Nov 16, 2006

Remember the Crusades?

The fact is that if Christians today, who have obviously abandoned their formerly stated principles, want to enter into moral combat with other religious groups in and around the world, they should organize their own armies and then go and fight. That would be preferable to attenuating the truth and paying for proxy armies like Israel’s to fight their eschatological battles, or by inveigling the United States Government into using its military machine to annihilate their enemies under false (and eschatological) pretenses!

1. Christians should keep in mind an injunction from the Old Testament Prophet Isaiah in the Christian bible that our ways are not God ways. Is it God, if you believe in God, that wants the fight or is it Pat Robertson and his crowd who want the fight? I suspect that it is the latter; I do not believe that there is a divine sentiment to annihilate 1.3B Muslim and other human beings who happen to believe in Islam!

2. Eastern and western fundamentalism/radicalism both have a lot in common; each has an obsessional component that is based upon each group’s belief that they alone have all of the truth, and that they have been singled out to bring the world over to their way of thinking, and unfortunately those who won’t convert must be eliminated. A good scholar can debunk and disprove myths on either side, but neither side would be prone to listen anyway. When you have the combination of a radical fundamentalist polity mixed together with radical fundamentalist religious zealotry, you have a volatile mixture and an explosion that is just waiting to happen. (And as we have all read about in history books, and just as we are witnessing the current eruption or clash between these two behemoths, we can see the same old scenario being played out again).

3. And let me add one other thing, the United States has created another straw man in Iraq for the consumption of Americans and the rest of the world. Bush has Americans thinking that we are fighting a common enemy in Iraq, Al-Qeada. And that is simply not true, just ask the other side. America is fighting mixed opposition groups that are made up disparate forces and individuals who have come together and some are fighting separately. The majority of them have one thing in common, they are fighting back against the American Imperialist Invaders; remember, they did not invade America or attack America on 9/11! Are they wrong to fight back? Are they really terrorists? Of course they are not wrong to fight back, and they are certainly not terrorists, for how can one be a terrorist for fighting to defend what was his or hers in the first place?

4. What Rumsfeld once admitted to was more the truth; these people are not insurgents, they are indigenous people who along with their supporters, in most instances, have come together to fight off a foreign invader and occupier, the United States of America.

5. We must remember and be honest about it, we invaded a once sovereign country under false pretenses and we are still occupying that country. That country’s inhabitants along with their cousins are fighting back just as we would be fighting back if the tables were turned the other way. We are not fighting a war against terrorism in Iraq, if we were really fighting a war against terrorism in Iraq we would be fighting against ourselves given that we are the ones who are doing the terrorizing, not to mention those who we have invited in to fight America on some one else’s soil!

So what will represent a victory for George Bush in Iraq? Is it that the indigenous people of the Middle-East (besides traitor nations like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and some times Jordan) will have to come to accept that the United States has entered into Middle-Eastern sovereign territory, invaded, occupied and installed the government that it prefers in Iraq, and the whole Middle-East and the world must come to accept U.S. hegemony? So far Bush is not realizing his victory by killing people, and I suspect that he never will!

Folks, in Iraq we are the invaders and the terrorists, when will all of America come to admit the truth?

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