Aug 26, 2008

God, Reverend Jeremiah Wright & American Politics!

Reverend Jeremiah Wright: America’s Unsung Hero of 2008!

A Salute to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the Wright Reverend is an unsung hero of Senator Obama’s continuous success and mercurial rise to the top.

The Wright Reverend ought to be America’s man of the year! And even though his presence is not welcome at the Democratic Convention in Colorado, he is a substantial part of the reason for America’s profound new hope, for it is he who gets much of the credit for producing Senator Obama and family. If only more individuals in the nation, particularly its former and current leaders had been shaped at Trinity United in Chicago!

America should thank the Wright Reverend; a man who served his country militarily and stood by the bedside of one of America’s other presidents who believed in ‘a great society’ for his gift of shaping, over the past 2 decades, America's current favorite son. The Wright Reverend, Trinity United and Liberation Theology molded and shaped the Obama family with values that the majority culture often claims but never embraces.

And even though many Americans hate the Wright Reverend (including some unknowledgable black Americans), ironically it is the Wright Reverend who produced America's most recent favorite son! The counterpart to the Wright Reverend & Trinity United, the white church gave America George Bush!

And even though you won’t be on the stage during the Democratic National Convention where you should be, or present for the inauguration if the inchoate Senator is to prevail Reverend Wright, you are responsible by and large for the positive changes that have recently taken place and that may take place even to a greater extent over the next four years in America and the world!

Senator Obama and family are what they are and mostly where they are because of you. And even though you have been betrayed, just as Jesus and Jeremiah of the scriptures were often betryaed, THANK YOU Reverend Jeremiah Wright, I salute you sir and many other Americans salute you, and the rest will come around sooner or later!

Peace & Grace from an ardent admirer,
Reverend C. Solomon


Anonymous said...

Yeah... right. Out of all the truely great black men and women, you give respect to this fool?

By the ways, Un-Reverand Write has more in common with Hitler then he has with Jesus!

Betcha' won't keep this posted!

Rev. C. Solomon said...
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Rev. C. Solomon said...


Forgive me, but it sounds as if you don't care for the man who shaped America's favorite son, overwhelmingly.

Yesterday's hated, are todays heroes and icons. El Hajj Malik El Shabazz was hated at one time, mostly by black Americans.

Dr. MLK, once upon a time was vanquished by black baptists, not to mention the majority of Americans. And today, among many other post-humous commerations, schools, libraries, statues and libraries named after him (not to mention the soon coming MLK Memorial in Washington I attended the ground-breaking ceremony), the man has a Nobel Peace Prize.

And what about Abraham Lincoln, some Americans hated him so much that they staged a coup, and among others killed the man.

Jesus, well, they called him Baal-ze-bub ..., and eventually hung him on the cross. But consider how many Christians there are today all over the world.

You are entitled to your own opinion, however, as Americans continue to evolve, consider all of the ones, probably like you, who voted for the nascent Senator Obama, the Wright Reverend will be spoken of in different terms.

Ah Jews hated the Prophet Jeremiah for speaking truth to the Jews.

Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu said it best, I cannot understand why black Americans are disparaging Reverend Wright for saying the same things that they have been saying all the time!

Thanks for writing!

Rev. C. Solomon said...
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Rev. C. Solomon said...


As you, likely, know already, President Elect Obama, has chosen Reverend Rick Warren to provide the invocation at next year's Presidential inauguration ceremony.

At the same time that the blogosophere is abuzz, witness the chatter that is coming from many who voted for and supported the nascent Senator, many individuals on the radio are using the same superlatives to describe and pinion Reverend Rick Warren, that were were used to disparage the Wright Reverend.

Personally, I like Reverend Warren, he pastors a church south of here in Saddleback. On the other hand I would take one thousand Wright Reverends and other erudite thinkers like him over a Rick Warren any day!

I bet you won't understand that, but in time you will!

Again don't forget, they hated and kill Jesus; put Jeremiah in the dungeon and slew most of the prophets that God sent to speak truth to power and to the people!