Sep 13, 2008

The Opprobrium Of An Obama Candidacy:

Here lies the problem with the Obama campaign and candidacy, and it explains why so many black Americans are, en masse, supporting Senator Obama Hussein. Black Americans did not learn from what Ronald Reagan said years ago when he uttered these words, government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem. And who knew this better than the man himself?

And Ronald Reagan knew of what he spoke, for even though he meant what he said to be understood in a different context, he proved that even the government that he eventually led was ‘a problem’. And the residual effects of the kind of government that he led, which have been resurrected in George H.W. Bush presidency, has had similar consequences, and proves that government is not the solution again but the problem.

Black Americans have always looked for a black Messiah or Moses-type deliverer figure to come and to miraculously part the black sea, and to consequentially free them from their American Pharoahs. Obama represents the latest would be black Messiah to come along. And black Americans expect that if he gains hold to the reigns of power that all of the persistent problems that have plagued black Americans for centuries will disappear. Blacks have used Obama and Obama has used the black community!

I often ask black Americans to consider the Republic of South Africa, a majority black nation that has had 2-black leaders including the beloved Nelson Mandela since its supposed turnaround. Even with Mandela who has been succeeded by President Mbeki after two terms, not much has changed for the majority of black South Africans.

And even with an Obama Presidency, I predict that not much will change for black Americans. Sure, there will be a few blacks assigned to high visibility posts around the nation, however, not much will change for the average black at the level where he feels the pain the most, because all of the structural problems that preceded an Obama presidency will still be in place.. And coupled with that the President of the United States is not some divine potentate who can utter an edict and degree change!

What is wrong with Obama becoming president? It is simply this; it would cause too many blacks to sit back their laurels and to wait and hope that someone else, in this case the inchoate Senator, will resolve their problems. Black Americans, the reason that our problems are not resolved is simply because we have not resolved them. One of black America’s most egregious errors has been to take its eyes off of the things that God has had for us, and to covet and focus upon what some other nation and creed of people acquired mostly by force, murder, enslavement, land-confiscation, occupation and subterfuge.

Many blacks are willing to overlook the latter, as long as they can get their share of the corrupt pie. Blacks will gladly accept reparations as forgiveness for the American black holocaust and centuries of discrimination, having forgotten that those proceeds will have derived as a result of theft, confiscation, abasement, exploitation and questionable economic practices and policies. In other words black Americans will be the first to speak up and tell whites that it was wrong, the manner in which you acquired your ill-gotten gain.

However and on the other hand if you will share some of it with me and allow me to be a CEO on one of your boards, then I will join you in overlooking the past and in some instances the presence.

How did America acquire its wealth? In short America confiscated and occupied land in what is now known as America, it murdered, diseased and removed the indigenous people from their homelands, it paid for Cargo and even sent ships to bring back more human cargo to work the confiscated land. American didn’t stop there; instead America has to this day continued to exploit other nations of the world given its venal trade policies. All of us can recall being told in elementary school about how much America possessed in comparison to every other nation of the world, phones, cars, appliances and general wealth.

And although America’s so-called prosperity was explained as a virtue by most of our teachers and government, having been fully approved by God. That God approved wholesale, America’s ill-gotten gain, murder, enslavement, and the theft that accompanied it notwithstanding, contradicts everything that the same whites taught us about God.

My favorite is how God shed his grace upon America so that it could engage in its misdeeds. That kinds of reminds me of Paul‘s rhetorical question in his epistle to the Romans, shall we continue in sin that grace may abound. America, a nation that continues to bomb other nations, occupy other nations and to exploit other people of the world certain ably believes so.

Say it again Ronald Reagan if you could, Government is not the solution to the problem and an Obama led government is not the solution either, and that should be more evident to blacks given how he continues to repudiate his former positions and to lambaste black Americans. The fact of the matter is that government is not only the cause of the problem that it created, supported and sustained, it is the problem, however, we must come up with the solution. Most blacks don't the problem fixed, they simply want their share and to be beneficiaries. If whites were to let blacks freely share in the booty, they would never hear another complaint from the average black America, no matter what they did to his or her mama, grandmama, aunt, uncle or to them!

And in deference to the young Senator who has spent the majority of his term in office as a Senator campaigning for another job without mastering his present job, black Americans will be calling him an Uncle Tom just as soon as they realize that he is incapable if not unwilling to even try to solve problems that each black American must solve for himself. The question remains, who or what agency is going to fix the problem if the problem is ever to be fixed?

A friend once told me a decade ago you are letting the white man off of the hook. The fact of the matter is that if what we believe about the bible is true, no one will escape from ‘the hook’, particularly the one that blacks want to hold white people on, for his or her misdeeds. And on the other hand what God has for each individual and no one can take it away. Now on the other hand you can give it away, particularly if you turn your back upon and covet and focus the things of another regardless of how they obtained it! Much of what the white man has acquired is not and was not his in the first or in the latter place.

And as I close, once again we must consider the historical successes and failures of black male leadership just as I have said before in consideration of its contribution to our problem. We have many a black man who insists that he is the head, and many from the past have held the same conviction. Whenever you speak to an individual in this group, or if you could revive some of our ancestors and ask them, but what about your failures since you claimed and insisted that you were the leader, they would answer this way, it was someone else’s fault, those things that did not work not mine?

The idea is not to dwell on either failure or success, but rather it is more beneficial to analyze our failures and successes in order to determine how best to select our current or future path!

Black people, government is not the solution, and even if Senator Obama was to prevail and become President of the United States of America (in the land of the free and the home of the slave), he could only provide a government-type band aid solution and that in itself is not the solution that we need. We have had them before!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: Some will say to me again, or think this; man the Rev really hates America. My response to them is this. this nation has the highest incarceration and capital punishment rate in the free world. Not only does America incarcerate, it eviscerates, gasses, electrocutes, nukes, invades, occupies and nukes... those humans and nations that have aggrieved it. Should blacks be asked then to behave any differently from those who have murdered, raped, molested and stolen from their relatives? That is propaganda and a double-standard!

In this context, I will speak to the wrongs of America and even to the wrongs that have been committed by my own people!

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Rev. C. Solomon said...

You have got to give John McCain credit for one thing, this man knows how to wage war.

Clearly Senator Obama was taking it to the Senator, and then Senator McCain went to the 'war room'.

And when he came back he returned with a strategy to introduce men, women and children into the fray (represented by the Palin family).

Americans can take comfort in knowing that whether a future war is just or unjust, Senator McCain will use any means necessary to win it, including the use of men, women and children!

Senator Obama and the hope of black Americans to take control of the USA government has been dealt a deafening blow! The empire, led by Senator John McCain is striking back and has dealt them possibly an uncoverable blow, which might be good in the final analysis for blacks!