Sep 29, 2010

Republicans First That Is What They Are!

The Republican Pledge of Allegiance and Salute: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Republican Party, and to the Republic (the Republican Party), for which it stands, with liberty, justice and tax breaks for a privilege few.

Yes, that is what they are, Republicans first, and their allegiance has been sworn to right-winged Republican Party ideology. The President, the Constitution non-conservative right-winged Republicans and any other American institution all come in at a distant.

Republicans and their tactics, to a substantial degree, reminds me of American covert operatives and other spies that have been deployed around the world. These individuals are secretly, in most instances, dispatched to other parts of the world to work to bolster American interests.

Typically they practice espionage, gather sensitive information, seek to divide, foment unrest,
destabilize governments, murder individuals and leaders that are not considered friendly to the political and economic will of the United States of America.

Many of these operative live openly among the incumbent people and are believed to be friendly to said people and nations, but make no mistake about it their sole reason for being there is not to befriend the people but to pursue American interests first. They are, make no mistake, spies, enemy combatants and destabilizers.

Although typically associated with the military, the CIA, the DIA …, going all of the way back to World War II, a similar kind of operative thrives right under our noses in the United States of America. Let me be clear, some of these operatives are here in the United States at the pleasure of another foreign government.

These foreign operatives, like individuals from Israel, China, Russia … gather information, seek to win converts … seeking to exploit or to destroy the American juggernaut. Of all of the covert operatives that are currently operating the world, I do not believe that any of them are more dangerous than American Republican covert operatives who engage in their craft right here in the USA.

Their Republican Party purpose is to operate sometimes in the shadows in order to recruit followers, subvert the will of the American people and to unwittingly destabilize America.

Republican Party operatives in the United States are at will. Some are members of Republican Think Tanks. Some are radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh. These individuals work overtime in order to confuse, propagandize, threaten, confuse, propagandize, manipulate the American public, slander non-Republicans, and middle of the road Republicans who do not endorse Right-Wing Republican ideology.

Their pledge to the secretive inner-sanctum of the Party, overrides any real promise of allegiance to America first, or to any promise of liberty and justice for all Americans. Many of them make no bones about their belief that America is white man’s country, and as far as they are concerned, everyone else ought to simply “go back to where they came from”. And they are not referring to a mother’s womb. As far as they are concerned, this land is their land, as long as you believe what they believe that is.

Other the past 3 years, they have launched their typical maneuvers in order to foment unrest, to destabilize, to undermine and to propagandize the will of the American people, a will that is embodied in the policies promoted by the current President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama. The American people having tired of the failed leadership and policies of the Republican Right and the George Bush Administration overwhelmingly and summarily voiced their collective voices by voting Barack and Democatics in and Republicans and Republican ideologues out.

And despite an overwhelming mandate for change, and the elevation of democratic principles which take into consideration the needs of all Americans, the Republican covert operatives, who rarely sleep at night, have been doing everything that they could come up with to derail the process of progress in the New Century.

To me these seditionist traitors need to be identified for who and what they are, Republicans first. The American people need to wake up to their tactics and to confront their venal attempts to derail America, by voting into office individuals who like them think, Republicans first and trickle-down for everyone else.

Ironically, and as far as their numbers are concerned they are a political minority in America. Which reminds me of an old age that, an empty wagon makes the most noise? What other group in America has been guilty over the past nearly 2 years of making noise than Republicans on the Right.

Ironically, their voices for changed were muted during the destruction by their own Party during the George Bush Jr. years. The noise-makers have been adept in their venal use of misdirection, misuse of information, installing fear, instigation, misuse of information, insubordination, obstruction in America.

Their contempt of Congress and the President that was elected by the people is without historical peer. These individuals seek only to have their will enforced and to smear, destabilize, delegitimize anyone who will not join their cause, especially the current occupant of the Oval Office.

Admittedly, there have been mistakes made of late by the current Administration; the biggest one of them is when he kept his campaign promise to try to work with Republicans. Republicans have demonstrated from day one, which they do not understand that it is their job, particularly those who have been elected to Congress to work with the incumbent President and not to obstruct.

And obstruct is all that they have been doing, and they have been doing so without any concern for what they are doing to our nation, the people and America’s standing in the world.
They behave like spoiled brats with blinders on. They see what they want to and pretend that what they are unwilling to acknowledge is there.

So much of what the current Administration is trying to repair, similar to what Bill Clinton had to do after following 2 Republican Administration, is to repair damage that has been left behind, without apology, by another Republican Administration gone wild with out of control spending, tax-breaks for the rich and the fomenting of unjust wars, which they refused to pay for, around the world.

Frankly, Republicans brag that there have been more Republican administrations over the past years than Democratic ones. My answer to that is, exactly, and look where it has brought us to now, the brink of disaster, dating all the back to the late Ronald Reagan and his venal, Republicans for Republicans policy.

What has been the objective of Republican Administrations over the past years, it was and is simply this: to dismantle equality in America, to put Republicans in place in the Supreme Court, Congress, at the White House and at the State Houses(s). And once they have complete control, similar to what they have for the first six years of the Bush Administration, America will be destroyed, and Republicans-only will prosper.

Sadly, instead of admitting their failures and asking for forgiveness, instead they have turned around and blamed everyone and every other institution for America’s ongoing Republican-induced crises, and they practice the proverbial definition of insanity and they want the rest of us to practice it to, that is repeat the same (failed behavior) and expect a different outcome. They are without shame or honor! However, the politics that have been practiced by Republican Administrations have by and large benefitted Republicans.

Americans, it will take a long time to repair what the Republicans have done! Be patient and stick with your choice for President, Barack Obama and a Republican Majority Senate and House.

Republicans do not have answer for the problems that they create, particularly because they are the problem when you get right down to it. Certainly, are responsible for the problems that America is experiencing now, the deficit, trade-imbalance, a recession, unemployment … And what do they do, they blame others who cannot fix a problem in less than 2 years that they took 30 years to create.

Republicans are heartless and without same. Again folks, Republicans are not the answer, and just as they proved a few days given their new Newt Gingrich styled-proposed contract with America, they do not have a solution. Instead, if they regain control I predict that they will expand the problem, or take credit for the progress that has been made so far under the current Administration.

Give Mr. Obama the chance and the time that you gave President Clinton when he had to come in following administrations head by Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. and clean up previous Republican for Republicans political mess. Americans have a short memory! Give him the time that you gave George H. Bush Jr. when he was unbelieving elected even for a second-term when he practiced Republican (Cheney, Fife, Wolfowitz, Perle, Rice, Rumsfeld, Limbaugh, Shannity, Kristol, Coulter …) mis-direction styled politics.

And finally show your loyalty to the Commonwealth of America and all Americans who are looking for the opportunity to help themselves, their loved ones and the nation to be the best that it and they can be for Republicans all too often are all for Republicans first if not Republicans exclusively – don’t let them fool you again!

The individuals who some Americans who are now considering placing back into office, Republicans, are Americans by name only when in fact what they really are are Republicans. Sadly, though and I am concerned, the collective memories of America is short and look where that got us after Clinton saved us from the Republican abyss left behind by Republicans, and here we are at the same place again.

Wake up American voters. Can we afford to go through an another Repbublican disaster again?

Peace & Grace

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