Feb 25, 2008

The Rev Under Attack In the Washington Post Blog : 2/25/08

Anonymous said:

The Rev is a loud-mouthed idiot! He says with exclamation marks what most people wouldn't mutter to their dogs! He is drowning out more enlightened discourse! He is like a shining beacon of ignorance and stupidity!

The Rev said:

Clearly, your dog has to be more erudite than you are! Bow wow!!
Posted by: | February 25, 2008 05:43 PM


Hey Rev:
If you had been watching the stock market over the last few months...

Posted by: Plainfacto

Rev Said:

Why would you assume that I have not been watching the stock market, in addition to keeping an eye on the actions of the Fed to lower interest rates. Has Libor followed suit?

For the reasons that you mentioned and more that is why the world needs a global economy that is is not tethered to the rise or fall of the U.S. economy, and greedy American capitalists.

Come on Plainfacto, you know that America manipulates the world economy, even the WTO has chastised America for some of its cannibalistic economic practices.

The U.S.A. ought to focus on helping to build a genuine world economy, not the one that is in place now that is there to benefit the U.S.A. at everyone else's expense.

Study your history and you will find that America actually built economies in other nations of the world with one purpose in mind, to create markets for the U.S.A. Its extending of trade, aid, credits and markets were not as altruistic as they seemed on the surface.

We didn't give a darn about the impact of building strip mining economies in other nations and what impact it would have upon other incumbent nations of the world.

For years business ethics were not taught in American institutions of higher learning, and when it was taught, it was a watered down version. Ergo, we have continued in our current predatory, me first, practices.

Americans are selfish, and that is why the majority of the world is p'd all at the U.S.A.! Greed, greed, greed... is the problem!

Posted by: The Rev | February 25, 2008 05:41 PM

Fighting the Good Fight!
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: Unlike Sally Field at the Academy Award Show a couple of
decades ago, not everyone likes the Rev!

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