of the United States. America’s failures really have and have had nothing to do with the military or even Mr. Rumsfeld. America’s troops are chasing after a ghost! They cannot find it, and even if they could find it they could not do what they were trained to do, kill it. You can’t kill a ghost. The solution to the problem of Iraq is not in Iraq itself, the real problem that must be solved resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.

The Bush lies and misrepresentations are causing Iraqi and America lives to be sacrificed each and every day. To the extent that the American people, Mr. Gates and others recognize the problem and begin to address the problem at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC, we can begin to resolve the American problem in Iraq.

I listened to Senator John McCain this past weekend, in several venues. McCain’s problem is that he wants to become President and insert more troops into Iraq. He doesn’t seem to understand yet that we are chasing a ghost. If he simply wants to go in and conquer the Iraqi people, America can do that, it has the firepower! But the answer is why Mr. McCain, the Iraqi people were never the problem; they are not bothering the United States and never have? Instead Mr. McCain, you must come to realize that America is its own problem in Iraq and the solution to the problem has nothing to do with adding troops.

IV. We made a mess of a once sovereign nation. Again, the Iraqi people have not done anything to America? What we have now is a broken and innocent country that America (not any so-called terrorists) broke. The citizens of Iraq want there country back and for all of the invaders to get out so that they can restore their lives and their country. They are the victims that were simply caught in between American insolence and American arrogance; the United Nations and our allies, mostly, asked us to wait and to give diplomacy and civil discourse a chance to work!

V. The only moral solution for this problem, unless America wants to further oppress or kill the indigenous people of Iraq (using the military to do so), is for America to get out of that country and to begin to pay to have that country restored!

With regard to the war on terrorism, think about this, if we went in and killed every living thing, human and animal in Iraq, would the so-called war on terrorism end? No, because the problem of terrorism does not rest with Iraq, the problem of terrorism rests with the United States, and clearly in Iraq, America is the only terrorist nation there! We are the ones who have invaded, occupied, taken down a President and a government that was in place, destroyed the nation’s infrastructure and invited our enemies to come in to that once sovereign nation and fight us there instead of in our homeland. Over 600,000 lives have been disaffected by the American maneuver.

VI. Here is the Wikipedia's definition of the Shell game or Thimberlig, it sounds just like the game that Mr. Bush has been playing with us, even given the changes that he made in his Administration this past week. The game should not be mistaken for an honest game. It is not possible for a victim to win, even if they know how the trick is worked, or even if they "accidentally" pick the shell that actually has the pea under it.

Through very skilled sleight-of-hand, the operator can easily hide the pea, without the victim seeing. Any player who is suspected of understanding the trick, or does not place a bet and just wants to watch, will be quickly edged away from the table by the shills.

The shell game set-up and lay-out is quick and simple, so that in the event of trouble, or if they are signaled that authorities are approaching, they can remove all traces of the game in seconds. Those traces of the Bush shell game who recognized what has been really going on, have been silenced or removed from the Bush Administration.

I believe that the pea is still hidden, and that it will take awhile to assess just what Mr. Bush is up to, perhaps we should check downstairs in the White House (anybody seen Ollie North lately).

In Summary: I visited Washington DC this morning, Tuesday, November 7, 2006, to attend the Martin Luther King groundbreaking ceremonies; Mr. Bush was present. I can read people fairly well, folks it is not a slam dunk, the removal of Chaney last week; Mr. Bush is still up to something!

Bush admitted in last week’s press conference following the mid-term election that he misled the American people. The follow-up question by the reporter should have been, Mr. Bush just how many times have you led the American people?

Given today's announcement with regard to isolating Iran, it is clear that Israel still has Mr. Bush's other ear. The blood of the innocent Iraqi citizens rests squarely upon the shoulders of America, the confused Religious Right, Israel and President George Bush. And who is the real leader?

My Conclusion: Satan's number one device is deception. Bush, Israel and the church are sadly being willfully deceived and caught up in the 'war of principalities', and sadly innocent lives are being sacrificed as a result. Will God's justice sleep forever or is God mercifully waiting for the American people, particularly the church to remove themselves from the grasp of Satan?

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