Sep 4, 2008

Reverend Solomon Pays Homage To Senator Hillary Clinton!

I admire Senator Clinton;
when she could have quit the Senate and run for President before, she elected not to and instead she worked hard at her current job at the time, and prepared for the office of President of the United States. It is regretful that neither Palin or Obama have that kind of gravitas!

And Hillary, please allow these words to console you if you would! Just like the individuals who are trying to steal an election today are doing, Obama, McCain and Palin, when it was clearly your time ascend to the presidency, 2000 years ago the crowds preferred thievery over Jesus Christ, their real Savior. The crowds also rejected him then, but today the majority of the world celebrates him, as they will come to do with you I predict!


During the past two and the current general election, 3 upstart juvenile delinquents have run for the two most coveted offices in the United States of America that of President and Vice President. Only Hillary Clinton all of any of the other three, George H. Bush, Barak Hussein Obama and Sarah Palin, thought enough of the job to actually prepare for it.

That says a lot to me about the character of Senator Clinton, versus the character of the other three. Hillary completed her commitment as Senator, when she could have jumped ship during her first term in office, unlike Senator Obama, who spent the majority of his term as Senator campaigning for another job. Hillary respected protocol; she did not try to jump ahead of either Gore or Kerry. What’s with Obama, George Bush or Governor Palin, or John McCain who picked a substandard candidate, his version of Diane Miers? The Rev replied in this manner on You Tube:

I will emphasize the point again; Hillary Clinton prepared herself to do the job. She honored her commitment, worked hard in her Senate job and allowed Gore & Kerry to run - she honored protocol. The two juvenile delinquents in the race, Obama and Palin, have proven that they are not qualified for the job - they don't respect the seats that they are running for, it is evident! Muhammad Ali said it best years ago when he said, not just anyone can be President of the USA, and two-term president George Bush has proven that, next in line!

Isn't she wonderful? As I mentioned before, unlike 2 candidates in the race Hillary prepared herself. Most Republicans give her credit for being a tireless worker. When she could have jumped the gun, as did Obama and Palin she refused. She honored her 1st commitment, and spent 6 years preparing for the job. Obama has been a Senator less than 3years and most of his term has been spent on the campaign trail. Of the 4, including G. Bush, which of them truly had the nation's interest at heart?

The bible on the subject of race, now out of print is a book called 'Race'. Gosset, I believe was its authors. Your highly ethereal argument falls down here, action is usually predicated upon belief, and it does not require any basis in fact. Whether there is any such thing as different races or not is not the problem, people believe that there are racial differences and many behave according to what they believe about it. Some people believe in God, others do not, belief determines behavior.

So there was racism played out on both sides, is that what you're saying? Some of us did not base our decision [on who we decided to vote for] on race. What is truly sad is that in a nation of over 300M, and taking into consideration the last 2 general elections, America prefers substandard individuals over quality. I admire Senator Clinton; when she could have run for President before, she elected not to - instead she worked to prepare for the job. It is regretful that neither Palin nor Obama have that kind of gravitas!

One thing for certain, America will be changed, and no matter who takes over at the helm, the change I seriously doubt will be for the better for America will be in the hands of children!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: If Hillary elects never to run again for the office of President just as Al Gore has said that it is unlikely that he will ever do, who can blame either one of them or Kerry for that matter! The office of President of the USA began to be debased years ago with other Republicans, Nixon, then Ronald Reagan. After Reagan it skipped a few years to George Bush (the 2nd coming of Reagan), and now the current travesty that guarantees that neophytes will be in power!

Senator Hillary Clinton is the best of the whole bunch, yet somehow the people prefer Barrabas, all 3 of them, over Senator Clinton - individuals who steal elections. George H. Bush can speak on that topic!


Rev. C. Solomon said...

Sex, lies and videotapes? This faustian attempt by the Republicans will likely succeed, just as they succeeded during the last 2-Presidential elections. Once again they have disengenuously set values aside in their quest to hold on to power (instead of the pursuit of knowledge). Over the past 30 years, Republicans have had an ample time to lead this nation for the better. Instead we got (Watergate w Nixon, Contragate & Greemail from Reagan, Liar Liar, Pants on Fire from Bush) and now McCain?

And I approve this message...

Rev. C. Solomon said...

Hillary Clinton is responsible for the mercurial rise of Sarah Palin, John McCain's running mate.

It looks as if the Republicans are trying to steal another election, this time by co-opting the momentum from the Hillary Clinton campaign, and it appears to be working sofar.

Whether elected or not, Hillary Clinton is America's Margaret Thatcher in terms of her wisdom, discipline and ability to lead - she is the wiser of all of the current crop of candidates and the current American president!

The McCain campaign recognized her power, the Obama-O'Biden campaign never understood who this woman was and they tried to destroy her. By trying to destroy her, they may have destroyed themselves given the current momentum shift and their brutish tactics, the power of the Civil Rights movements and its leaders, a worldwide solidarity movement against American totalitarianism and the Democratic Party - which might experience a 3rd setback!

Neither campaign is worth anything in this minister's estimation. What should be evident to all of us is that for some reason, in a nation of 300Million people, there is a obvious vacuum and a paucity of leaders to fill the leadership void in America. America is not producing leaders, how come? In Jeremiah's time, the cry was made to run to and fro through the city and see if you could find a man who would execute justice..., In Abraham's time, it was his hope to find 5 righteous men in the City of Sadam.

Folks are there any righteous men left in the USA? If not, move over fellas and let the women lead, at least until we can grow some...!

Rev. C. Solomon said...

Elections 2008. The whole matter is instructive. Neither political party cared enough to seek out or to run persons who could best lead the nation, or that were best equipped. On the other hand each party chose rather to, by default, urge on a candidate who they felt could help to defeat the other side. If probity or love of country mattered, none of the current crop of candidates would seriously be considered! Instead, we would tell each party to go back and select again!