Feb 11, 2008

The Rev Responds to Plainfacto: Washington Post Blog 2/11/08


I believe that incendiary Senator McCain is likely to steer up the hornet's nest more than any other of the presidential candidates.

He was rebuffed at 'CrossFire' Georgetown University by the student body recently, when he asked for a showing of support for his hawkish views, by having the students stand up who supported his hawkish views!

Like Bush, he walks around with a chip on his shoulder just waiting for someone
to knock it off. The 21st century calls for bold and new visionary leadership. We got off on the wrong foot in this century with 20th Century retro-throwback leadership!

Bush, Cheney, Libby, Wolfowitz, Snowe, Zel, Delay, Trent, Perle, Hastert, Lieberman, Condi, Bill Kristol and a whole lot of the other fossils need to be permanently retired to their rocking chairs and chloroform!

These men are not suited to lead or to influence policy in a technologically advanced era! Their attitudes andpolicy positions will only encourage future wars!

These folks hate multi-culturalism, and the fact is that we live in a heterogenous world, where the majority of the people of the world are becoming more homogenized to their fear and disdain, even Condi! Their number one fear is that the rest of us will continue to grow closer - which will leave them, their fear tactics and need to divide, dominate and conquer, out in the cold!

And yes, I recall when the American troops were pushed back by the Chineese in

And we can avoid the approaching Apolcalypse, if Americans desist in being duped by fear-mongeromg politicans, and instead clean house and vote for level headed and erudite leadership - and turn off Hannity, Limbaugh et al!

That leader will realize that America will have to become a responsible citizen
nation in the world, and learn to
cooperate with other nations of
the world instead of behaving
like a spoiled child-nation
that insists on dominating
and havings its own
exceptional way!

Instead we must learn to live and let live. The nations that you cited are guilty of doing one thing wrong, they failed
to adhere to the will and the
mandates of the USA. The
world does not belong
to the USA.

Remember, we break laws too, we own nukes, and
we have used them

However, as Bush so proudly proclaimed on many occasions, we will not be dictated
to by any other nation. The question
that remains then is, how come we
persist in dictating to other

And the end result is that we send innocent young people to die,
given our arrogance and
misguided policies
that are in place
to keep America
in power, and
to make a

I can appreciate your loyalty, zeal and fidelity to our nation. However, I only wish that the millions of patriots like yourself, had
the same zeal and dedication
to correct what is wrong
with our nation, as
you have to support
our leaders desires
to straighten
out other

Posted by: The Rev | February 11, 2008 02:49 PM

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

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