Nov 18, 2006

Categorical Determinism and American-Prevarications....!

To Archimedes my nemesis:

You and most American prevaricators tend to base your categorically deterministic arguments, conclusions and axioms upon one thing and one thing alone, western centrism! That is where you always start and where you always end up, and why your arguments always fall apart.

Your personal axioms and conclusions have little to do with reason at all, unless reason tells you that the only thing that matters in the world is the well-being and satisfaction of a minority nation (with respect to the world's population), the United States of America. Keep in mind that America represents only about 6% of the world's population, yet America spends much of its time trying to force its will upon a larger majority.

There is a similarity between your and other American's belief systems, the same that was held by those in the now departed South African Apartheid, which is that a self-entitled minority group has the right to rule the larger majority.

On the other hand, there are some of us whose thinking is not limited to or restricted by invented social constructs that are tied to some geographical region of the world or polity that some believe gives them the right or license to kill or force their will upon other nations and people in the world.

And, isn't it ironic that in the majoritarian U.S.A., where most believe that the majority should prevail, the same individuals have total disregard for the will of the greater majority that exists partially inside, and outside of the United States?

The universality and rights of all human beings, transcends the American hegemoniacal system that was created by a bunch of misguided zealots; all humans are equals. My world view is centerr around the development of fair policies at home, and a belief that we should support those policies abroad that take into consideration the inherent, equal and implied rights of all people, not just the rights of the American bully or its sympathetic
allies rights!

America has spent the last 50 years, under the guise of spreading Democracy, trying to force its design upon the world (accordingly filling that void that you referred to as a lack of a centralized government for the world). America has made itself the titular and understood head of the one world government. America controls the United Nations, ignores the United Nations, formulates laws, enacts laws, negates laws and enforces its own self-created policies around the world including the invasion and occupation, without resistance, of other Free nations of the world, and punishes and imprisons other nations leaders.

When Bush says that the fight consists of civilized nations versus the uncivilized of the world, he has concluded that the only social order that has merit or matters in the world is are the ones that have been duly approved by the United States of America.

Like you and too many other Americans, Mr. Bush fails to understand that civilized people do not make a habit of using deadly force (The same that he opposes in the DPRK and Iran and formerly Iraq), in order to make other people adapt the social forms that have been postulated by the United States of America. Another world for it is totalitarianism!

America is not fighting for civilization, Bush is not fighting for civilization and neither are you!

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