Sep 9, 2008

Will Senator Obama’s Party Turn on Him as it has done with Senator Hillary Clinton?

Senator Obama Hussein may turn out to be the most hated man in America, second only to Dick Cheney and George Bush, if Democrats loose again and realize that they would have likely won with Hillary as candidate for President or Vice President!

If the Democrats manage to loose the presidential race in 2008, another setback for Democrats, the nation and the world in my opinion, Senator Obama may become a member of the most hated men in America club, along with George Bush Jr., and Dick Cheney!

The election will take place in less than 60 days. Having had two elections stolen from them, in the manner that one player steals the tip at the beginning of a basketball when two players meet head to head, the Democratic Party appears to be on the way to another setback of late. The Republicans have succeeded in stealing elections in 2000 and 2004, with the help of crossover Democratic voters, the Attorney General in Florida and the United States Supreme Court.

This is a must win year for the Democratic Party or they will become demoralized as their democratic hopes become dashed once again. Who will take the blame for the loss this year if it were to happen (and that possibility appears to be very likely as of late)? Senator Obama will likely take the blame, despite how much democrats appeared to love him up front, if the democrats loose. However, all of those who voted in the Democratic Party ought to consider the part that their behavior played into the likely loss that they will sustain this year.

If the Democratic voters loose a 3rd time, voters in the Democratic Party ought to rethink their decisions to turn their backs on a loyal and faithful candidate who along with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, have labored long and hard for the nation first and as well for the Democrats. These individuals have sacrificed; time, alienation and money in order to push what have become known as Democratic social justice principles.

The nation at-large speculated that Hillary Clinton would run for President herself after the completion of her husband’s two terms in office, and following her run to become a New York Senator. After she became a senator in the state of New York, many wondered if she would complete her term as a senator or bolt and run for the office of the United States. The fact is that unlike Senator Obama, Senator Clinton kept her word and completed her first term as senator.

It was only after completing her first term in office as senator in the State of New York as she promised to do, did she toss her hat into the ring in order to go after the office of the president of the United States. Senator Obama on the other hand shortly after becoming a U.S. Senator from the State of Illinois, decided to throw caution to the win and without any experience or preparation for the job, seek the office of president of the United States. He has spent the majority of his time in the Senate campaigning for a different job.

By now everyone knows that Senator Obama upset Senator Clinton in the primary run, however, what did an Obama upset really mean, and what does it portend for the future of the nation, the Democratic party and for Senator Obama.

The fact of the matter is that Senator Obama played right into the hands of the Republican Party; they could not have received a better gift than an inchoate, unprepared Senator who has retreated so far on practically everything that he put forth initially. The latter is a reflection of his unpreparedness and proof that he was and is unprepared for the job.

Among his failures to stand up for positions put forth by both he and his wife, her feelings of finally being proud of America and his feelings about the wasted troop deaths in Iraq, he has reversed himself on many other issues. For example he has reversed himself with respect to talking to world leaders, NAFTA, the gun issue, the gun-toting marginalized religious in Pennsylvania, then there is his pastor and church of 20 years (no loyalty to the US Senate or his pastor), AIPAC before Farrakhan and the Civil Rights Movement, the Iraqi pullout, public finance, the death penalty and of late he has modified his position with respect to taxing the wealthy.

Clearly Senator Obama jumped the gun; one can only wonder what he stands for, what he understands and what he will fight for or against. Senator Obama has lost his widening position that he held in the polls over Senator McCain since the addition of Sarah Palin. And most analysts believe that he made a fundamental error and opened the door for Senator McCain make his shrewd move of picking a female, one who happens to be conservative, as his running mate.

If the McCain, Palin team were to prevail there will be some serious second-guessing going on within the Democratic Party, and there ought to be. And not only, that but there should be some serious soul searching done among Democratic voters and their Party. And rather than blame the Republicans this time for their probable loss, the Democrats needs to reconsider their brand and their personal identity. Not only that, Democrats must consider the loyal factor within the factor.

The, 'I am for the war and then against the Iraq war Democratic-majority that was for Senator Clinton en masse, then against Senator Clinton and for Senator Obama Congress', needs to ask itself how come? Black voters who were supporting Senator Clinton initially, if you believe the poll numbers, by a 90% margin over all other Democratic candidates need to do some searching.

It is interesting the number of blacks who have told me that in no uncertain terms that this year’s presidential race is all about race and racism. The one problem is that blacks who have spent so much time blaming whites who were not supporting Senator Obama, overlooking those whites who were supporting Senator, have overlooked the significant role that black racism is playing in the current election. Not only is racism playing its part, so is sexism!

Some blacks could not explain what racism had to do with those blacks who like me believed and believe that Senator Obama (and even Saran Palin now) is as unprepared for the office of President or Vice President as George Bush was and still is to be President of the United States.

The loyalty factor among democrats needs to be weighed, and a question ought to be answered, how does a group of people or individuals turn their backs upon individuals within a party who have worked tirelessly to promote their interests, versus ‘come lately candidates’ who haven’t done and may never do anything as far their interests are concerned?

Again, when this matter is concluded and if the Republicans prevail and gain yet a third term in office, Democrats have mostly themselves to blame for yielding to arrogance, pomposity, lack of experience, racism and short-sightedness over probity, wisdom, experience and loyalty. All that Senator Obama did was to stop a world-wide progressive movement that had been carefully constructed by the Clintons that would have improved the lot not only of all Americans, but of most citizens of the world.

Second, Obama did what Republicans could not do, derail the Clintons and to mitigate the power of the Civil rights movement. And now having been an unwitting proxy in the hands of the Republicans, the Republicans have turned around and will likely destroy Senator Obama. This fete compli by the Republicans will have been a masterful stroke, and once again Republicans will be in charge of the Presidency, with new found resiliency!

And with respect to Senator Obama, I suspect that the same Democrats who supported him will turn against pointing out all of what he did wrong to cause yet another fiasco and loss to the Republicans, along with blaming racism for his likely defeat. Hopefully, it won’t happen, but if it does and Republicans prevail, Democrats blame yourself, for Senator Obama is not responsible for whatever happens all by himself - you helped to engineer your loss!

This Faustian attempt by both Parties to get their person into office even though the majority of the candidates who are left in the field are not qualified or prepared to be the President or possible president of the USA (if something were to happen to their front runner) says a lot to me about both political parties. The interest of the nation and the people is only secondary, for winning ‘by any means necessary’ is all that matters!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: And we know how the majority of Republicans feel about Senator Obama, and I am speaking strictly about Senator Obama and his political views. As far as racism is concenred, clearly, there are white and black racists on both sides of of the political spectrum, ergo the latter cancel each other other. However, when you combine the two sides, in the end the Senator may turn out to be the most hated man in America along with Bush and Cheney, particularly if the Democrats loose the election!

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