Aug 27, 2008

The Rev Discusses American Exceptionalism & Bill O’Reilly on You Tube.

American exceptionalism is by definition hypocrisy. And it represents a double-standard for if you apply the same definition to America’s opportunistic and hegemonist behavior that you apply to so-called enemy combatants and nations (people and nations who are simply defending themselves from American aggression), America is then by definition the quintessential terrorist state. Or as the late Dr. Martin Luther King explained, the number one 'purveyor of violence in the world'!

That God has permitted 14 million non-documented individuals to simply walk across America's borders unhurt, as America continues to disrespect border sovereignty in other nations around the world, does it suggest that God is taking on the American Pharaoh again, however, without frogs, lice ... this time?

Americans have accepted this double-standard for so long that it has become an acceptable part of American lore. Other nations are no longer accepting the double-standard, they are fortifying themselves, growing their economies and seeking to acquire WMDs, in other words following the example of the USA. Americans may continue to buy into the doctrine of American exceptionalism but other nations and people are not.

That America operates under a double-standard should be clear to the blind, only sycophants of duplicity, unjust and a double-standard continue to support it. Interestingly God’s plan, according to the Canon, is to establish a New World Order. I haven’t read anywhere where the America Empire will be the hallmark of that new world order!

I joined this discussion that began as an appraisal of Bill O’Reilly, who fascist behavior on the show when interviewing guests demonstrates to a substantial degree why he supports American aggression and fascism.

Woodlelette said:
Besides..this country Belongs to Native Americans.
Not white people.

Colonialists invaded what is known today as America. They took the territory, inhabited and refer to it as 'The Land of the free and the home of the [slave]'. Over a 232 year period America has occupied and annexed how many other nations & territories around the world? America wants to stop terrorism in the world, and Bill Reilly feels encroached upon, hmm!? Is it any wonder that over 14m people have walked across America's borders lately to reclaim it? Bill believes in American terrorism!

That's rich.

That Bill and so many other Americans have turned their backs on reality speaks to a much deeper pathology that exists within the duplicitous American psyche. Consider the American invasion and occupation of Iraq, Bill O'Reilly and the likeminded were and are totally on board for the hostile takeover of another nation. The same group of sycophants immediately jumped on Russia for doing far less than what the USA has done. These people are totally on board when it comes to terrorism by America!

Wait a second.. the President of Georgia is not a brutal dictator who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his own. Hussein's dictatorship over Iraq exploited terror to its fullest as a method of oppression; Georgia is a Democracy.

I think your idea of terrorism is warped and false. The US along with coalition forces are improving the lives of the Iraqis and brought its heinous dictator and his minions to justice. Also keep in mind a lot of people were on board for this war at its inception.

"the new york times and the far left want to break down the white Christian power structure" I HOPE WE FUCKING DO! how is this neo-con, fascist Nazi motherfucker allowed to spew such poison? the sooner white Christian lunatic fat cats no longer run this fucking country, we as a people can finally evolve into something better

It's a free country - you don't have to listen to it. Fascists like you wouldn't allow him to "spew such poison".. you'd have the state control everything, including freedom of speech.

You're the one coming off as the uninformed BIGOT by suggesting "white Christian lunatic fat cats no longer run this fucking country".

Your brand of racism is, in fact, the most dangerous in the world today.

Religion often becomes a tool of the state. The descendants of the same people who rejected King George III and his tyrannical misuse and control of the church among other things, have joined with King George of the USA in order to wield the conjoined power of politics and the church in order to inveigle the minds of the people and to rule the world. Is it any wonder that not only Muslims, but allied nations are looking forward to a new world order with less Christian America influence!

Many societies were founded and developed with Judeo-Christian beliefs. Where religious beliefs have the biggest influence on policy are laws, many of which I am sure you agree with and subscribe to. Many find great comfort and direction from religion.. others twist scripture to justify horrible acts like terrorism.

Allies heavily rely, and will continue to rely on the strength and generosity of the USA for many years to come.

O Reilly talks utter shit.

The problem with syncretism is its by-product, an amalgamation of manmade ideas mixed in with transcendent knowledge. The aim of the latter is more self-encompassing, and its end is self gratification/ immolation. America's allies complain about America more than any other perceived threat. Most recently, many of the allies were more sensitive to Russia than to Georgia. Most of them recognize how hypocritical it is for America to invade and occupy nations, while criticizing other nations!

So you don't believe morality, taken from religion, should be (or should have been) imposed in any form, via the law?

USA's allies complain about the USA because the guys on top with all of the power, money and control are often the "bad guys". Jealousy.

Don't compare Iraq to Georgia! Its apples vs. oranges.

How can one even begin to qualify/quantify that notion given the massive number of political, social, and economic variables at play in each scenario?

Don't concern yourself with what I think, God didn't impose morality, IT gave people free choice. Only despots and despotic nations seek to impose their will on other nations and people, and at the same time declare that no other nation, United Nations, the International Court or the Hague (where the USA will personally take other world leaders to - Slobodan Milosevic...) will impose its will on the USA. The USA ignores every other decision body in the world. IAEA inspectors get out of Iraq?

elec, One thing that the holy writ of most religions has in common is an insistence on not just making or quoting laws, but living by the rule of the law. Clearly the USA just like the nations that it criticizes has often been inviolate. When the power shifts economically and military (new world order), the allies will shift. Remember I care what my base thinks, it is only 'old Europe talking', and I don't care what the American people think..., words from the American oligarchy/tetrarch!

If you're trying to get me to disagree with the fact the USA has made mistakes, I won't. No nation has a perfect track record - but I believe the US has used its power/influence for more GOOD than evil in the world.

With all due respect, Europe is so weakened by socialist garbage that national pride has also gone out the window - that's very apparent in your tone. The USA was a major force in freeing Europe during WW1 and WW2, and at one point Europeans were thankful for our sacrifices.

elect, How many people are American dictators responsible for murdering? I remind you that during the Iran/Iraq War, when Saddam was using WMDs against the Iranians, they went to the U.N. and requested a resolution against Saddam. Ronnie Reagan had the resolution blocked. Dr. MLK again said it best, the number one purveyor of violence in the world was (not the USSR, China, the DPRK...) the United States of America. America is a terrorist nation by any stretch, it started off that way!

You're able to communicate thoughts with an excellent vocabulary, but yet you don't quite seem to understand the difference between "dictator", "king" or "president".

What do you mean "it started off that way"? You seem to like to twist the meaning of "terrorism" to back up your fallacies. During the Iran/Iraq war, the USA was supporting Saddam while the USSR was supporting Iran. We could spend hours debating geopolitics, but please reconsider your inaccurate terminology.

elect, If only American people will stop consuming long enough and consider what their representative government is doing around the world. If only American people, who insist on freedom and that the gov't not interfere in their affairs, would understand that other nations and people feel the same way about the USA gov't interfering in their affairs. The USA 'started the same way', by invading, occupying, terrorizing, murdering, raping, enslaving and pillaging in the territory that is known today as the USA. Today Iraq!

elect, You have drunk a substantial amount of the American kool-aid. Other nations are not jealous of the USA, they are simply sick of the USA's incessant meddling in their internal affairs, and the internal affairs of other nations, and when they complain America threatens them with economic sanctions, other overt and threats, and a withdrawal of support, if not aggression. Americans forget the nations that helped it to secure its independence from England. Other nations do a lot for the USA.

elect, American exceptionalism is by definition hypocrisy; it represents a double-standard for if you apply the same definition to America's opportunistic and hegemonist behavior that you apply to so-called enemy combatants and other people and nations of the world that are simply defending themselves from American aggression, America is by definition the quintessential 'terrorist state', and it has been that way for decades. Bush was challenged in Vienna 2 yrs back about American terrorism!

elect, Other nations are no longer accepting the double-standard, they are fortifying themselves, growing their economies and seeking to acquire WMDs, following America's example in order to strengthen & defend themselves from America. Americans continue to buy into the doctrine of American exceptionalism but other nations are not. An example, America has a Monroe Doctrine however Russia, Iran, Cuba.., cannot! Americans will not tolerate similar totalitarianism, hegemony and meddling by other!

What elect refers to as having been innocent 'American mistakes', was in fact intentional American policy. America does not tolerate similar mistakes by other nations. The fact is that America has operated with a venal, duplicitous double-standard from the onset and other nations and people know it. Only some Americans will not admit it, and the sycophants of unjust policies and duplicitiy will never demand as I have done, that America 'get in the real world before it is too late'!

In Summary and conclusion: With the rise of emerging economics and nations around the world, a new world order will grow out of the new alliances that will be formed between nations. The most sagacious thing that American can do now is to begin treating other nations with the respect that it demands, it may be too late for many nations including America’s allies have tired of America bullying!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: The law of the Universe is essentially this: 'what a man sows, that shall he also reap'. Point of fact, the USA is reaping today given its venal past and present behaviors. Isn't it interesting that as the USA continues to invade, occupy and threaten other nations particularly Iraq of late, that at the same time America's borders have been crossed by at least 14 million non-documented occupiers - a land that belong in part to their ancestors in the first place?

The Law of the Universe would suggest then that America's borders will never be respected and will continue to be breeched, until the USA learns to respect the sovereignty and the borders of other nations. Reparations for blacks? How about restoring the true owners of America to their place of prominence?

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