Sep 22, 2008

The New American Century Project Is Off To A Very Poor Start

It is one thing for the Republicans to say that they don't believe in raising taxes, and another for them to admit that they don't believe in paying for the debts that they incur.

The fact of the matter is that Republicans, Republicanism and Reaganism represent irresponsibility, neither the individuals (nor the principles of their Republican Conservative philosophy) holds that the wealthy ever have to pay for incurred debt. Republicans leave the paying of debts for someone else to do and hope that that somehow the debts will magically disappear. Remember Ronald Reagan and Reaganism, trickle-down, green-mail, leveraged buyouts...? Republicans believe that you can fight a war, and that you don't have to pay for that either.

Thanks to short-sighted, incompetent venal and sadistic Republican leadership (with the help of cross-over Democrats like Zel Miller, Joe Lieberman and another 8 million individuals, the new century in America is off to a predictably poor start!

Had either Al Gore or John Kerry been President, America would not be in the mess that it is now, a similar mess occurred after Ronald Reagan left office. And after he left office, having done much the same as George Bush his protege has been doing, a Democratic president, Bill Clinton, had to come in and clean up the mess.

Immediately following the successes of the Clinton Administration, not to overlook the fact that the Democratic Party recently rejected Hillary Clinton, President Bush and his cronies took America immediately back to where it was when Reagan left office. In spite of the surpluses that Bush inherited, America is currently in debt up to its ears and Bush wants to pile on another trillion dollars in debt before he goes into exile. And while Bush did everything that he could to benefit his wealthy cohorts, apparently the supreme universal commander has a different idea in mind given the recent events that have taken place in the market place.

American politicians who double as leaders are by any means substandard. All of us, even Republicans knew that Bush was not qualified to be President of the United States, but did they care? No, all they wanted to do was to mean by means or substandard candidate that was necessary to do so. As Alan Keyes once quipped, George Bush lacked the mental capacity to be a President, and he has proven that what Alan said was true and is true today.

The American economic and political system is malleable and there to be exploited by either political party, just as the Republicans have been doing for the past 8 years. And look where that has gotten us!

It is time for another American revolution, one that I will refer to as the Revolution of Sobering Truth. It won’t be easy given the monied interests in this nation, which pretty much includes all Americans.

The fact of the matter is that 5% of the world’s population will no longer be able to enjoy a disproportionate amount of the world’s wealth. A course correction is taking place in the Universe. We have all been witnessing the emergence of rising and reconstituted economies in other nations of the world, nations that never counted before as far as nascent America was concerned.

The project for a new American century began under the leadership of George Bush also referred to as the PNAC. Bill Kristol and his associates were the inventors of the phrase, they created an organization called the Project for a New American Century. And where are they now? Bill is still smiling as if nothing has happened as a result of his recklessness and the part that he played in influencing America's current course.

You folks got what you wanted a Republican President, and Republican control of Congress. For 6 years the nation a nation in the hands of Republican leadership has faltered, and as a result many Republicans have been voted out of office, while some are serving time in prison.

And just who are Republicans blaming for the inevitable disaster that has recently reached a crescendo in America? Republicans are blaming the Democrats. In fact presidential aspirant John McCain blames his counterpart, Senator Obama Hussein, for America's current economic collapse. He also blames Russia, and ignores Georgia's incipient and provocative behavior that is by any standard the beginning of a new east versus west Cold War!

The fact of the matter is that President Bush has caused and presided over more disasters during his 8 year term, than any other American president that I can recall. And with every disaster, there has been a rush to judgment and a failure to respond in a proportionate manner. Just consider 9/11, the Iraq War, Katrina and now the economic crisis in America. Bush spent his time in office, as he once bragged, taking care of his base.

Factually, it is his base, by and large, that is responsible for many of the debacles that have taken place in America including and up to right now. When American resources could have been invested in the American people and the infrastructure of the country, Bush sought to bolster the positions of the wealthy amongst us. When there was zero money to shore up the levies that could have altered the course of the events that followed the Katrina Hurricane, Bush refused. And as a result Americans are still paying for the failed levy disaster that accompanied the Katrina Hurricane on the Gulf Coast, today.

Bush has also driven up the costs for the unjust war in Iraq that he precipitously and dishonorably engaged America in, and we will be paying for that war when he has gone into exile along with his Golden Parachute. I often wonder why we pay incompetent individuals who on a daily basis almost never perform as one would expect?

The new American century has gotten off to a horrific start, with the country at war, the nation in debt, and America having just averted a near financial collapse.

In a few months, we will finally be rid of the Bush Administration, but not the legacy of what it will leave behind. Republicans and cross-over Democratic voters will still be around and doing everything that they can to muck up the waters. Is it ever too late to say that you are wrong, or to learn the lessons of truth and to begin in a new direction? I suspect that for some Americans, to do so would be hopeless and unthinkable. Why? Some things and some people never change, despite all appearances to the contrary. They will never admit they are wrong, they simply keep going, hoping that things will somehow become better.

Peace and God Help Us!
Rev. C. Solomon

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Quote of the week by Evan of the Inside Washington TV show. Evan said the following: Americans have been living as if the laws of God and nature had been suspended!