Aug 31, 2008

Senator Obama & Democrats Overreached: Me Too Senator McCain and Governor Palin Follow!

Both Parties, if they believe that they can win will run unqualified candidates for office!. I AM STILL looking for: A FEW GOOD MEN or WOMEN to run for the office of President and Vice President of the USA!

George H. Bush had several ‘you are doing a good job Browny moments’ over the past 8 years, and most of the ones that he praised have either been disgraced. pardoned, released, resigned or in jail. John McCain not to be outdone decided like Bush, who picked two females for high offices Dr. Condoleeza Rice (who prevailed) and Harriet Miers(who did not), his initial selection for Supreme Court Justice, neither of the two was or is considered qualified by Republicans.

The fact of the matter is that Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter and others on the Republican fascist Right did not want Senator McCain to represent their Party. And when those two say something, they must be RIGHT!

It is truly amazing what is taking place in the American electoral process these days. Clearly neither side has any respect for the office of President of the United States, and one might wonder why should they given what we have experienced over the past 8 years, why should they? Over the past 30 years, Republicans have put more Presidents in office than all other parties combined.

And as long as it helped to defeat the Democrats, the Republicans have not cared who they ran for the office of President, or how sleazily they ran their campaigns. And isn’t it interesting that of the 3 presidents that they selected, Nixon resigned rather than be impeached, Reagan and his contretemps lied among other things misused their office in light of Contragate, and George Bush has admitted, at least one time, to misleading the American people. And we know that George Bush has misled the nation on more than one occasion.

And two out of three of the last Republican Presidential choices should have been impeached!

John McCain has called upon Sarah Palin to do a 'good job' of helping him to get elected (his good job Paly choice) and she is now his unqualified Harriet Miers choice as well, move over Dems two can play at that game. Here goes another Republican fiasco, and where will this one end up for the Democrats? And to think that either Party expects the American people to take the whole process, or them seriously.

What Americans need to do is to decide whether the current form of government will serve us into the 21st century, especially the current electoral process; it has a lot of holes in it. Many Americans refuse to vote because they cannot for the life of them see what purpose voting serves. Given the cynicism of those who run for office these days, and the callous individuals working behind the scenes to get them elected, is it any wonder that anyone who votes today does so with a degree of cynicism?

Voters typically vote today, only to keep the other side from prevailing, not because in any way they believe in the person that they are voting; they don't have any faith in their picks.

Voting by default has become the American way! And is it any wonder that America interferes and seeks to sway elections in other independent nations and regions like the Baltics for example.

As Peter once explained to the crowds who listened to him preach, I say unto you, “Save Yourselves” from this untoward American electoral process. Most of our votes have not counted for anything during the past 2-years, so why keep repeating the practice, vote for someone you believe in whether they are elected or not!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

Another thing to consider: America involves itself in the political affairs of other nations to ensure untampered with and free elections; when will the American government do the same for Americans!

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