Sep 3, 2008

Sarah Palin, John Mcain, Republican Political Child Abuse & Exploitation Again!

Scripture: If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they. Eccl. 5:8.


Haven't we seen this before, the abuse of an American child by Republicans?

Even by Republican standards they have sunk to a new low and once again the majority of Republicans are going along with yet another exploitative scenario of America's youth. This time, however, instead of using young men and women in the military to hide behind in order to accomplish their venal Republican aims, Republicans are using a single pregnant 17-year old female in order to accomplish their aim. Their aim is to win at all cost, no matter who gets hurt!

What must that young lady be thinking when she is all alone about John McCain, the Republican Party and her nation? Just when you think that Republicans can't sink any lower or look at you with a straight face when doing so, they do just that. And given the debacle and disgraced Presidency and Vice Presidency of the past 7.5 years, who could believe that they would still engage in calling right wrong or wrong right again? Republicans have proved by their latest misuse, abuse and exploitation of a 17-year old and the rest of the Palin family, that nothing has changed.

They haven't learned a thing in spite of the instructive lessons of the past 7-years with George Bush at the helm. Clearly any rational person or group would have learned from George H. Bush and company what is immoral!

John McCain is, without conscience, using Sarah and her family, knowing full well that both Sarah, her hubby and her seventeen year old daughter would be vetted. However, gambling that it would create energy and synergy for his campaign, he decided to use this family anyway, without caring about the outcomes and what it might do to them, given the dysfunction that exists within the Palin family! The next question I must ask is what is John McCain thinking about when he is all alone, and how do you measure a man?

What is taking place in America, given the antics of John McCain and all of the sycophants who have emerged to defend his detestable behaviors is nothing more than Republican fascism, demagoguery, insensitivity & censorship all over again, and may I add the exploitation of an American family and a teenage minor. Again, just when you thought that Republicans could not sink any lower, they prove to you that they can and will, John McCain, Bill Bennett, Bill Kristol, Rush Limbaugh and all others who are making a mockery out of this serious matter included.

What has been and is occurring in the aftermath of the Sarah Palin announcement as John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate, the exposure of the Palin family’s dirty laundry and America’s response to it (and the Republican reaction to America’s response), reminds me of the post Iraq invasion 2003 atmosphere and Republican behavior all over again?

After President Bush and the Republicans lied and took the country to war on false pretenses, any American who did not go along with or probed further into the reason for going to war and the tactics that were used was labeled anti-patriotic by Republican sycophants. And just as they did before when using the youthful troops (American boys and girls) to hide behind, now they are using a 17-year old girl to hide behind in order to cover up their own indiscretions.

The Republicans used the troops in order to get their way in the Iraqi War, while demanding that the facts of an illegal invasion and occupation be overlooked. Instead they flipped the script and accused American of not supporting the youthful troops, many of them just past seventeen years of age at the time. This was more preferable to the President and the Republicans, instead of admitting to their own indiscretions and venal misuse of America’s young people.

And here they go again, taking advantage of another young person, and attempting to control the narrative in order to cover their sins. Did John McCain care what might happen to this young lady once ‘he exposed her personal business’ at such a sensitive time in her life. And, instead of blaming someone else for what he knew would take place, why won’t he take the responsibility for his own actions?

Now we are seeing the real John McCain. If anything, God forbid, were to happen to this girl as a result of the pressure that has ensued given John's decision to exploit her circumstances, will he take the responsibility for outing her or for whatever happens? This will represent the second time in a row that the Republicans have presented Americans with a dysfunctional vice presidential family, Dick Cheney’s family being the first.

Each of us should be sensitive to the needs of this young lady and tone down the rhetoric (even though Republicans never did the same for minority girls who had and did not abor their children);, however, and with respect to McCain and the Republicans, we should look at the Republicans and John McCain for what they truly happen to be - dirtballs. The Republican Party is a party without standards, and one that often employs a double-standard and then hides behind double-speak in order to get what it wants.

If the head of the body is sick, then the whole body is sick. And in typical fashion from Ronald Reagan (Contragate and trickle-down), George H. Bush, I will give his dad a pass, and now would be President John McCain, these men were and are sick scoundrels. Clearly the Republican former Party heads were and are sick - and the current one is apparently just as demented evidenced by his mercurial turnaround over the past year, having chosen sleaze over ethics. The question then is this, is the whole Republican body sick too, including Dobsen, Perkins, Robertson and all of its other political clerics? What do you have to say now Rick Warren about the Party of Values?

The Republicans are demanding that Americans cosign their latest Patriot Act. This time they want us to overlook their chicanery when it comes to the misuse and abuse of a family and a teenage minor. The rest of us from a Republican perspective are to simply go along with their abuse and misuse of a 17-year child who might as well be wearing a military uniform! Will they ever stop using our children in order to get what they want, and blame us for saying anything about their misuse of America’s children? This is clearly a case of child abuse/exploitation by John McCain and the Republican Party.

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Have Republicans no shame? The American political process is sick, and George Bush and company have of late, LED THE WAY!

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