Aug 11, 2008

Was Apostle Thomas Originally an Atheist, Agnostic or Secularist?

Subtext: I Believe, Why Won't They Believe What I Believe?

I am finding that more and more what the church believes is God, and what the self-declared non-believer who is seeking after what is real actually believes in may be one and the same. One is simply referred to in the Christian faith as God, and the self-declared unbeliever believes in a Sovereign unifying principle! And who is to say that the principle cannot create and jump inside and outside of bodies? The real problem is that the two camps won’t talk, and I intend to change that!

The Apostle Thomas once said to the other Apostles who had gathered together after the Resurrection, those who had seen the reincarnated Jesus Christ, that I will not believe until I put my hands in the holes in his sides…!

Based upon what Thomas said, then is the belief of today’s secularist of any value at all? We can see that Thomas did not believe until he believed!

Why is it that Jesus did not simply discard Thomas, as most religious individuals have done with secularists today? At one time or another weren’t each one of us ‘a secularist or an atheist’, before we believed?

Is what matters the most, who can believe the most, even if what one believes does not meet the mainstream test? Can we synthesize our understandings about what is real and then get a better handle on what is and what is not real?

Can the two camps reconcile, the religious and the non-religious believers? Can religion move beyond its belief in an anthropomorphic God that cannot be seen, and can the other camp accept that what they cannot see, can be real in a dimension that they have yet to experience? Answer: We will see!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

To be continued…,

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