Sep 17, 2008

Obama or McCain For President IT Is Not An Either or Proposition!

It's simple stupid, don't waste your vote on either candidate!

If you feel like I do, having observed what has taken place as a result of the 8 year dysfunctional and prepubescent presidency of George H. Bush, a man who did not and does not have the requisite skills or character to lead a nation of 300 million, then you will understand why it is not a requirement for any American voter to vote for four more years of the same.

Here we are again at the similar crossroads of another American general election, and once again the 2 major political parties in America are trying to inveigle the American voters into believing that they must elect a President from among another pool of unprepared candidates who are without preparation and at the same lack the requisite knowledge or skills to be President of the United States. This year’s election campaign has already devolved into a comical, if it weren’t that so much was at stake, political charade.

After all, we are talking about a person who will be the leader of 300 million Americans, and some would add the free world. Our lives are at stake and our children’s lives are also at stake.

Despite the fact that George Bush lacked the skills to lead this nation, the Republicans, with the help of crossover Democratic voters and Independents put him into office anyway. My position is simple; we cannot risk repeating the same mistake again! As a result of ‘the big mistakes made in 2000 and 2004’ when Bush was elected and re-elected to a 2nd term in office, America is in one of the worst economic crisis of its national life. And internationally, George Bush has this nation embroiled in 2-simultaneous wars and at odds with most governments of the world, given his desultory behavior actions in the world, including America’s allies.

The mistakes of the neophyte George Bush and his administration have not only impacted the citizens of the United States, his policies, errors and doctrines have impacted much of the world in one way or another. Haven’t we learned anything while watching our nation stumbled through the past 8 years being led by incompetent leadership?

It will take individuals with incredible knowledge and expertise to lift America out of its current crises and to lead it into a bright new future, just as it took the reconvening and selection of knowledgeable individuals to bail George H. Bush out of the mess that he made in Iraq. To be honest, it was their recommendations and the election of the new majority Democratic Congress that were responsible for the turnaround in Iraq, even though George Bush took the credit.

George Bush did not know what he was doing then or now, and none of the new cast of candidates knows what they are doing either. I am afraid that none of the candidates who are running for office now, from the 2-major Parities, possess the requisite skills to save America or to lead America out of America’s current crisis or in the future. With Senator McCain and the McCain mutiny team, we get more of the same. Senator Obama, if who have simply invested another 4 years or more preparing and learning what it takes to be President. He has proven that by jumping into fray so quickly, that he doesn’t respect the office.

And with respect to what Senator McCain will do if elected President, simply witness the current tactics that his campaign is employing of late against Senator Obama, a sonorous propaganda campaign that includes lies, mischaracterization of the facts and mistruths. Clearly he will continue the propagandist politics of George H. Bush in the international arena as well. The manner in which he has run his campaign speaks to how he would govern.

In fact he has already begun a smear campaign and a propaganda war against Russia and Vladimir Putin, in deference to how the United States (considers its stepped-up activities in the region) coupled with Georgia, both nations having set out to isolate and to provoke the Russians. We can already internationally, where he plans to lead the nations and the military. The military won’t remain in Iraq for an extended period, it appears that they will be sent to the Baltics, either that or to the Caspian sea region. Clearly the United States is trying to surround and choke Russia at its knees!

McCain just like George Bush believes in a Monroe Doctrine for the USA, however, where other nations are concerned he does not believe in a non-interference pact for nations in other regions in the world. His behavior reminds me of George Bushes efforts leading up to the attack of Iraq. George Bush blamed the CIA for the misinformation that he claims to have used in order to make his decision to invade and occupy Iraq; however, even if he could make that claim stick he is the Commander-In-Chief of the military.

Others had the ability to see what was afoot, how come he did not? The answer is simple, one he is not being truthful. And two, he was simply unqualified and unskilled for the job in the first place. And what propaganda will Senator McCain use to begin another east west confrontation with Russia, former head nation in the Soviet Union? Senator McCain plans to continue venal American double-standards and propaganda wars and confrontation. I don’t know about you, but my stomach cannot stomach it and people’s lives are at stake!

Senator Obama on the other hand is a promising politician but he is still a complete neophyte. Where is the proof in his resume that will demonstrate in any nation that he can lead a nation of 300 people and preside over the government of the USA; that is what the president of the USA is supposed to be capable of doing? Despite the that fact he reveres himself, he has already reversed himself on a dozen or more of his original stated positions; the fact of the matter is that he skipped the learning curve to prepare for the job, and it has never been more evident.

Clearly, Senator Obama lacks the skills to formulate a coherent policy! And with respect to learning and preparing for the job, the majority of time that he should have been spending learning to do his current job, he has spent on the road trying to acquire another job, President of the USA.

I would recommend the following to all Americans, don’t vote for either one of them, there is too much at stake. Even a default vote that some plan to use and that I had considered doing initially, in order to prevent the other from winning is not the right way to go.

Again, don’t vote for either one of them if with good conscience you believe that they are not qualified, experienced, skilled or if you believe that they lack character or probity; instead write in the name of the candidate that you believe would best serve this nation and help us to overcome the crises and the dysfunction that has been left behind by an incapable President that none of us has any confidence in, and for good reason.

If this were a legal procedure (this year’s election debacle), the judge would have declared 'a mistrial' and he or she would have cleared the court and said, start all over again. The American people need to declare a mistrial in the general election cycle this year, and instead we need to start all over again with this in mind, we will not place any more semi-skilled individuals or those who lack the experience to adequately perform the associated tasks of being the President of over 300 million.

Surely there must be someone who has the qualifications to do the job out of a nation of 300 million. If not, perhaps we ought to draft someone from overseas to help us out.

How many homeless, citizens without healthcare, and individuals overseas have lost their lives as a result of 8-years of unqualified American leadership? How many individuals in the shrinking American middle-class have suffered for the same reason? We cannot repeat the same mistake. And if you feel that by not voting for one of two candidates from the 2-major parties, look at it this way, at least you won’t be voting for a candidate that will likely give you more of the same that unqualified George H. Bush has given this nation.

Love, peace & grace,
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: Pray and then vote your conscience, but not according to Party mandate or by default!


Rev. C. Solomon said...
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Rev. C. Solomon said...

Addenda: I will concede that what a comedian expressed during his comedic routine on the Michael Baisden television show last night, opens the doors for Americans to vote for an unprepared black candidate.

I didn't catch the comedian's name however, he said that Americans have voted for years for white Presidential candidates who did not know what they were doing, so how come a black candidate shouldn't have the same opportunity to be President?

Factually, his conclusion is correct, albeit, you would think that the position of head or leader of a nation of 300 million people, ought to be more important than the way that it is and has been treated in the American political process.

The election of George Bush, whatever your political persuasion, speaks to the problem more than anything else. And that America is seriously considering either Sarah Palin or Senator Obama given their lack of preparation, experience or knowledge for the job amplifies the problem even more.

And please keep in mind that of the last 4 Republican presidents, only 1 of the 4 was nearly impeached, however, 3 of them should have been impeached in my opinion. And a strong argument could me made whether or not they should have ever been elected.