Sep 23, 2008

What Will Happen If The Youthful Insouciant and Overly-Confident Democons Come To Power?

He called the young because they were strong, not because they knew the way!

The democons, the new demons on the left, are a group of young intellectuals and analysts who without much knowledge or experience have created a worldview that they intend to force not only upon the citizens of the United States, but upon the rest of the world.

And like most pre-pubescents and pubescents, they believe that they know better than anyone else what is right!


Here we go again, for it appears that that if Senator Obama were to be elected President Obama, that the pendulum will swing in the other direction, back to the future, and a new form of fascism will pervade the American landscape and the world, but this time it will be coming from the young (not always chronological) and the inexperienced in the political left.

Should we be just as concerned about the democons, as we learned to be over the past 8 years with the Republican neocons, I think so? I am seeing an emerging and dangerous trend taking shape among the youngsters in the emerging the political Left which is a throwback to what we witnessed coming from the youngsters in the political right.

The tone of some in the newly revived political left strikes a similar chord that had been played over and over on the political right during the first four years of the Bush Administration. And even though the voices of the latter were eventually muted, given the outright mistakes that have been over the past 8years, given their arrogance, urging and insistence that only they knew what was best for this nation - the baton has been passed and we are about to experience a similar set of circumstances from the democons on the political left.

The new democons are chomping at the bit to have their chance to wag the dog, having learned nothing from the failures of the neocons in the two-term Bush Administration. If ideology is all that matters, Americans problem ms would have been solved a long time ago, and America would be on a stable footing today. There is one thing that America does not have a shortage of, and it is uncompromising ideologues.

These former, current unbending and unrepentant ideologues view things only one way, and that is through the spectrum of their limited visions and arrogant fervor, and they intend to put their stamp on the way that things will be done. George Bush a quasi-member of the 21st Century neocons on the Right lost his way by listening to them and listening to the voice of experience. Ironically, he forced in the end to do just in order to salvage his ill-conceived and fledgling war in Iraq.

Ironically, the unrepentant neocons distanced themselves from George Bush saying, being unrepentant for their contribution and their insistence on a rush to war, instead they augured only that he did not prosecute the war the right way! Those individuals were unrepentant, the Anne Coulters, Bill Kristol’s and others of their ilk; they got what they wanted and they still criticized their nemesis ‘old head’ George H. Bush.

But still, as a result of a nation being overly influenced by unknowledgeable and youthful ideologues, the nation has been at war ever since and the nation is bowing under a staggering load of, the economy is faltering and the American people are on the precipice of insolvency.

The overcoming and Faustian spirit of the Republican neocons has moved over and reconstituted itself in the democons. There is some variation on the manner in which they would operate the country; however, there effect I suspect will be the same, polarization, scarification, a scorched-earth policy, and insensitivity to what the majority of the people want. The latter will be sacrificed instead for what the democons have already been planning to implement if they could grab hold to the reigns of power.

Already the democons, just as their silent of late neocon counterparts did when they ran roughshod over the senior members in their party, the duds in the Democratic Party are doing the same thing. They are in affect telling the old heads, and their party’s machinery to get out of the way for we are coming through and we will not be denied. The attitude of the democons during the Democratic Primaries demonstrated the attitude of the neocons like none other.

The young democons were not engaged merely in a political battle in order to determine who would be best, the scarification that resulted and will be left behind came about as a result of their venal hatred of the senior members in their own party. The democons actually hate Senator Clinton, just as they seemingly harbor hate for anything or anyone that was born before 1970, with a few notable exceptions.

We will look back someday I believe, and remember this period when the democons and the neocons, who lacked a vision other than their own, ruined this nation. Neither group has a monopoly on truth. However, it would appear that both groups have a monopoly on believing that only they knew ultimately what must be done.

Can we survive another 4 to 8 years with either set of cons in office? These youngsters throughout the Primary season have failed to reach out to the stalwarts within their own party. Instead they have completely disrespected and disregarded the ones who worked to build the party. One can only wonder then how can anyone believe that these same individuals will reach out to their enemies in the other party, as a result of watching how they treated the senior members of their own party?

Am I being overly-pessimistic about the youthful aspirations, in terms of age and other experience, who want to take over the White House? I don’t think so believe that I am being over pessimitics. The fact of the matter is that I am not excited about the candidates on either side. I only wish that someone could do as a court judge would do under similar circumstances when there is poor representation present, and call the election this year's (similar to what took place in the previous two elections) a mistrial or a mis-election. Is there a judge in the house?

We should scrap this year’s entire election proceedings up and until now, and instead we should take a week or two to make an unprecedented move and decide upon who would be best to lead our nation, instead of the individuals who are in place right now! And heaven help if it either the neocons or the democons were to win! And what if I turn out to be wrong, all I can is that for the sake of us all, I HOPE SO! However, just as I was concerned about the neocons, I am concerned about the democons, the demons and the donkey-kong!

All of the cons (pun intended), remind me of the dog who chased and eventually caught up with the moving vehicle, only to stand there and bark at it when they did because there was nothing else that he could do!

Love, Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: All of have watched painfully, the course that America has taken over the past 8 years given the inchoate leadership of unprepared George H. Bush. Can we expect anything different from the current crop?

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