Sep 24, 2008

Congress, The American People and the Current Wall Street Economic Crisis!

I have only one thing to say to our Congresspeople and it is short and
, Congress do your job no matter how long it takes, for that is what we elected you to do.

For almost 8 years now, America has been a nation without a President, a Supreme Court or Congress (the 1st 6 years of the Bush Presidency) that were in place to represent the will of the American people. Oftentimes, it appeared that the 3 Branches of government had been taken over by aliens from another planet, for they certainly were not interested in what was being said by 'life on Earth'.

This entire incident, and President Bushes pressure on Congress to act without forethought or critical analysis, reminds me of the tactics that the President used to get America embroiled in Iraq. It also reminds me of 'Y2K' when Americans were inveigled into believing that the sky was following and that America was on the brink of disaster.

What would the majority of the American people prefer? I suspect that just as I believe should be done, the rest would desire that the 3rd branch of government would simply do its job, something that the Executive Branch customarily fails to do! No matter how long it takes, and how much deliberation and analysis is required, take your time and do your job.

I am certain that George Bush is responding only to his base, and that he could care less, as Dick Cheney once said, about what the American people have to say! Hopefully, the newly-elected Democratic majority Congress will step up this time and do what they have been tasked to do, that is to represent the interests and the will of the American people who they were sent to represent!

This matter may not turn out to be a Y2K tempest in a teapot, but having said that the amount of time that should have invested to prevent this crisis in the first place, can and should be invested innow. Congress should invest the time that should have been invested beforehand, and investigate this entire matter (including themselves), and afterward, respond accordingly. I am willing to take the long-turn deliberative risk. We need leadership!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

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Rev. C. Solomon said...

Addenda: Rev comments on YouTube to all of those who are attacking this woman's intelligence as follows: I detect a bit of misogyny/haterism at work from everyone who refers to this woman as being stupid! The biggest mistake that she is making, is to play right into the into the hands of tradition, when she ought to be on the female cutting edge.

The emergening female political class ought to put their own imprint on politics, rather than practice a failed male political style! Wait until 2012, I believe that when women have time to organize, we will witness the adroitness of female politicians!

And I will add to that, if I may suggest to women, don't follow our example, turn politics back into something that people respect - prepare to put your own face on politics. Help to get rid of the Karl Rove syndrome, or the craft of elections manipulation that has been practiced for 4 decades now by Republicans ...!

You are better than that, you are smarter than that, even though that burden should not be placed upon you alone!