Sep 18, 2010

Judgment Day in America

This is what I believe is taking place with the 234 years-young American experiment. If anyone hasn’t noticed the predicament that most Americans and America itself finds it and ourselves in of late, it must be for one or two reasons.

Either he or she has his or her head buried in the proverbial sand, or they are a part of the group of elite Americans, mostly wealthy, who are doing just fine politically and financially. They seem to be in denial or could care less about where the majority of America's citizens and other citizens of the world find themselves as we speak.

The latter group believes that things have never been better. There only concern is about any foe, whether it be nation, political party, current leader of the so-called free world, politician or God who would dare to make any attempt to alter the status quo.

This group fully intends for America to continued course wherein they will continue to reap a disproportionate share of America and the world’s wealth, dictate to continue to engage in their desultory practices. This small but closed group fails to understand or care just how close America is to the abyss. As long as they continue to get there, they could care less.

I do not believe that it is God doing the judging, rather I suspect that it is because of the historical practice of injustice by some in America, to include selfishness, sexism, greed, racism, world-wide political hegemony that has led to America’s current plight. And as a result, because of a powerful, wealthy and manipulative elite in America, justice is being brought to America.

America is reaping for what it has sown or permitted a certain group of America's to get away with in the name of acquiring wealth.

Right thinking people, how long could it have lasted, exploitation of the many by the few, I ask, to include the matter of:
1. One nation holding all of the cards, financially, military, politically, socially …?
2. One nation dictating its will to all other nations of the world either military
(750 military installations around the world), economically or given its historical and shrewd manipulation of the United Nations Security Council …?
3. America’s historical manipulation and exploitation of all other markets in the world?
4. America’s shrewd use of Christianity in order to further its personal objectives around the world.

I ask then, would it be necessary for a God to dispatch an avenging angel or are their certain built-in laws of justice, retribution … that automatically come in to play when an individual, family, group, organization, state … continue to tempt fate, violate the laws of equanimity and justice, and seek to acquire as much as they can for as long as they can for themselves or those that they prefer, alone?

Those nations of the world that have been weak politically, military and monetarily in the past are catching up. They have risen to the level where they can say to America, “thank you for the good that you once did’, however, we are no longer willing to overlook the evil that you did: usurpation, incursions, occupations, domination, spying, destabilizations …

As a result of the changing dynamics in the world, to wit the emerging economies, emergent economic and military powerhouses, more and more Americans being forced to admit what is right of them, American injustice as the causal factor America's current plight. Let's face it folks, it was not another nation of the world that forced us to be in the predicament that we currently finds ourselves thriving.

Am I happy about it? Am I one of those who love to kick the USA in the pants when it is struggling? Or, am I right to be concerned about where America is headed and to remind my fellow Americans, that much of what we are experiencing that has not been foisted upon us by some outside power, we have brought upon ourselves.

In other words, there is no need to sound the apocalyptic alarm. Frankly, I suspect that however we judge our own actions and the current state that we find ourselves in as a nation, isn't it true that all that we need to do is to take charge of ourselves and the elements that be within this nation that have historically been out of control, and to bring them in line with justice, equity and higher principles of governing and self-determination. In other words, it is time to make some changes.

Peace & Grace

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