Nov 27, 2006

Only Honesty And Truth Can Guide The World To The Proper Solution In Iraq!

Honesty and Truth

...........this will cause some Americans on the Right to gag, however, only honesty and truth will dictate the true course that should be taken from here on, by all nations, that have anything to do with fixing the American created problem in Iraq. And there has been a paucity of honesty and truth coming out of America from the onset and I still haven't heard anything come out of the administration lately to suggest that truth is any way, a consideration now!

1). Someone wrote in and said that America is loosing [the war] because America did not fully commit itself. We all knew that America had the bandwidth to go in and destroy Iraq; we could have done that at any time and we still can do that at anytime. However, the problem as I see it is that America's objectives were never honest and therefore never clear from the beginning, and that is America's real reason for failing in Iraq.

The reasons stated for our going into Iraq in the first place, as explained by the Leader of his Republican base, kept changing. And keep in mind that Bush declared that the mission was accomplished not too long after the troops stormed in and took down Baghdad. Did we leave? Shortly after, Tommy Franks flew in and proclaimed to the troops, folks you will be out of here in 6 months. Did it happen?

No, instead we received another list of concocted reasons for America continuing its unwelcome stay in Iraq that was subsequently presented by the President. Is it fair to say that one would have a difficult time knowing when they had reached their objective if they were never honest about what the objective was in the first place, after all people do lie even to themselves?

2). In the case of the President, he has consistently said one thing to the public while doing another behind the scenes. Mr. Bush knew what his true objective was (that he consistently hid under a phalanx of lies) that belied everything that he spoke about to the American public. His true objective was what he was accusing the so-called Axis nations and other nationals of doing, to put his stamp on the middle-east, and folks it is not working. Why? Because what he is attempting to accomplish in Iraq and you might as well say the middle-east is deceitful, unlawful, immoral and dishonest. His actions were and are being done in the interest of America, not the Iraqi people; General MacGregor explained Bush's motives the best in the media this past weekend; Bush's motives are simply based on politics and economics.

Clearly George Bush was and is the right man for the job of 'misleading' the American public, unless you want to bring back Tricky Dick or Ronald Reagan. A long-term and sustainable outcome will only be achieved when America decides to be honest and truthful about its objectives and when America seeks to do the RIGHT THING with regard to Iraq. And America must pursue noble objectives that have only the interest of the Iraqi people in mind.

3). Otherwise, America will continue to go around in circles and continue seeking the help of others inside and outside of America, in hopes of saving face given the horrific mess that America has already made in Iraq and the middle-east (unfortunately while innocent people on all sides continue to needlessly sacrifice their lives for a myth-laden policy)!

All of what is going on now, inside and outside of America, diplomacy and study groups, proves that the Bush Administration is a failure from the top down and these folks clearly did not and do not have a clue. And that is why they have to seek the help of outsiders and other nations to come in and to advise and rescue them! It was not only the Secretary of Defense who should have been replaced, however, the Secretary of State and the President both should have been replaced. Clearly Mr. Bush had been taking the advice of two former Secretary's of State over Dr. Rice's and former Secretary of State, Colin Powell anyway.

4). Someday, I hope, our 'misleading' leader will recognize the value of honesty and truth and the damage that can be caused when one is less than truthful, in his case he is a surreptitious liar! Did he not learn anything from Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Oliver North and the boyz of late?

I would suggest to Bush and Cheney that they both do the right thing and immediately have themselves fired for gross incompetence. And for the military to be successful, we must admit the truth and either allow them to ramp up and destroy everything in Iraq that does not accede to America's vision (I hope not), or simply get out of Iraq and begin to pay them reparations.

At any rate I hope that the elitist and war-hawk groups of Americans have learned something before going off to repeat the same mistakes in the DPRK, Iran and the Americas in the future, however, I doubt it!

The Rev

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