Sep 23, 2010

A Democratic Party President and a Republican Party (House) Wife: The Montagues v. The Capulets

As opposed to waiting until death does them part, they might as well get a divorce, particularly if neither of the two understands the art of compromise or are willing to compromise

Subject: When Husband and Wife Reach Nadir

A dysfunctional marriage is one where the husband and wife are more enemy combatants with entrenched opinions than they are individuals who are united in love. When one or both are unwilling to comprise, there will be long-term negative consequences for both combatants and the other members of the family.

Oh come on now, most of us have either experienced this behavior firsthand, or witnessed this phenomenon taking with a relative, friend or neighbor. The two married combatants are tied together by marriage, however, they are enemies and not friends.

If you have not experienced this phenomenon within your own marriage or the household that you were raised or are being raised in, you should thank God.
What phenomenon am I referring to? It is the phenomenon of two married individuals who are stuck together legally by marriage(historically a wife and man, or man and wife if you prefer who live together), however, anyone who know the couple wonder "how can these two stay together seeing how they don’t agree on anything". If one were to turn to the Right, the other would prefer the Left.

If one were to say, "... that was a good thing, the other would vehemently disagree". If one were happy about an event, the other would be sad. No matter what topic comes up, or decision to be made one of the two would be diametrically opposed to the other.

And yet they stay together if for no other reason than to fight, disagree, and keep up appearances or to make the other miserable. And sadly, either side tries to win others in the household, often their siblings, to be on 'their side'. And this is exactly what appears to be taking place in our nation’s capitol, and the American citizen is being asked to choose sides.

We currently have an incumbent president, Mr. Barack Obama (the hubby) who happens to hail from the American Democratic Party. His wife on the other hand (The Republican House) happens to hail from the American Republican Party, the current minority party that was rejected by the majority of the American voters in the last general election.

Folks what we are talking about here is the Hatfields and the McCoys, or better yet, How Juliet of Romeo and Juliet fame, who hailed from the (House of the Capulets), and Romeo who came from the (House) of the Montagues and all of us knows how that story ended. Mr. Obama's minority wife (House Republicans led by Representative Boehner has proven to be diametrically opposed to whatever his Democratic Presidential (House) husband has to say. Folks, this thing is playing out like a Greek tragedy that can only end in death.

Almost literally, the two live in the same house, the nation’s capital, Washington DC happens to the house. Who ever put this (arranged) marriage together, what were they thinking - for the 2 connubials have never been compatible. And what we, the American people, have been getting is what we should have expected -two entities that are diametrically opposed to each other on almost every topic, and each one is fighting for control of the House, in this instance, Washington DC and the rest of the nation.

I did not vote for Mr. Obama, who in this instance is the non-titular head of the House, however, I have to give him credit for keeping one of his campaign promises. He promised to have, hold, love … his Republican Congressional wife, and he tried to do that, but sofar to no avail. Mr. Obama has been experiencing unrequited love for the past 20 months.

Being a dutiful suitor, immediately during and after his inauguration he began to woo her. He called her, sent her flowers, romantic messages and political candy (Daschle and others). And no matter what advances he made to his political wife, she continued to reject the gifts that he sent and him.

How can two walk together, unless they agree? Well, it is implied in the Christian Canon that they cannot. And that is in effect what we see taking place within the nation. In my opinion, the Republican Party is a bespeckled distant wife, one has had zero intentions of cooperating with her wooing husband, no matter what he does, or whatever harm can come to the nation.

On the other hand I see a President-husband paramour who has tried and tried, and has finally realized that no matter what he does to love his wife, to woo her or to reach compromises, she will have it her way or whatever happens to their marriage, their household too include her children and her neighbor nations, she could care less. So what can they do, since they have to stay together until death, or the next election do them part?Frankly, I have with good reason been suspect of the Republican Party since my own personal dealings with them in Washington DC.

The late Congressman Augustus Hawkins, former Representative from Los Angeles California once counseled me when I spoke at the nation’s capitol in Washington DC, to look around, he said: Notice, are any members of the Republican House available to hear you and the thousand delegates who traveled to Washington DC to lobby Congress with regard to the urban poor?

In fact he was correct, none of them were. And 27 years later, the overwhelming majority of Republicans continue to be missing in action. Whether it was insurance reform and the public option and single payer that most Americans wanted, like a spoiled sulking wife they made it clear that they did not care what the majority of Americans wanted.

The latter is even more dramatic when you consider that all of them are provided the same by majority that they continue to deny. Tax Breaks: Even though many of them enjoyed and still enjoy the Bush Tax Cuts, they are against tax breaks being given to the majority of Americans, unless they are provided with an extension of the tax breaks that they uniquely enjoyed during the Bush years.

They insist that America cannot experience an economic recovery unless they receive tax breaks. Why? Because many of them and the individuals that they represent and the Republican Right, are the holders of the wealth of this nation. What do they care more about, their Party or America?In other words, these paramours of non-virtue because they are without virtue are trying to blackmail the American people as well as their spouse-President.

These obstructionist blackmailers are saying to the American people in effect, that even though we received tax breaks over the past decade, during the period when the rest of America failed and the middle-class experienced loss of jobs, homes, income … (while they stood by and did nothing but enlarge themselves with the aid of the tax breaks that they received), that we should believe that this time they will do anything to majority of Americans to return to viability.

My answer to then is nyat, you haven’t done anything to support your President of the United States husband, in fact you’ve been outright obstructionists, and you aren’t going to do anything in the future to cooperate/compromise with the President or to do anything about the plight of the offspring, the American people, of a bad marriage.

In the area where I live, Santa Clara County California, while the rest of the nation as well as the Middle-class in this area struggled during the Bush Administration, in particular the last four years of his administration, the wealthy gorged themselves. For example, while many Americans were being disposed from their homes, Do Nothing Republican side of Congress purchased new homes, Dick Cheney included.

In fact, at one time, houses that were selling the best in this region, where houses that sold in the 5M range. And in addition to that, while Americans were having their automobiles, in this area repossessed, the number one selling automobiles in the region were luxury cars that were being sold to the supporters of Republican classism. And what did the Republicans do? They showed no mercy and instead engaged in practices that they have historically engaged in, they exploited the situation while blaming the victims for their own plight.

Americans, who are rightfully frustrated, often make the mistake of blaming the wrong persons for the problem. For example, while the Republicans continue to blame the Presidents and Democrats for America’s current woes, they ignore Bush Policies, the 6 years that they controlled the House (including the Senate) while Bush engaged in questionable and favorable practices to an already wealthy elite, and still they blamed the Democrats.

Fortunately, Americans said ‘no masse’, and it wasn’t the Democrats fault and they elected President Obama to clean Washington up. But Americans were sadly disappointed and disillusioned when Mr. Obama began to flounder.

Wow, I thought? Republicans are so shrewd that they can obstruct, and yet cause blame to be laid at the foot of the one that they obstructed. In other words, it was as if Mr. Obama’s Republican spouse who opposed him at every turn, was able to shift the blame for every stalemate or obstruction on her husband. Come on folks, when it comes to being scoundrels, Republicans are without peer. In fact, in that regard, they are too shrewd for the average Democrats.

However, and I wonder will the majority of voters fall for that ruse. Even though you attended the swearing in (exchange of vows), and afterwards Mr. Obama let you down, you must not give in to the Dark Side of the force! If Obama doesn't stand up to his venal paramour, don't switch over to the other side for after they are still Obstructionist Republicans. Where is the late Senator Barry Goldwater when you need him?
I am not an apologist for Mr. Obama, I felt that he needed more experience from the onset; however, it appears that of late he has awakened. He has acknowledged publicly, that his Republican wife will never compromise or acceded to the will of the majority of the American people. In fact he recognizes that she has staked out a position and the rest of the nation be damned.

Let this be a lesson to the American people. The fact is that Americans criticize Congress at large for the failures that are taking place in Washington and our nation. But to do so is unfair. There have been and still are some very distinguished Representatives in Washington, mostly on the Democratic side, who would turn this nation around if ever all of the duckets were in place, and they nearly did so this time when they garnered control of the House, the Senate and the President.

Don’t blame them for the chicanery and the shrewdness of a scoundrel Republican-led Party. Americans should support those Representatives who have been in the fight for so long and continue to add to their numbers. And right-thinking Americans will do all that they can to get ideologue Republican home-wreckers out of office.

And a special message to Mr. Obama…, stop being a woos, get some backbone, stand up to your back-stabbing Republican wife and do what the majority of the people who voted you into office expected of you: Hillary Clinton, stood up to the vast Right-Winged Conspiracy, when will you! Your current Republican wife has one plan and one plan in mind only, and that is to oversee your political demise, and she has practically achieved her goal. Wake up while you still can for she plans to do what she can until you are no more, that is to oppose and obstruct until you are dead!

A democratic party President and a republican party (House)wife, never the twain shall meet, and the rest of the family will suffer the consequences.

Love, peace & grace

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