Sep 27, 2010

Stand by Your Man: Democrats in Congress Are Wimps

Subject: Leadership That Wilts At The Sign of Trouble

Well here they go again; I am referring to several Democratic Representatives in the House and Senate in our nation's Capitol. Closet Republicans, Millerites (not the well known religious group, though many of them claim to be religious). Liebermans and fair weather men is the proper appellation for each one of them. Why? Because they switch sides given any sign of trouble.

At least David of the Bible had a giant to face up to, no one would have blamed him had he run away. But our Democratic Congressmen aren't being confronted by a giant. On the other hand, they are being undone by a shell of a party one that has been responsible for the near destruction of this nation, given the prolonged and cumulative failed policies of said Republican Party over the past 30 years along with its jaundiced and unscrupulous party members.

First of all, who doesn’t know what has been going on in Washington given the President’s faltering popularity of late (consequences of a struggling economy ... which is the direct result of failed Republican Party leadership), which has been accompanied by the consciousless chicanery of the Republican so-called Right? Do these people sleep at night?
Or, on the other hand do they spend their nights thinking of new methods to further destabilize this nation and to hide their transgressions?
Haven't the Republican Radio Talkshow jocks done enough? The latter are clearly without conscience, integrity or principles. And they have proven, more and more, over the past decade, that they care nothing about right or the nation. Their mantra is to cover up the problems that have resulted from their failed policies, blame them on the Democrats and therewith to defeat the Republicans who typically represent the will of the American people.

No, they neither care about the will of the majority of the American people nor for the American people; they care only about Republican Jingoist fascism. But Democrats, don't we expect something more from them? Why are Democrats wimps, can someone tell me? Why do they run at the sign of trouble?

And what are some of the members of the Democratic Party contemplating doing this time? Too many Democrats, along with many democratic voters are contemplating distancing themselves from the man whom they loved less than 2 years ago, the same man who is responsible for the short-term success that each of them was a recipient. Gideon's 32,000, in this scenario President Obama, are deserting by the millions.
Perhaps like Gideon's bloated Army, many of them never believed or were afraid (of Republicans from the onset).
Now when you consider just whom these would be warrior Democratic Representatives and some voters are afraid of, a broken and fragmented Republican Party; Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter and other Nazis, it makes you wonder, did Gideon (Obama in this context) know the composition of his army in the first place.

This matter should not be lost on the American people, particularly the ones who voted them into office. Why? For at the slightest sign of trouble or the instilling of a tinge of doubt, in this context, the 2008 Democratic strategy to return America to viability (a consequence of the failed policies of the Republican Party and its favorite son, George Bush), they want to distance themselves from the President.

These Judases are symptomatic of what is wrong with the Democratic Party. Even though Democratic voters significantly outnumber Republicans, once again they cannot seem to cash in on their significant majority's power. Give the Democrats nuclear weapons, the Republicans sticks and stones, and the Republicans would defeat the Democrats in any theater of war.

Instead, they run, hide and distance themselves from their leader, at the sign of angst from the Republican Party. Everyone knows that Boehner and the Republicans are a bunch of self-serving bums. They are the Party of Tax Breaks for the rich and no unemployment insurance for the regular guy.

Will the wimps stand up and fight in the Democratic Majority? Will they get sullied up a bit and then return fire, no? Instead, they prefer to run and hide. Jesus had his Judas, the Continental Army had its Benedict Arnold, and the Democratic Party has its history of traitors of the Zel Miller ilk.

That boy jumped ship 8 years ago, and ran over to the Party of Failure at the sign of trouble. The problem with America is that we all too often lack true, bonafide statespeople who will get in, fight and stick with a good plan.

I blame the American voters, particularly for putting weak-kneaded Democrats in offices, individuals who will run to save themselves instead of staying to
Fight for a principle. Those Democrats who will stand up and fight until the end are always in the shadows, sadly.

If I were a Republican, I would be so amused over the fact that my party screwed up so badly during the past decade, and still the Democratic Goliath Party (giants) flinch and when our small David Party casts a few stones, and can so easily unseat a giant, one that does not realize its own Party Power.

Get a backbone, those Democratic Representatives who lack one and stay in the fight for as far as the American people are concerned, you are on the side of right, but you always permit your message to be muted by a mighty, but still in the minority Republican juggernaut – well as far as some Democrats and some Democratic Representatives are concerned.

Whereas Republican leaders in Congress are unabashed scoundrels, clearly too many on the Democratic side of the aisle like Gideon's army are either fearful, or they never believed in the first place. Who can ever trust them? Help us Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio - we need more Representatives in Congress, on both sides of the aisle who are men of resolve and character like you.

Otherwise, all of us will be 'drinking tea' over the next 6 years or more! I also predict that if the Republicans can regain control of the House and the Senate, that they will call for a 'no confidence vote for the President of the United States', and with the help of Democrats they will get it.

Finally, how many Republicans does it take to defeat the Democratic House? Answer: Both of them apparently, for when all else fails, do what Republicans always do, LIE!

Peace & Grace

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