Feb 19, 2008

The Rev Responds to the Washington Post: 02/19/08

Mr. Arkin said: Pakistan: Still The World's Most Dangerous Country

The Rev replied.

The USA is the most dangerous country

...in the world, hands down. Pakistan isn't even a close second. Other
nations of the world are not
afraid of what Pakistan will do..., most nations and people of the world are more mindful of what the U.S.A. has done in the past and what it is doing now, invasions, occupations, saber-rattling et al!

Just imagine if you lived in some other
nation of the world
, imagine what your
opinion of the United States would be

The U.S.A. will either threaten a nation,
manipulate a nation, isolate a nation, strangulate a nation economically or politically or attack a nation. And the
threat of nuclear annihilation always hangs in the balance. Pakistan may
have the bomb, however, the U.S.A has
USED THE BOMB, and makes no bones
about using it again, while making sure that it keeps other nations disarmed!

So now then, who is the most dangerous
nation in the world? What is truly amazing is that other nations of the
world have not banded together in order to abut American-style terrorism!

Thank God that the American people have finally repudiated the American President George Bush - everyone is waiting for he and his sidekicks to head into the sunset!

America can end worldwide terrorism in one stroke, all we have to do is get our own nation to discontinue its own worldwide terrorist practices. That would effectively eliminate just about 90% of worldwide terrorism I would estimate!

As long as the U.S.A. keeps the world's focus on other nations like the DPRK, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Bolivia,
Nicaragua..., then the world will continue to overlook what the United States is doing!

And what we are doing in the world is not right either folks!

And this is the truth, not hate talking!

Posted by: The Rev | February 19, 2008 12:30 PM

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

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