Sep 14, 2008

The McCain Mutiny and The Empire Strikes Back

You have got to give John McCain credit for one thing; this man knows how to wage war. The only problem with that is that this man will instigate wars too!


Clearly Senator Obama was taking it to the Senator, and then Senator McCain went to the 'war room'.

And when he emerged, he returned with a strategy to introduce men, women and children into the run for the president fray (represented by the Palin family).

Americans can take comfort in knowing that whether a future war is just or unjust, Senator McCain will use any means necessary to win it, including the use of men, women and children!

Senator Obama and the hope of black Americans to take control of the United States government have been dealt a serious, deafening and likely a fatal blow! The empire, led by Senator John McCain is striking back and has dealt them possibly an unrecoverable blow, which might be good in the final analysis for blacks.

Black Americans must get over their problem with dependency, and understand that they must solve their own problems, as opposed to depending upon the government or a black Messiah to do so.

Why? The last 2 individuals that tried ended up dead, Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King! In an ironic and venal sense, Senator McCain is the right man and the one who is best suited to preside over America's venal and pre-emptive destructive foreign policy which some Americans refer to as security!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

The longer blacks wait for the government to solve their problems, the longer their problems will persist. Blacks are intellectually and physically capable of solving their own problems!

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