Feb 26, 2008

America's Exclusive Enemy in the World Is Truth and Therefore God - and in the end Truth Will Prevail!

Lucifer was the first and most beautiful being that was ever created. Every precious stone was his covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold.

And America has been the first among nations, most beautiful for the past 232 years, however, it is beginning to slide!

2 Corinthian 11:14: And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
Isaiah 14:12

Introduction: It occurred to me when responding to the Washington Post blog today, that America has only one sworn enemy in the world.

And, that enemy is not another nation, it is not a so-called group of enemy combatants and it is not any confederation of nations; furthermore it is not the Muslims, the Arabs, the Koreans, the Afghans, the Pakistanis, the Colombians, the Cubans, the Nicaraguans, the Russians or the Chinese.

1). The true 'enemy nations' of America, are those nations that America has chosen to make its enemies, and not the other way around. For as a nation, we often draw 'First Blood'!

2). Having said that the overarching enemy of the U.S.A. is truth. And the other name for truth is God! And America fights against God and discards truth on a daily basis, even truth that comes from those nations who point out American falsehoods, malapropisms and missteps in both its domestic and international affairs! If our cause was noble, and if God was with us in our crusades, there would not be a reason to lie as has often been done!

3). How long do we have I wonder, for God's spirit will not strive forever? The fear of most Americans, including Christian Americans is that they will no longer be able to draw from the crucible of American largess. And that largess comes at the expense of other nations and nationals who have had their lands, resources and lives stripped away. They are the ones who have suffered, died and been sacrificed in that 'crucible' so that Americans could enjoy an upscale standard of living at their expense, and pursue more wealth!

4). Americans are no longer content with a proportionate amount of food, shelter, clothing, land, wealth, protection or power! And as a result of the acquisition of wealth and the desire to pursue, to sustain and then to acquire more wealth - too many Americans including Christian Americans have oftentimes been too willing to overlook America's indiscretions, malfeasance and mistreatment of other nations and individuals of the world.

5). Too many Americans have often looked the other way just as the East Germans and Austrians did (including their Christians) during the era of the Third Reich, as America's leaders have stripped away land and resources from other nations and disparate people of the world. They have also looked the other way as America has threatened, interfered with the internal affairs of other nations, destabilized, attacked, invaded and occupied other once free nations of the world!

6). The advantages that America and Americans have enjoyed for the past two centuries, has come at the expense of a lot of other nations and human beings in the world, domestically and abroad!

7). Who are America's leader's loyal to? Let's face it, many of America's leaders have admitted of late to belonging to secret organizations, organizations to whom they have also pledged their loyalties. So, who are and have they been loyal to? Was it, and is it to God as some purport? Were and are there loyalties to American citizens or to their respective political parties? Or were, and are their displaced loyalties given to some international racial, economic or demonic secret or other world order?

I. The Enemy of Truth:
At some point Americans are going to have to admit that the American experiment went off course from the onset, and the course has still not been corrected. During America's colonial period, human beings were enslaved, systematic genocide was carried out against the native people of this vast land, and others were forced to work on lands that were stolen away from them. The latter were neither compensated for the stolen lands nor for the work that they were forced to do on the confiscated land.

And what was the driving force behind the theft of a nation, that resulted in the abdication of the Laws of God, and everything that is civil? Christopher Columbus inadvertently ended up in America, as he searched search for trade routes to India for the Spanish Crown. He may have actually gotten lost twice! For one, he had not reached India, and his quest for wealth for the Spanish crown was satisfied in the newly and soon to be appropriated United States of America.

Soon after, carpetbaggers if you will, from all over this world came to the new world (a few to practice religious freedom), however, the majority came in order to acquire wealth by any means necessary! The greedy motivations of America's founders, and many of the individuals who came to America to acquire wealth - were skewed and misplaced from the onset.

They forgot about, 'Seek ye the Kingdom and its righteousness, and the rest will be added unto you', as they launched forward, full steam ahead into their get rich schemes and enterprises!

II. Why has America Thrived Then?
Because many Americans were too willing to look the other way while injustice prevailed. And why were they willing to look the other way? As the young people often say, the early American colonists, just like Americans today were seeking 'to get paid'.

Just over a year ago, I cannot recall the ongoing political event of that day, I found myself in a discussion with a fellow American in Tyson's Corner Virginia. He explained (as he walked away from our discussion), that as long as he was making money he really did not care about what else was going on in the world or America!

And folks, that is the problem with most Americans and with the American motif, the love of money in a consumer capitalist economy has eroded the sensibilities of too many Americans. The love of money may not be the root of all evil, however, the love of money certainly is the source of many an evil, particularly when you factor in the greed component! Did I just contradict the scriptures?

Well yes, however, I did so and do so by employing other scriptures which tell me that the root of all evil is not the love of money, rather the root of evil is pride, lust of the eye and of the flesh! The majority of the people of the world then, like the majority of people today did not have wealth or money, and the world was full of evil!

Pride was found in Satan, which led to Satan's revolt in heaven. And afterwards, Satan (along with his spirit of pride and his supporters) was cast down to the Earth. Evil came into the human race as a result of Eve's desire which much like Satan's desire, was to be like the Most High! Many individuals and nations have faltered because they want to be like a god and to have all of the accoutrement that goes along with being a god. The United States of America and its citizens have that problem!

III. The American Idol - How Have Thy Fallen O Lucifer?
The real American Idol is not the syndicated TV show that features Randy, Simon, Paula and Ryan. The real American idol is the 'United States of the World Greed Empire'. The American Idol is not just an idol to its indigenous people, it is an idol to many people and nations in the rest of the world.

Too many people of the world envy America and oftentimes they seek to emulate it. Why? Because of its apparent prosperity and its freedom to seemingly do anything that it or its citizens wants to, including disobeying God. There are many individuals in the world who want to duplicate the practices of the United States, in order to get their hands on their slice of the pie. They not only marvel at American success and excesses, they long to cash-in on and to emulate the deified American-enterprise machine in their respective nations.

They have little respect for the dissociative qualities that thrive in America which drives some Americans to seek after fortune, and at the same time ignore the social injustices and inequities that persist within the American multiplex between the haves and the have nots.

And sadly, while other nations of the world are envious of American successes and excesses, they ignore the fact that America's financial success has come even at their expense, and at the expense of other people and nations of the world. America's wealth has resulted from its having exploited the once indigenous people of this land, as well as people from all over the world. Some markets, America helped to create in order to exploit their resources and in order to garner wealth.

Many nations have found that they have not benefited from trading with America, and only recently have some nations benefited, and unintended consequences, as a result of NAFTA, CAFTA and GATT. Having said that NAFTA, CAFTA and GATT were put into place to benefit the United States not to correct any economic imbalances between the United States and other nations of the world. With regard to some of the recent trade imbalances with China, Japan and other nations (an anomaly), America seeks to ameliorate!

IV. America's Perceived Enemies
America's enemies are nations and people that are in any way perceived to be a threat to the American Idol's power, and to America's bottom line. The United States has been on an scorched earth policy-crusade for the past 75 years. Its objective has been to preserve the world-wide American global economic empire regardless of the costs to other nations and human beings of the world.

The American Enterprise machine has boasted of its wealth and superiority over all other nations in the world combined, for a century and a half. The U.S.A. operates as a large economic enterprise, one that has to make a profit each year in order to appease its board of directors, the American people.

As long as the American people prosper or profit on one end, they permit their government officials to get away with any form of duplicity, exploitation, murder and injustice around the world, and to exploit the members of the American subculture, America's permanent underclass - typically the lower class and the chronic poor!

The driving force behind what we are witnessing in America today, is similar to what Hagel wrote about: He said that it is, "...the ownership of property, and the pursuit of power through class struggle...", that drives man's inhumanity to man. And I would argue that the manner in which America behaved at its inception even down unto today, had and has almost everything to do with the pursuit of power through class struggle, and the ownership of property (both land and people).

Today, America continues to thrive by building alliances with and demanding the support of nations that it considers to be in its class (like the nations of NATO, and its allies) as opposed to the Third World class of nations. America persists in its predatory trade practices, and in its economic strangulation of third world class-nations, nations which it continue to exploits. Just consider the half-century old embargo of Cuba by America, which has resulted in the shortages of food, medicines and economic growth for the people of Cuba.

Why? Because America have never like the dictator in Cuba, yet America has supported other nations of the world with dictators, e.g., Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran (When the Shah was alive), shall I go on and name others?

America gets what it wants, one way or the other! If another nation is not in league with America, it will see to it that that said nation is isolated and prevented from participating in fair trade practices with the rest of the world! In other words other nations of the world be informed that unless you dance with America, it will strangle you economically, commercially or through economic embargo, or ultimately America will attack you or occupy you!

Other nations and confederations of nations like the Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact nations who opposed America.., have been neutralized. Other nations and other confederations of nations or organizations like the Arab League, and nations like Iraq, Iran, Syria..., and leaders like Castro, Hugo Chavez and others, have been systematically undermined, particularly those nations or leaders who represent a perceived threat to the American Empire's way of exploitative thinking and in spite of its malapropisms!

I can still recall the day when former Premier Gorbachev, then Secretary General of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics visited our campus, Stanford University. In spite of Glasnost, Perestroika and his personal desires to improve relations with the West, the West had one thing in mind, and that was to destroy the Soviet Union!
O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! Isaiah 14:12

V. What is Truth - Who is Truth?:
The truth is that there are other disparate people and other nations who share this planet, nations that may not see eye to eye with the viewpoints of the American Idol. These people have organized their own communities, states and nations, and they have the right to exist and to pursue their own lifestyles without interference from the United States of America. And that includes countries with dictatorships.

The U.S.A. purportedly does not believe in dictators (depending on the dictator), however, no other nation in the world 'dictates' as much to other nations or people of the world than the United States of America and its leaders have done. Consider Iraq today, America has set up a puppet governing body in Iraq which it dictates to, that is bolstered with by the looming presence of the America Military, currently 150,000 troops strong that is still occupying the once sovereign nation of Iraq.

Other nations have the right to possess weapons in order to protect themselves, just as America maintains the most lethal arsenal in the world, in order to protect itself to maintain its superiority and to attack any other nations of the world whenever it cares to do so. The heavily armed United States with 7000 nuclear warheads that can be fired immediately from silos, warships and submarines (soon space platforms), and its many more nuclear warheads (not to mention 50,000 conventional nuclear weapons) in tow that can be ready to fire within a few days, insists that certain enemy nations remain completely unarmed.

Why? So America can march into those nations anytime that it wants to, just as it did recently in Iraq, and take down its government with minimal American casualties! Was it just for oil, is that why America took over Iraq? I agree with Representative Charles Rangel from New York, the attitude of most Americans is that 'Iraq has our oil under its sand'!

America's leaders are the worst prevaricators of falsehoods. It is commonplace for its leaders to lie to the American people as well as to the world. In fact, it is not only verifiable, that the leaders of this nation lies to its citizens; being lied to by America's leaders has become an accepted reality by most Americans. And as long as it does not hurt the earning power of most Americans who harbor a sense of entitlement when it comes to prosperity, or their earning power, most Americans accept it.

It is only when economic disturbances that hit the pocketbooks of individual Americans, that Americans demand an accounting from their leaders.

America's political leaders have even invented a phrase that is called plausible deniability. This phrase was invented in order to cover up America's illicit covert actions, as well as American subterfuge in and around the world. However, the phrase has entered into the everyday lexicon of most Americans, specifically where America's leadership is concerned. Everything that say is plausibly deniable! Someone once quipped, how do you know when a politician is lying? Answer: Whenever he opens his mouth!

President Bush recently admitted, that on at least one occasion he lied to the American people; all of us know that he has done so on more than one occasion. As he explained it (he used a euphemism to sanitize his behavior), he said that he 'misled the American people'. The unadulterated word (the Canon) for most Americans, reads that Satan is the Father of lies! The scriptures also teach us that God hates a liar, as well as those who shed innocent blood! America is guilty of both, and where and when will it end?

The United States controls the world financial markets. The United States controls and manipulates worldwide commerce, banking and trade; and in turn most nations of the world are being forced to submit to the will of the American enterprise machine. And in order to secure its position of economic manipulation of the world's economy, America possesses a destructive military force that it often uses to threaten, or to force its will upon other nations who do not comply.

Did I fail to mention that the U.S.A. has a known military presence, in one capacity or another, in over 90 nations of the world. There are at present 198 member nations of the United Nations. The United States controls over half of the nations that makes up the U.N.'s General Assembly, and the United States holds a permanent seat in the 5-permanent member security council.

Therefore is it any wonder that the U.S.A. is able to get away the same behaviors that it condemns other nations for engaging in, given its control over half of the member nations of the United Nations?

That type of power and influence gave the U.S. the power that it needed to force resolutions against Iraq, while the United States itself ignored and violated the will of the U.N. itself, when it attacked the once sovereign nation of Iraq, had its leader murdered, and the Baathist government destroyed. U.N. Secretary Kofi Anan quietly condemned the actions of the United States, however, there were never any sanctions made against the United States!

Will God's justice sleep forever Thomas Jefferson? Does anyone recall that it was Tom Jefferson who warned America from the onset about interfering in the internal affairs of disparate nations around the world. In fact were you aware that some of the nations that America has been most critical of like France of late and even Russia, supported America in the America Revolutionary and Spanish Wars?

President Hugo Chavez is not an enemy of the United States, and neither was or is Fidel Castro an enemy of the United States. And many other world leaders fall into the same category, they have never been our enemies. We have made them our nation's enemies! Why? Oftentimes, they have been guilty of doing nothing more than telling the truth about the United States of America and its evil foreign practices.

Many World leaders who have resisted the United States, and the ones who were and are still willing to fight back were and are simply put - those world leaders who tired then and are tired now of United States interference in their internal affairs. Even America's allies have cautioned the U.S.A. to back away from the practice of constantly interfering in the internal affairs of other nations.

Those nations that the United States labels as enemy nations, are nations who simply are resistant to American totalitarianism, something that they hoped had been eliminated when Hitler and the Third Reich were destroyed!

Again, who is the Father of Lies? Satan is, of course. So what principality or power is operating behind the scenes that drives a greed-driven nation, a hostile war-like nation, a nation that serves God's with its words while its heart is far from God? It sounds to me as if Satan is the driving force behind America.

And if you consider Biblical eschatology, ask yourself, what nation is currently occupying the land of Babylon? If you believe that the love of money is the root of all evil, what nation and what people rise everyday with one thought in mind - HOW DO I MAKE MORE MONEY?

The answer is America and the American people, no other nation of the world has as its singular purpose, the acquisition of wealth. Satan has transformed itself into an Angel of light in America. Some nations even refer to America as the Great Satan! This is not a political comment, but rather a spiritual one - I believe that Dick Cheney is possessed by the devil! And I believe that contrary to President Bushes claims of being 'born again', that he is also nothing more than a tool in Satan's hands, while he claims to be a servant of God!

VI. All Nations of the World Live In Fear of the U.S.A.!
The United States is currently operating in 3-separate military fronts, in Iraq, Pakistan and in Afghanistan (and secretly in Iran if you want to consider it a fourth front). Are the motives of the United States noble in any way? Are we in these nations in order to lift the people from their social conditions?

There is no noblese oblege involved on the part of the United States, in any of these fronts! Our leaders boast that we are there because of American interests! Perfect love casts out all fear? The majority of nations of the world, over 200 of them are more concerned about the U.S.A. and that number includes America's allies.

Combined, they are more concerned about us than those nations that the U.S.A. refers to as being hostile nations. Our allies were more concerned about the U.S.A. and many have spoken out with regard to America's behavior in Iraq. Our allies have spoken out about the United States's policies of interventionism in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and its behaviors towards the DPRK, Iran (and Cuba for over the past half decade)!

The United States once loved Cuba, especially Havanna - where America officials often partied, golfed, smoke Cuban cigars and had sex with Cuban women. Cuba was good when America had influence in Cuba! Only when Castro's forces had enough, and excised the American controlled leader from Cuba, did the United States turn its back on Cuba - just 90 miles offshore.

The American presence in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan was put there in order to force these nations to submit to the will of the United States. America also seeks to exploit in some instances their resources, to demand obedience and compliance, and yes to protect the United States from people who are willing to retaliate against American interventionism and exploitation. Those nations and individuals consist of nations and individuals that the U.S.A. has interfered with from the onset, including Cuba for over a half-decade now.

The other word for what America is doing is called, HEGEMONY!
When will God's people that are called by his name wake up and say to their own despotic government officals, that it is enough? How dare we criticize former luminaries like Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Tito, Pol Pot and others, when the U.S.A. leadership is behaving in like manner. We are a Republic; they represent us and we must hold them accountable, just as held other despots accountable for their behaviors!

The United States is fighting against truth in order to preserve its preferred standard and manner of living. And any people or nations that will not submit, 'not to God mind you', but to America have found themselves more and more under attack, either politically or military by the American religious-economic-military complex. The people of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Pakistan,Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, China and Russia are not America's enemies, instead America is their enemy.

And America has made itself an enemy of God, because of its falsehoods, greed, usurpation of power, duplicity and exploitation of God's creation!

Peace & grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: Man looks on the outward appearance; God looks upon the heart. How does God view the America that most individuals look upon as a success? I suspect that God recognizes the true heart of America, God knows what drives America. God likely views America as Satan was once portrayed, as an entity that fell, and has been a failure in spite of all of its beauty! God knows that America in its pursuit of wealth, turned its back on Truth a long-time ago - in spite of all of its religious illusions to the contrary!

To wax apocryphal and apocalyptic at the same time, I wonder how much longer God
will tolerate American malfeasance and misbehavior under false pretense, and
its dominance over the other people and nations of earth! I say let
righteousness prevail, and may Americans return to sensibility,
and abandon their desires for power, greed and wealth!

America is at war with divine truth, we are breaking every rule
of civility that is known to man, and that causes us to be at
odds with the Universe!

American altruism is usually based upon, how will it benefit me in the end. In other words American aid is not given to other nations and people out of love by our government, neither it is given out of love, or a true sense of altruism. It is done so with an expectation that in the end that the
so-called benefactor will reap a benefit, another phrase for
that is 'American interest'! Our officials will often
say, it is in America's interest to do so!

Satan has truly set itself up to appear as an angel of light in America, however, in fact it has turned into an angel of darkness. In no other country in the world
is greed, debauchery, crime,pride, impudence, lust...more prevalent than
it is here in our nation! Having said that, other nations are
more and more beginning to emulate the practices and
behaviors of the United States.

And sadly, many of those ministers who were placed here to preach against it are
on the bandwagon and looking for their share of the proverbialpie, including
several of our noteworthy television capitalist ministers!

Do I hate America? That's what I always hear when I write or speak in these terms? Answer: Did God hate individuals or nations when he spake only what I have
repeated? Where do you suppose that I learned them? Paracletos
guides us into all truth, regardless of
national, family or personal

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