Aug 29, 2008

The Obama Campaign: Are Black Politicians Indeed Any Different From White Ones?

Are the majority of frustrated black voters in terms of conscience, any different than their white counterparts?

The Wright Reverend said it best: Senator Obama will say whatever he has to say in order to get elected.

I was accosted several times over the past 7-days by people who were attempting to raise money for the Obama campaign. Each one took for granted that I was supporting Senator Obama, and they went right to lecturing me about the importance of supporting Senator Obama financially. When I proceeded to ask questions and to explain why I was not supporting Senator Obama, one stopped me in mid-sentence and asked, despite what I said, are you going to give me any money or not? I refer to these people as the American black Janjaweed.

Black people are behaving now, I’m sure out of desperation, just like the ones that they have criticized in the past and in the present.

Despite my respect for the Clintons, and it is on record what they have done not only for the black community but for all Americans before and after Bill Clinton was President, I simply cannot comply with their request to support the waffling, acquiescing, foreign policy equivocator of most American politicians of the past, Senator Obama.

One thing that has always bothered me about blacks who have criticized inane white behavior, is that once they gain power, and I have said it for years, they do the same things/engage in the same behavior as the ones that they criticize, consider Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana as an example!

I cannot tell you how many blacks there have been who have told me that Senator Obama has to acquiesce, recapitulate (and some have implied-lie) in order to get elected, because that is the way that the American political process works; as if the American political process is the end all. Have blacks lost their moral compass?

There is one who sits higher than the one who happens to occupy the office of president of the USA, and there is something greater than the American political process, and that is the thing that Senator Obama is missing, and the primary area where he has veered off course! He has made it clear that he will continue the practice of supporting Israel and America’s scorched earthy policy in the Middle-East!

My response to those who say that it is okay to lie, recapitulate and behave like typical American politicians do is this, ‘then the more things change the more they remain the same’, and that is what I believed that most of us wanted to change’. I am still looking for someone who can be different, and someone who is truly different from all of the rest.

And sadly, now it is black Americans who have adopted wholesale the politics of greed, recapitulation and say whatever you have to say in order to acquire the golden prize of sitting in the America seat of dwindling power. I don't accept it. Whenever we get a black president or another white one may he or she be different that from what we have experienced for over the past 232 years, and may he or she be like Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, individuals, who simply tell the truth whether they are elected or not; Jesus, Gandhi, Dr. MLK were like that, and we have individuals like that today.

I simply cannot countenance 4-more years of the same, thus I can neither with good conscience support either the Obama or McCain campaign! And I will not support a typical waffling politician who will not stand up for true justice in the USA and in the rest of the world as Commander-in-Chief of the USA! The policy of American exceptionalism is wrong, it always has been wrong and it still is WRONG!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: When the day comes that America has its first 'just president', may they stand on principle and for principle!

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