Sep 16, 2008

War Taxes: Who Will Raise The Revenue To Pay For The Bush-Cheney Wars?

Have you noticed that Republicans typically will not raise taxes, but they will raise the costs and incur the debts that someone else will ultimately have to pay for, just as Bill Clinton had to do following Ronald Reagan's voodoo economics Presidency?

What does former president George Bush Sr, have to say about his son's voodoo economic practices?

The cost of war won’t simply go away when Bush and Cheney go away. Republicans are not willing to be responsible for the tax burdens that they incur. George Bush’s war, 1 Trillion dollars so far and its not over yet, is not being paid for with a War Tax or with War Bonds. And to boot, he will, along with Cheney simply walk away leaving someone else to raise the revenue to pay for the debts that they, unwisely, incurred.

And ironically both he and his Party will cry foul and invoke revenue raising by the Democrats (to pay pff Republican debts), as a justification for re-electing Republicans to office. And having said that, the recipients of Republican debts will have to raise revenues to pay for whimsical and out-of-control Republican spending.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all just go out and spend as the Republicans have done by simply charging everything to our credit cards and leaving someone else to pay or to absorb the bills? Fortunately, most of us are more responsible, and our creditors and debtors I'm sure appreciate it.

I am sick of hearing Republicans accusing the Democrats of raising taxes, when they are the ones who create the deficits that necessitate taxes being raised, to pay for their incurred expenditures, in the first place. This trend began with Ronald Reagan. John McCain previously criticized Bush’s policy of excusing the one’s who garner the most wealth in this nation from sharing proportionately in the cost of war that they supported.

And who will pay for the deferred debt that is currently being held in part by other nations of the world? Republicans might say that they do not raise taxes, but perhaps it would be better if they would admit that they are the ones who raise the costs that they walk from and leave unpaid. Democrats, who did not agree with the Bush war, your administrations will be responsible for paying the costs. Why? Republicans want to keep their money in their pockets, while someone else pays for their out-of-control spending and refusal to pay for what they cannot afford.

Perhaps it should be codified into law that in the event of any future wars, the President will not be permitted to engage the nation in war without an across the board War Tax being implemented.

Below is a portion of a conversation that I had with ‘unlending’ on Weathea’s YouTube site.

War Taxes: If you consider history, even American history, taxes were always raised to pay for the cost of war; in fact war bonds were sold...! Something very sinister is going on with respect to the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even McCain was concerned that the wealthy won't pay their tax costs to pay for the wars that they are responsible for by voting for Bush. The question is how come 'pubs accuse Democrats of always raising taxes, but when it comes to wars they raise taxes?

cont: Even though the Republicans start the wars that are to be paid for by taxes, they ignore the costs and leave them for someone else to pay for the costs of war! When Reagan left office, the Democrats had to come in and pay for his indiscretions, i.e., covert operations, refusal to raise taxes to pay for expenditures, green mail, leveraged corporate buyouts...! The same thing is happening with Reagan's protégé. The 'pubs have raised tax costs; someone else has to address them, Democrats!

Finally, then who truly raises the tax burden in this nation, it is Republicans, they simply will not pay the bills. Not only has Bush's expenditures gone through the roof, and he will walk away from the debt - when he came into office, Clinton left him with a surplus. If and when taxes have to be raised, just as it happened with Reagan left office blame it on the Republicans for they are the ones who keep driving up the tax burden on Americans in a real sense.

And finally read the Rev’s explanation to unlending, about American duplicity when it comes to its purported adherence to the word of the book.

unlending, That is what I said. If Americans had lived up to the principles in the book and created a truly just system...! All we keep saying is that the American way of doing things and its system is better than anyone else's. The question we should ask is it the optimum system and everything that the Sovereign intended for man. American greed has long since warped American sensibilities. What brought Chis [Christopher Columbus] here in the first place? It was greed, trade routes ..., nothing has changed!

unlending, One of the reasons that you had to labor so hard along with members of the working poor, some who have 2 and 3 jobs is because the system is bad. In fact this is not what the sovereign intended at all. Too many Americans accept the status quo in America, believing that someday they are going to have their share of an American pie. Minus greed, it wouldn't be that way. There was a time when one wage-earner supported the family, paid the medical bills, bought the car, purchased food!

The Republican example is a poor example even to our children. Why? It teaches that you can get what you want without paying for it, and all that you have to do is to defer the cost and someone else will pay your debts for you. And that is not all, for afterward you can then blame the ones who pay for your youthful indiscretions for taking money away from you by force in order to pay for the debts you incurred but ignored.

Democrats may raise taxes, but it is the Republicans who typically raise the costs! If there is a moral here that most Americans need to understand and can learn from it is this: With Republicans you get what they refuse to pay for!

Part II

There is truly only one individual that was running for office, who was and is qualified to step in right now to manage what George Bush will be leaving behind just as her husband did following Ronald Reagan, and that is Senator Hillary Clinton. Joe Lieberman was right about Senator Hillary Clinton. Senator Obama simply did the Republicans a favor by knocking off Senator Clinton, and he is not prepared for the office that he is seeking.

George Bush may pat himself on the back believing that he did the nation a favor by not raising war taxes across the board to pay for his incipient war, however, in a real sense he did raise taxes by simply taking away from the poor to lend to the rich.

Have you noticed the number of suffering Americans, and how much the rate of suffering has increased since Bush initiated his unjust war in Iraq? Americans are suffering just as if he had come out in the open and implemented a war tax. The fact of the matter is that he didn't do the American people a favor by pretending that the cost of war would be free, or that it would simply pay for itself!

And at the time when America is in total disarray, economically and politically and not to forget what is going on overseas, who will take over at the helm and be expected to right the ship? It will either be grandpa (John McCain) or the children (Obama or Palin)! Either way you go, America is going to be in trouble for a long time.

Grandpa has already shown that he will follow the Bush doctrine in order to get elected and domestically and abroad. And the children, neither of them have the experience or knowledge of how to deal with the current crises that George Bush and Cheney will be leaving behind. Instead of Sarah Palin, I predict that soon Americans will be referring to her as Sarah Pain! And I am one of few men who believed that it was time for a female to take over at the helm!

You can blame the entire mess that America is in right now, not on a Democratic Congress, but on flawed Republicanism. Nixon was nearly impeached for Watergate, Reagan should have been impeached for Contragate, Bush has lied and led America into an just war, and neither of the latter would pay the bills that they incurred, and presently Republicans want 4-more years to do even more damage!

Again, with the Republicans you get what they won't pay for!

Peace & Grace,
Rev. C. Solomon

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