Sep 24, 2010

Obama Didn’t Do It: What’s wrong with America!

Subject: The Real Problem with America is The Republican Party and The Unsavvy American Voter

Well now that he has been baptized in the crucible of American politics, and he knows what it is really like, I predict that Mr. Obama will become true presidential material.

Look folks, I have never hidden the fact that I did not feel that this man was ready to be President of the United States. Recently a dimwitted African associate of mine described my problem, as it related to the Obama presidency, as gradualism.

He said, "you are one of the ones who believe this man is not ready to be President because he is a black man", in other words he said, "you agree with those Americans who say that it is too early - America is not ready for a black President". I explained to my black African nationalist nemesis that he was not listening.

You see, I never told any of my detractors that Obama should not be President because it was not time for a black to be President.

I told him that I did exactly what Obama said that any black voter should do with respect to his candidacy, I “vetted him”. After doing so, I concluded that he was not ready to be President because he lacked experience in national politics. And he proved me correct during the first year and a half of his Presidency.
Mr. Obama simply was not prepared for what the Republican Obstructionists were going to put on him.
Now give him credit, for he actually did what one would believe that any American statesperson or Republican institution ought to have been doing in office, working together for the good of the nation. For Obama made it clear up, front, that he was going to do all that he could do to represent all of the American people. To wit he planned to be the President of all Americans, whether they were white, black, mulatto, Republican, separatist, Rush Limbaugh …

And he calamitously made an ardent effort to do so only to be rebuffed by the Republican Party Minority in Congress. Even before becoming President he reached out to Republicans and invited several of them to become a part of the Presidential Cabinet, an offer that was summarily rejected. There weren't any David Gergens in this Republican group.

Being the naive guy that he was, he kept trying. He begged for cooperation, he endured insults and stalemates hoping that Republicans would put the needs of the nation above party politics - they did not, they have not! Politically, he was hoping that the American people would see that he actually reached out to the other side in an attempt to heal the nation and to show how the two could work together, a strategy that should have earned him some points with the citizens, but it has not.

And it has cost him dearly - the expected derailment of his Presidency. The Republican Party strategy to rebuff the President and to refuse to cooperate to any substantial degree so far, has worked. Instead of the American people recognizing the often used Republican ruse, they have played right into the hands of the Republican minority just as the President did initially.

Give the Republicans a hand for this kind of political chicanery. On the other hand the American public should be excoriated for being so sophomoric. Americans, this was the Republican Party strategy from the beginning, they hoped to make this man appear to be inept as a result of being able to get certain bills passed, and or to cause the ones that were passed to be watered down.

They knew that you would blame him for the failures, instead of the ones who were causing him to stumble.

Here is what all Americans who voted for the President need to do at this juncture in the political game, for the elections are coming soon: Do NOT BE STUPID ENOUGH TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DERAILMENT OF of what you started 2.5 years ago when the majority of America’s voters, Republicans, Independents and Democrats came together and worked for change.

That some of you are considering a change in mid-stream is incomprehensible just get the train and the engineer back on track.
In other words, become as relentless as Republicans have been, particularly the ones on the Republican Wrong side!
Yes I know that the neophyte President let you down, but that is in part your fault for voting him into office too early in his young career in national politics to make any difference.

But don’t be stupid twice, know who the real enemy is - this man may turn out to be another President from Illinois, who will one day have a monument on the Capital Mall (black or white one I don't know)? If he gets this nation going again and we experience the kind of turnaround that we did with President Clinton, who had to clean another Bush's mess, he could be enshrined.

The true enemy has not changed in 2 years, it is still doing all that it can to return to and enforce the failed politics of the Bush Administration (in particular advantages for the wealthy, warmongering and deferential politics.

They are still playing the same old game to include of late, using religion to explain who is and who is not a true American just as they have been doing with President Obama. The same individuals never question President Bush’s religious faith, instead they used it just as they did to their advantage. Most Americans have seen enough I hope to understand that claiming to be affiliated with some particular religious group in America is just a game.

According to Rabbi Lerner, the true religion of America is Capital. And to that I must add, no one is more adept at playing capital politics, pun intended, than the Republicans, particularly the ones on the Republican Right. They know what they're doing when they insist that they alone continue to receive Tax Breaks.

Tax breaks for the rich is the ongoing mantra of the Republican Wrong. I hope that the American people are not stupid enough to keep falling for the same tricks over and over again. If so, just consider the past 8 years, along with 6 years of Republican domination in the Congress, a 2-term Republican President and control for the past years of the United States Supreme Court, America was practically brought to its financial knees.

What saved America was a last ditch effort by the incumbent Republican President Barack Obama, the leader who is doing all that he can to reverse the retrenchment that was caused by 8 years of failed leadership, along with a Republican Congress for the majority of that time,George Bush Jr. The change occurred with the support of a Democratic majority in Congress - they helped to right this nation.

Have TARP and other stimulus dollars returned the nation to complete viability? The answer of course is no. On the other hand, the actions taken by President Obama along with the cooperation of the Democratically controlled Congress, despite the opposition from the Republican Wrong have stabilized the slide just as Democrats promised that it would.

And still too many Americans, particularly ones on the Right, blame the current incumbent President for completing saving the nation from the dire straits that the country found itself in following George Bush Jr. and the Republicans.

Having said that, now there is hope for a full recovery as long as anyone or any Party besides Republicans are in control of the Presidency and the House. And as a result of the innocuous and desultory behavior of the Republican Party over the past 2 years (if not all the way back to Ronald Reagan) where would the recovery be if Republicans were still in power and just where would American be today-answer that question for yourself?

Use your heads Americans and stick with Mr. Obama at least for another couple of years. And go, instead, after the Republicans each time that they try to stifle the President and the American recovery, and at all costs stay with Obama for he has begun to mature in office, now when will you do likewise!

Peace & Grace

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