Feb 17, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Lepers are Black: Fifty Percent of Black Voters Failed To Return To Say "Thank You" During the Primaries!

What do black Americans know about dynastic families?
Most have never lived in Africa, China or the near and far east

Even if Hillary looses to Obama, he should be smart enough to
go back and thank the Clintons. For had it not been for them,
he would not be where he is today!

An Obama win would still represent a win for the Clintons,
they laid the groundwork, and Obama is running on the Clinton

The Clintons represent an ideological viewpoint in America,
individual Americans are not simply voting for 'The Clintons'.

Black voters, some do not realize
that even if Obama becomes
President of the United States, that he will not be a President
who is there to exclusively serve the needs of black Americans.

Jesus heals 10 lepers
only one of them returns to thank Jesus

Luke 17th chapter

11Now on his way to Jerusalem, Jesus traveled along the border between Samaria and Galilee.
12 As he was going into a village, ten men who had leprosy met him. They stood at a distance 13and called out in a loud voice, "Jesus, Master, have pity on us!"
14When he saw them, he said, "Go, show yourselves to the priests." And as they went, they were cleansed.
15One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice. 16He threw himself at Jesus' feet and thanked him—and he was a Samaritan.

Disloyalty - Unthankful - Lovers of Self -

17Jesus asked, "Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine?
18 Was no one found to return and give praise to God except this foreigner?"
19 Then he said to him, "Rise and go; your faith has made you well."

I. Black Americans Have Always Had Short Memories:
I attended a black tie affair some years ago in Washington D.C., when I was the President of a federation of community organizations. I was there as a delegate to the national conference of the United Neighborhood Centers of America. We spent five days in the nation's capitol attending various sessions and conferences, as we prepared to speak before members of the Congress of the United States of America.

We also met privately with individual Congresspeople throughout the week in order to discuss the deplorable conditions of inner-city neighborhoods as well as the plight of individuals who resided in poverty-stricken and underserved neighborhoods. Our ultimate goal was to determine what could be done in order to bring about change.

During an elegant evening reception at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC, totally unprovoked - one of our black attendees at the black-tie affair suddenly spoke out asking, can anyone tell me, 'what did Dr. King ever do for us'? I was standing closest to him at the time and I looked at him quizzically, having assumed that he was either joking, trying to get a rise out of the crowd or that he was seeking some kind of visceral reaction from the crowd.

After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, and his having repeated the same question, a few of us realized that this black American was serious! Some years later when I considered his query, I reasoned that given the history of the black struggle in America, and all of those who fought, died and were betrayed by those that they tried to help, that I should not have been surprised at all given his innocuous behavior?

I even found myself trying to explain years later, as a result of the character played by Cedric the Entertainer in the movie 'Barbershop', to another couple of equally obtuse individuals, that people like Cedric's character in the feature film actually did exist within the black community. And of course I was thinking of this gentleman at the time.

What was so ironic was that these two knuckleheads (who reacted negatively to the derogatory remarks made about two of America's black icons, the late Rosa Parks and the Reverend Jesse Jackson), were in reality and in behavior mirror images of Cedric's character themselves! In fact one of the two had the same kind of gray splotching in his overextended side hairs, and he looked a lot like the character that Cedric portrayed. Not only that both of these two gentlemen were as bombastic as Cedric's character was, and not nearly as lovable!

How is it that some black people can so easily forget the ones who have helped them, the same ones that they cried to as the lepers did with Jesus for help? Why is it that the same black Americans who voted for politicians like Hillary in the past, asking them to help us, can simply walk away? Sadly, after they received the help they wanted, these same individuals simply turned and walked away never returning to say thank you or to show any appreciation for what the Clintons' did for them.

Kudos to those black Americans who have not ignored what they have received, given the hard work of the Clintons over the past 3 or 4 decades. Maxine Waters, Representative Lewis from Georgia and other congresspeople, ministers and individual citizens have decided as I have done - that the Clintons deserve our support given all of their proven and untiring support of the black community over the years. IF THEIR SHIP GOES DOWN WE SHOULD RIDE IT DOWN WITH THEM!

Will the Hillary Clinton election ship sink? I suspect that just as John McCain's ship reemerged from the dark depths of the sea, so will Hillary's ship soon be resurrected from an unexpected stormy sea! The fact is that America and the world needs a powerful female in power, one who can bring balance back into the world, by addressing all of of those issues that males tend to downplay and overlook for centuries now!

Some years ago my mom, ever the educator, told me something about people before she passed away. She said, let me tell you about one of our own and just what kind of person he really happens to be. She said that he is the kind that when he wants something from you, he can be so nice. However, as soon as he has gotten what he wants from you, he will no longer have any need for you, and he won't likely speak to you until he needs something from you again! Sadly, her words turned out to be true about my close relative, however, her words fit a lot of other Americans.

It would appear that many in the black community got what they wanted from the Clintons, and as far as they are concerned now - the Clintons can go back to Hope! Factually, I have seen the same kind attitude in some black Americans when it comes to black civil rights leaders, the same individuals who sacrificed all of their lives to help them to get to where they are today!

Now that they have experienced a modicum of success, much like the 9 lepers that Jesus healed (even though they had to take some action steps themselves in order to be healed) these black Americans do not feel indebted to the Clintons either! Non-blacks and other citizens of the world owe the Clintons a great deal of thanks!

II. Tired of the Two-Family Dynasty:
The best years that blacks have experienced during the history of this nation, have resulted from the hard work that was done by the Clinton family in conjunction with black leaders and fair non-black Americans. Did anyone complain about the Reagan two-term Presidential dynasty?

The fact that there has been a Bush Clinton family dynasty that has held sway over this nation for so long, did not come about without the help of black Americans and crossover democrats of all colors. All of these combined actually voted for President George W.H. Bush, and more recently for his son George W. Bush, our current President.

I am an Independent, and I have found it interesting that the same Republican Party that decided that the 'kinder gentler' first President Bush should be limited to only one term, made sure (and not without help) that he would not be elected to a second term. Black Americans helped to get the kinder-gentler Bush out of office and instead preferred the Clintons, who we all voted for en masse.

Following the Clinton years, when blacks benefited as never before - the same blacks again joined in with Republicans to elect another Bush and helped him to regain the White House. No one, except the wealthy, would argue that the second Bush has not done a horrible job of leading this nation. However, the question remains, how did he get elected? Answer? Not without the help of the black community.

And their having forgotten all of the prosperity that the nation and that blacks enjoyed under the Clintons, full employment for many blacks, the appointment of minority and women Justices... et al, half of the black community has come forth to say, we don't want anymore of what worked to benefit the entire nation in the past.. Away with them, crucify them I hear coming from a segment of the black community.

I ask, what have the Clintons ever done but help the black community? It would seem to me if ever you wanted a dynasty to persist, it would be the Clinton dynasty. But really what do black Americans know about dynasties?

The fact or the matter is that given the work that the Clintons engaged in over the years that benefited black people, many Americans refer to President Clinton as America's first black President. In fact Bill Clinton after he left office set up his working offices in Harlem New York. Can you name another President, or black Senator who has set up his offices in Harlem, or anywhere near Cottage Grove Avenue in Chicago Illinois?

Be it far from me to tell anyone how to vote, for after all we are not a monolithic community. Having said that however, and given the results so far in the American Democratic primaries, one has to wonder whether or not Hillary Clinton feels betrayed. Wouldn't you feel betrayed! I also wonder just how appreciative black Americans are to individuals who have made sacrifices for them?

I listened to Hillary speak on television during a sit down interview this past week. She said something that was both poignant and very interesting. Hillary explained that all of her life she had fought for the day when a black or a female would be able to be the President of the Untied States of America.

She then added however, I never thought that I would be 'the woman' to run against a 'black'. Once again I thought, but what must she really be feeling down on the inside, given how both she and her husband have stood by and fought for the black community and all of the rest of the underprivileged for so many years? Hillary could never have dreamed that the one to oppose her would be black!

And, now when the black community has an opportunity to show some loyalty and support to both her and her husband by voting for her in order to get the country back on track, almost half of 'the community' who voted in the primaries turned their backs on her as if she was the proverbial monster! The saying is true, 'no good deed goes unpunished'! And another saying appears to be true, that blood (and black Americans often refer to each other as blood), must be thicker than water. Don't feel bad Hillary, the brother in Washington DC that I wrote about earlier, couldn't see anything that Dr. Martin Luther King ever did for the black community either!

Jesus, and the story of the lepers came to mind as I thought more about what my own community is doing to Hillary. For after Jesus caused all of the leper-outcasts to be healed, those who requested his help - Jesus didn't run away from them. In spite of all of the other officials and townspeople who would have nothing to do with these outcasts, Jesus healed them - he did not run away from them. And like Hillary, what did Jesus get in return - only one in his case, returned to say thank you for giving me my life back!

Yes, blacks helped to elect the Clintons, but why did they help to elect them? The answer is simple, so that black people could get what they wanted, healing! They cried out to the Clintons, and begged them as well as demanded help from them. And the Clintons never disappointed the black community. And which dynasty would blacks prefer to come to an end? Shall we return to the Reagan years?

Do blacks really want to live under a McCain dynasty? His offspring will be out of the military by the time that he completes his first term. Just think about that for a minute! It seems to me that we all should be thinking about bringing back the dynasty that is proven. For folks the Clintons benefited all Americans, except perhaps the greedy, however, their greedlust is never satisfied. You could give them the whole world and still they would not be satisfied!

III. Blacks Have Waited A Long Time For A Black President Some Say!
Many blacks have dreamed of the day when America would have its first black President. And it would appear that their dream might come true, and or at least they have never been closer to having a black President. Truth be known, my classmates laughed at me when I was in the fourth grade, because I openly announced to the class that someday I would like to be the president of the United States of America.

One of my fellow-students immediately responded saying, nobody is going to elect a black President. Funny, I never said that I wanted to be a black President, I simply wanted to be the President of the United States. I won't insult those blacks who came out and heavily supported Obama during the Democrat primaries, by saying that they voted for Obama because he is black, however, I know that some did. Some will vote against black candidates by simply voting for white candidates (no matter how competent they are), and that has been going on in this nation since the beginning of this nation.

Years later and along with my 32 year tenure in the ministry, I have off and on been heavily involved in politics. Not only have I served as a Deputy Registrar at the local level, I have been heavily involved in politics in the District of Columbia'. And, other than being dissuaded from running for office, I dreamed of running for the office of Congress myself some years ago, by the Holy Spirit led me to not even try it.

Having said that however, it did not prevent me from getting involved, and as a result I have been heavily involved in meetings with Congressional Representatives and other government local and Federal officials on a one to one basis. I have also attended joint meetings with other black and white leaders in their Congressional offices on the Hill, as well as with many Civil Rights leaders. Why? I hoped that by doing so that my influence as a minister might help to turn this country to a Godly way of thinking! In fact I was flattered in Washington DC, when then Rep. Seiberling, having heard me speak, referred to me as 'the heavyweight'.

I also appreciated the personal instructions, counseling and mentoring that I received from former Congressman Augustus Hawkins of California in the nation's capitol. I gained a lot of insight from a meeting that I attended in the office of then Head of the Congressional Black Caucus, Perrin Mitchell, and more recently I appreciated discussions with men like Representative John Lewis, former Delegate Walter Fauntroy and others!

Obama, is an attractive political figure to say the least, so to say that I have anything against him running for office would be absurd, given that I wanted to do the same thing years ago myself. However, do we simply cast aside those who have served us and fought so hard for our full access to the opportunity structures of this country, and for us to enjoy our constitutionally guaranteed rights as citizens? Wouldn't it have made more sense for us to show some appreciation for what the Clintons and others have done for us.

Could Senator Obama have postponed his election and helped to build solidarity with those Americans, including the Clintons, who have have worked so hard and waited so long to complete the vision of social justice in this country? The Clintons, after all were the embodiment of that dream. Each time I hear Obama criticize Hillary, I cringe. In addition to his desultory campaign remarks, I know that he is only helping to weaken the side that he claims to believe in, and at the same time he is simply giving ammunition to the other side that will be used against the Clintons.

The Republicans are thinking, thank you Obama. What better gift could the Republicans have cast into their lap than to have a black Democrat to point out their faults and destroy the Clintons. Bill Clinton reminded the Democrats years ago that the Republicans never intended to relinquish the White House again when George H.W. Bush was President. They do not intend to build it now. As an Independent Voter, if either Party were to build a dynasty, I would rather see the Democrats build one instead of the Republicans.

The fact of the matter is that the Clintons could have done the same as most white Americans have done in the past; they could have looked out for themselves. The Clintons could did not have to risk their own lives or reputations, and be looked upon as being traitors or nigger lovers. They could have done whatever it took to make life easier for themselves. Can you imagine how much further along they would have in the White world if they had done so?

Newt Gingrich and others have given Bill Clinton the distinction of being the most astute politician of our times. But how do we the people who have been helped the most by the Clintons say thank in black America? We turn away from them and support, yes one of our own, however, one of our who factually has never done a modicum of what the Clintons have for America and the black community. And how do we say thank you black America? Why wouldn't the taciturn Obama wait his turn?

IV. Where Is the Loyalty Factor?
To the extent that many blacks in this nation have been healed and have enjoyed a better life-style and more freedoms, is due of late mostly to the Clintons. And although they did not do it all by themselves, the Clintons helped us in ways that only dedicated and caring elected officials could help us. Now how do black some Americans, without any afterthought or consideration for what you are doing simply walk away from them as if they had been our enemies?

The first time I saw Bill Clinton in person, happened some years ago when Bill Clinton visited was the keynote speaker at the 10,000 seat modern and upscale mega church, the Jericho City of Praise. Jericho City of Praise, sits directly in front of the new home stadium of the once world champion Baltimore Ravens in Landover Maryland.

When Bill Clinton walked into the massive sanctuary, the energy level rose to a crescendo. There stood another white man, who like an Abraham Lincoln who had been assassinated before him, risked life, limb, reputation and standing to support a people who it appears today that would soon betray him and his wife, and leave them to bear their own crosses alone. This is a cross by the way, that they did not have to bear, and one that they did not ask to carry, even though the Clintons spent years fighting for social justice for all people, especially for black Americans.

The blacks ran up to him wanting to touch his hands as he attempted to exist the building, and the security team was obliging and backed off, knowing that Bill was among people who loved him. But what happened to the love?

I am reminded of a very prominent attorney that I was acquainted with many years ago. He often used his barrister skills gratis, in support of the black community. In fact I dated his sister for quite a while, and we even contemplated marriage. This black civil rights attorney worked hard to help remedy many of the wrongs that were being endured by blacks in America. In fact Mr. Parms did as much as one man could do! Ironically, his worst critics, his most violent enemies turned out to be, as much as he kept it anonymous, black people.

It was black people who called his house, and threatened him and his family - not whites. Hmm, there is a recurring theme here isn't there? I wonder, about all of the known and unknown black figures who where 'turned in or betrayed' by their people during America's turbeulent slave past. I wonder how many stood by and watched them be executed?

I wonder what those blacks who fought and died for freedom for all people must have felt, when they observed their own turn their backs on them at a time when they needed them the most, and when they had the opportunity to reciprocate? I wonder if Obama will be one of the former, if he is ever elected to the office of the President. Will he pretend that the Clintons are anathema, just as he is doing with Minister Farrakhan, a man who has consistently fought for social justice.

The scriptures teach that 'whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap'. How will the black nation react when a President Obama fails to give them what they want?
Will black people thank him or turn on him, and later call him the Uncle Tom President?

We are not a loyal people. And unfortunately too many black Americans still do not understand just how the political process actually works. Hillary Clinton retains the right to be first, Obama should have waited his turn! Black Americans should recall what happened in South Africa after Nelson Mandela became President. Many of those blacks who were jubilant at the onset had a change of heart. Why? Mandela was still forced to work with a majority white government. And as a result even to this day, two decades later, later blacks still live in townships.

Their properties were never returned, and for the most part neither have their social conditions changed!

V. The Loyalty Factor:
The Bible talks about disloyaltiy a lot doesn't it? In a familiar text in the book of 2 Timothy, Paul described the kind of undesirable character that often crops up in people. Paul wrote to Timothy, his young protege, these words:

But understand this, that in the last days there will be perilous times.
For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, implacable, slanderers, profligates, fierce, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding the form of religion but denying the power of it. Avoid such people." (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

This recurrent theme, from where I am sitting is occuring today within black America, and this time it is occuring within in the black community. Many blacks are behaving towards the Clinton, in the same manner that Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter and other ultra conservative nuts are behaving towards one of their own, John McCain. On that side of the aisle, just as they swiftboated Senator John Kerry, once again they are going after John McCain - a man who served his country, something that neither of Anne, Russ or others ever did!

So the disloyalty factor is not unique to the black community, and neither is it uncommon. It seems to me that many blacks have completely overlooked or forgotten what the Clintons and others like them have done for us, or that they could care less. They went to war for us, and today like Limbaugh and Coulter (where is Bill Kristol?), many blacks are simply turning their backs on their war-wounded and simply walking away.

Have they forgotten the years of prosperity that we enjoyed given the efforts of the Clintons? Do we simply ignore the political capital that they both expended by their standing up and trying to alter our plight? Hillary deserves the first shot at being President. Obama ought to realize that it is her time, she earned it.

Obama should back off and do everything that he can from hereon to support her election? Hillary has earned the right to not be opposed by someone from the black community at this political juncture. I wish that Obama as well as the other portion of the black community would recognize the work that she has done to get this nation headed in the right direction.

And after recognizing the work, Obama and others should immediately show some appreciation by having Obama to extricate himself from the race, and by the other portion of the black community giving their primary support to Hillary Clinton.

Politics is a Nasty Business;, Now having said that, all of what is taking place with the black American electorate it is not Obama's fault. However, when I hear him criticize a woman who has been a saint and a dedicated servant to social justice issues, one who has fought so hard for the black community, I wonder, how can he criticize her or begin to try to step over her? Back off Obama, your day will come!

When I think about what loyalty and fidelity really mean, what does it say about the character of an Obama, if he won't be loyal to the ones who are responsible for helping him to get where he is today? Will he expect loyalty himself someday from those that he has helped? How will he feel if he doesn't get the help that he may feel that he deserves someday?

And with respect to the black community, if we won't show loyalty and fidelity to those who have fought so hard for us, one that has seniority, and has been a proven champion for the black cause, then after all has been said and done, what kind of character do we possess as a people?

Can someone tell me how an unthankful Senator, that is being supported by an unthankful group of people will fare together someday? I see problems ahead, even before and if Obama becomes the Democratic nominee or President of the United States of America. Obama should have welcomed the tutelage of the Clintons, and drawn from their domestic and international experience, not to mention their very important international connections.

Obama's attitutde should have been, help me to prepare to be the best President that this nation has ever had - and when my time comes, I will step up to the plate. In the early 1990's I sat in the VIP section at Stanford University when Reverend Jesse Jackson was invited to speak.

During the open mike question and answer period, one of our female students stepped to the micropohone. She asked, Reverend Jackson what can I do to support the cause of social justice. Reverend Jackson answered, do what you are doing right now and stay in school. He pointed out that all too often opportunities arise, however, finding individuals in the community that are qualified can be a challenge. I heard the same thing in 1983 in a meeting that was held at head of the Democratic Black Caucus, Perrin Mitchell's office.

Reverend Jackson used a baseball analogy to make his point. He said, often when the opportunity comes for one to step up to the plate and bat, instead of swinging a bat, all they have at their disposal is a toothpick. The young women looked disheartened for she was ready to serve at the time. However, Reverend Jackson's comments were on target. Is Obama more qualified now to be President than George W. Bush, even after he has served 7 years in office? Without a doubt he is more qualified.

Former Ambassador Alan Keyes said it best when he ran against George Bush, he said, 'the man does not have the mental capacity to be President'. And were his words fortuitous. So, some would say, if Obama is more qualified to be President than George Bush was, and George Bush became President than why shouldn't Obama be eligible to run for the office of the President? George Bushes ego got him in water that was way over his head, and he has been drowning, and the nation has been drowning ever since he took office.

I believe that individuals ought to set ego aside and have a reality check. All of us ought to be willing to prepare ourselves for the positions that we aspire to attain. There are a lot of things that I would like to do in life, however, many of the things that I would like to do, I am not qualified for yet. In the interim, I would gladly support someone who is more qualified than me to hold an office or position that I hope to attain someday.

How qualified is Obama? Does one speech qualify a person to be President. Muhammed Ali said it best years ago when he said, 'not just anyone can be President'! Even Obama assumes the office of President, trust me, he will need the help of the Clintons, the same Clintons that he is trying to upstage. Obama knew just like everyone else did that Hillary has been preparing herself for years to run for the office of President.

How is it that the Republicans can accomplish more with fewer voters. Their latest debacles notwithstanding, the Republicans have rganized themselves around a few planks, and they have created a long-term vision for their Party. The Republicans have created an incubator to prepare their future presidential candidates, and they have somewhat of a patronage system to determine a pool of their current candidates.

Even though Republicans do not agree as much as they pretend to on every issue, they have come up with a few consensus ideas. And every Republican will rally to support those ideas, and a single individual to champion those issues and to push their agenda.

Clearly, the Democratic Party is still in dissary, every individual wants to go for himself. The Democratics are not as organized around a limited number of ideas like their counterparts. And the Democrats do not have a sense of loyalty to their tenured candidates. The Clintons have the experience, the Clintons have the national and worldwide connections that will be needed to correct all of the problems that were created by the current administration in Washington.

The Clintons worked up through the loose Democratic system. When Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas, the Party recognized a rising star, given how he turned the state of Arkansas around and returned it to respectability. We know that Bill Clinton can talk, however, we also knew at the time that he ran for elected that he could walk the walk. Obama says, I did not support funding the war in Iraq as Hillary did. My God, the man was not even a United States Senator at the time. If he had been, who knows whether he would have caved in and voted for funding the war -given the pressure that he would have experienced in the Senate.

Obama, go and get prepared so that you can be the best President that this nation has ever had. Given the successes that you have had, I can only imagine where you will be after four years of sincere preparation.

Some analysts have already augured that what makes Obama so important to the white community is that Obama does not carry the civil rights baggage. My question to Obama would be, WHY NOT and WHERE WERE YOU while others risked life, limb and reputation to fight for such a noble cause. Jesus carried the baggage of the cross in order to set free those who were captive. Why is it that you do not have any civil rights baggage Mr. Obama? Black America should be asking the same question, why not?

I am not ashamed of those who carry the baggage of doing what elected and other paid government officials failed to do. They are the true heroes in this nation, just as President Jimmy Carter talked about at Coretta Scott King's funeral. The individuals who stood up for the promises of the American Bill of Rights, are not the ones that anyone should be ashamed of - they should be held up to the rest of the nation as examples of what each one of us should be!

To black sisters and brothers I remind you, we are not a monolithic community. We do not have to vote for a candidate who happens to be black or male. Racial and misogynistic voting practices ought to be a thing of the past. Remember Shirley Chisholm?

Hillary is a tragic figure and somewhat of a victim of the times, of the kind that the Apostle Paul wrote about. For we are living in a time when people, even black people love themselves and money more than godliness, a time when we have become unthankful trucebreakers living in our communities. And we know that already, because some of these break into our homes and cars, murder our children and parents, and infest our communities with drugs.

And just as nine of the ten lepers failed to return to Jesus to thank him for his work in delivering them from their debilating and permanent conditions, too many in our community have failed to return and to say thank you, by voting for Ms. Clinton first! This minister for one believes that the suppression of the feminine principle on Earth needs to be reversed! I agree that one of the reasons that the world is out balance, as one author wrote, is because the feminine has been suppressed by dominating males for such a prolonged period of time.

In Summary:
So what have we in America today? We have a disloyal Democratic presidential aspirant, that is being supported overwhelmingly by a disloyal community of African American citizens. What will happen to this unholy alliance, and will anyone ever go out on a limb for black America again, as the Clintons have done? I doubt it, particularly if they are observing what is happening now.

I can remember the cries of protest that came from Imus, the radio shock jock who vociferously supported Senator Harold Ford during Ford's run for a seat in the U.S. Senate. Imus always spoke well of Senator Ford, the Representative from Tennessee, and had him on his syndicated radio show on an almost weekly basis it would appear, during his election run. Imus supported Senator Ford until the bitter end!

The politics of race apparently defeated Senator Ford in the end. And when the politics of race were turned on Don Imus, he wondered, where was Senator Ford and all of the other blacks that he supported. Senator Ford and others abandoned Imus, just as the Apostles abadoned Jesus when he was hung on the cross.

Sorry Imus! We are not a loyal people!

Some say that Hillary is divisive and that the best chance of getting rid of Bush would be to elect a candidate who does not carry her baggage. To those individuals I remind you of how controversial we have been as a people to the majority culture because of our black baggage, no pun intended. It would have been very easy for the Clintons to have said to us long ago, 'no masse'. However, they did not!

They could have chosen less controversial issues to fight for than for social justice and for the rights of black people. Had they done so, they would likely have been embraced by the majority culture, particularly by those who have rejected them - given their struggle to help us!

During black History Month, I would also remind my sisters and brothers of other so-called controversial figures like Jesus and Dr. Martin Luther. These two controversial figures turned the world upside down given their willigness to take on the controversial issues, and to be thought of as being controversial. And all of the thousands who clamored around Jesus in the beginning who looked for a miracle or a sign, also abandoned him when it came time for him to carry his cross.

Thank you Hillary and Bill for all that you have done for our community. And, just as you supported us, and all other social justice issues in this nation - unlike any other Presidential team in recent history. And even though you have been labeled 'liberal for doing so', a whole lot of us in the black community will support you and your candidacy until we win. And, we will never forget or overlook what you did for us!

WE support you first and foremost! You did not see color when you looked at us, and neither do we see color when we look at either of you!

peace & grace
Rev. C. Solomon

If you see the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment
and justice ina province, marvel not at the matter; for he that is higher
than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.

Moreover the profit of the earth is

Ecclesiastes 5:8 and 9, and written by a king no less - Hillary Clinton understands this, and Hillary Clinton is what the world needs right now. Obama, ought to stand down, work with the Clintons and prepare himself to be President, when Hillary turns over the reigns.

Most men do not understand the meaning of the 'female principle', I suspect that some females do not recognize its importance either. The men who have 'ruled' over women, just as God predicted and explained to Eve in the Garden of women, have suppressed a badly needed and missed contribution to the world!

In the book of Joel 2nd chapter, God announced through the prophet Joel, the reintroduction of what had been suppressed for thousands of years, the female voice!


maria said...

This is the kind of thinking that kept our ass in slavery so long..besides kissing black babies while the camera was rolling, what did Hillary do for the black community?Schools were fucked up under reagan, fucked up under Bush1 and 2, and will be fucked up under Hillary....All we need is Education and that is what white folks keep for themselves....When children every where are educated anywhere in any neighborhood then we can talk loyalty....for Now I will focus on being Loyal to Christ

maria said...

You forgot to mention the Clintons dealing drugs from the whitehouse....I guess maybe they did really help the black community
Mena Arkansas ring a bell?

Rev. C. Solomon said...


For the life of me, I cannot see any reason to respond to your desultory comments, except to say that it sounds as if your mind is still enslaved, and your mouth ought to be censored.

peace & grace

Rev. C. Solomon said...


I came up with something that I could say in reply to your comments. Years ago, during a conference that I attended in Washington DC, a black delegate asked: And what did doctor Martin Luther King ever do for black people?

You have proven one thing, just like this gentlemen did, that often time our people are not very informed. You should go and get yourself up to speed!

Maxine Watters and others are not supporting Hillary for nought!

Rev. C. Solomon said...


After our last communique, I left the computer and sat down to watch a television show.

Playing on the television was and is a story entitled, Glory. It is a story about a white man who helped to organize a basketball team that included black players.

He did it at a time when it was unsafe to do so. Many non-black Americans have done the same for us.

Ten minutes into the show I started thinking about you again. And the following crossed my mind. Here are a few questions and thoughts for you:

1. Do you know who paid the expenses that underwrote the 1963 March on Washington? I doubt it!

2. Do you know who paid the expenses that by and large underwrote the Harlem Renaissance? I doubt it!

3. Did Arna, Claude, James Weldon, Zora..., pay their own expenses? I doubt whether you know the answer?

4. Do you know the names of the organizations that currently underwrites the NAACP budget? I doubt it.

5. And for that matter have you ever been to the national headquarters of the NAACP in B'more? I doubt it!

6. Do you who know which security service transported many of the black slaves northward in the 19th century? I doubt it!

7. Should John Brown simply be cast aside, or anyone else who deserves to be honored along with all of the others who fought to secure our freedoms - even if they are not black orhave made a mistake or two in their lives?

8. Shouldn't we point out there faults and miscues, real or imagine and drag them through the mud?

9. Have you ever made any mistakes Maria?

10. Have you ever imbibed any illegal substances?

11. Do you know who died for your sins, after forgiving your flaws and your sins? Did you know that he wasn't black either! However, I suspect that you find fault in him too!

12. Were you aware that blessings and cursings, according to scripture, should not come forth from the same fountain?

Suddenly I had another epiphany: I wondered, what has Maria ever done besides show how caustic, rude, abrasive, inane and disrespectful she can be (even to a minister)?

Then it crossed my mind that, if she can be so disrespectful to a minister, is there any wonder that she can be so disrespectful to President and his wife who have done arguably more for the black community than any other Presidential team in the history of this nation has ever done?

You don't have to agree with my position (and obviously you don't have any regard for my calling or much self-respect), but why on earth would you trash individuals who have done so much for our community and this nation at large?

Are you as critical of the President's substance abuse problem!

Again, what have you done for the community Maria, if that is your real name? Have you done as much as Hillary or Bill has done?

Certain individuals in the black community like you, must be reminded to show appreciation for those who supported justice and the cause of black human rights.

For many of them have done more for the cause, than our own people have!

Get up to speed Maria - and do your homework, our community owes the Clinton's a debt of thanks!

BTW My second choice for president is Obama, however, I believe that Hillary has earned the right to be first.

She reminds me a lot of another female candidate who would have done this country good. And who supported her candidacy besides me and a handful of others around the nation, U.S. Representative Barbara Lee.

Besides, I also know that if Obama were to be elected, he would have to turn to the ones who helped to get him to where he is now for help!

Or, were you under the impression that the Republicans would assist him! I don't know what junior college you attend, however, you really need to get up to speed!

For the cause!

maria said...

My loyalty is to Christ as I said before; He doesn’t judge me by what Junior College I went to my God is not a respecter of persons He loves me just as much as he loves Hillary Clinton with her many degrees and I’m sure she did not attend a junior college, I am very active in my community, I am a paralegal, a domestic violence advocate, community outreach coordinator an a reading tutor for k-5 , I am the mother of five children, 3 of them adults and yes; 2 of them also attend a small junior college 1 just graduated from Southern University in Baton Rouge and I am proud of all of them. I may or may not know all the answers to the questions you asked of me. I did not write in your blog to debate Civil rights issues, But to express my opinion in regards your thoughts of African Americans being disloyal to the true “American Gangsters” President Bill Clinton and Co- President Hillary Clinton. I have made plenty mistakes in my life but drug and alcohol use was not one of them , I do not judge people who tamper with drugs nor people who have full blown drug addictions like Bill Clinton, I spend a great deal of time trying to find drug rehabs for young mothers addicted to drugs, So for me there is no way I would ever vote for anyone involved in as many scandals as the Clintons I am well aware of Rose Law Firm scandal, travel-gate scandal, white water scandal, Renting out the Lincoln Bedroom scandal, Mena Arkansas scandal, Vince Foster scandal, turning the white house into the whore house scandal, many other fundraising scandals these so called “mistakes” are pretty consistent. My first choice of the candidates was Senator John Edwards, and if by chance Hillary is the nominee I will vote for McCain your right to vote is yours… and my right is mine. I do not think it is respectful of you to criticize people who choose to vote their way. I tell people why I won’t vote for Hillary; but I never put someone else down because they choose to vote for her. And as for my mind being enslaved; If you truly believe that Jesus was a white man and that people black or white should be loyal to dope dealers dressed up as politicians I am reminded of what Harriet Tubman once said
I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves..." – Harriet Tubman
And by the way my graduate from Southern University is voting for Obama; my daughter attending the “junior college” is voting for Hillary

Rev. C. Solomon said...


The name of the movie that I watched yesterday was, 'The Glory Road', ot Glory. If you haven't done so already, you should watch it in its entirety.

I thought of another supporter of the black community, Walter Annenberg who in March 1990 donated $50-million to the United Negro College Fund. Again, he was not a perfect man by any stretch, and if he could, he would be the first to admit it.

Should we toss individuals like him over the side?

Please Maria, don't do to Hillary Clinton, what blacks typically do to each other - turn on them when they no longer have any use for them.

The Rev

Rev. C. Solomon said...


I'm still waiting for you to show up again. With regard to education. It is not the answer to everything as you have supposed. Education is only a part of the solution to the problem.

If you think about it, Education was to supposed to be the solution to a lot of problems in America like: teenage pregnancy, the prevention of socially transmitted diseases, smoking, substance abuse..., and of course the list goes on and on.

Let's talk about that!
The Rev

Rev. C. Solomon said...


You came back and I am glad, some of my best friends are individuals that I have had my greatest differences with in the past.

First of all, let me express my admiration for your being the strong woman that you happen to be. Your words, I am not name dropping, reminded me of the words of the late Shirley Chisholm.

She took two youngsters that the system tracked, saying that one or both of them were moderately retarded.

She adopted those two children and raised them, just as you are raising your children. Those two men turned out to be one a lawyer and the other a physician.

When I touched her hands and looked into her eyes, I recognized the strength and integrity of a strong woman who happened to be black. She reminded me a lot of my own mom.

Why don' you and I engage in the practice of dialetical materialiam, i.e., Thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis.

1. With regard to your loyalty to Christ, come on Maria, the scripture has already judged that a loyal believer simply does not use terms like the 'f' word. You shouldn't do that - get that out of your spirit!

2. One of Hillary Rodham Clinton's former collegiate roomates happened to be Myrlie Evers, former President of the NAACP.

3. Southern University is a great institution, however, academically it has passed a few individuals that it should not have. Their performances at other institutions of higher learning turned out to be an embarassment to Southern.

3. Your accomplishments are stellar. You should be proud of each one of them.

4. The answer to practically every query that I presented to you was, 'white Americans'. And I appreciate the fact that you answered my queries honestly. Some others would have likely danced around the questions.

5. I respect your difference of opinion with regard to my position, however, and having said that, how can you prove your potentially libelous allegations against the Clintons?

Have you ever experienced anyone spreading rumors about you?

There was a boatload of slanderous information, spread by right-wing organizations that was simply not true. The late Reverend Jerry Falwell confessed, that information that he co-signed on to about the Clintons - had never been verified.

And, before he died he admitted that the information that he helped to spread was simply untrue. And, he never apologized to the Clinton's for his part.

With respect to drugs, are you aware of the Afghan drug trade? Because our government permits the Afghans to continue to grow poppies, and export drugs to the USA and the world, would you really support McCain, if he were to become president and look the other other way?

6. The Clintons aren't gangsters, and more than black people from Lousiana are dumb. And do you know that many northerners consider southerners as not being very bright? I'm familiar with Baton Rouge, my roommate, and many of my friends are from Lousianna.

7. You may not have used substances yourself, but by your own admission you have made mistakes. So why are you 'judging' other individuals who may have. In your line of work you are certainly aware that some individuals are predisposed , and or have a genetic propensity for drug usage.

I'm like you, I have never smoked or injected anything. However, I empathize with those who have, particularly those cannot overcome the practice.

We also had a 'diversionary clinic' where I used to work when I was a professional counselor at the time.

8. Aren't you misattributing the Rose Law Firm scandal to the wrong candidate. As I recall, that's Obama's issue!

9. And many of the other so-called scandals that you pointed out were not scandals at all. If you will recall during the first year of the Clinton administration, Senator Barry Goldwater warned his own Party against being obstructionism.

I don't know how much you know about Goldwater, he was also considered one of the founding fathers, along with William Buckley, of the conservative movement. He felt that the lies and obstructionist practices of his own Party, against the Clintons was abominable.

10. I respected John Edwards candidacy, however, in terms of qualification, I put him, Obama and Dennis Kuinich in the same position, they all need to go and get prepared to be President. It takes more than making speeches and winning debates to be a succesful President. The latter might get you elected but that is about all that it will do.

11.. Ironically, Rush Limbaugh said that if John McCain became the Republican nominee that everyone might as well vote for Hillary. Ann Coulter another Republican arch conservative shared Limbaugh's point of view.

12. I received a circular email telling me that if I did not vote for Obama that I was a weak link the chain.

13. The primary point of my thread was that blacks completely ignored what Hillary and the Clinton did for black America, based on their voting performances in the primary. How about Mississippi last week? We owe these people something don't we?

14. Jesus was accused of being the devil. Joseph was accused of being a rapist. David was a philanderer and a killer, yet God chose him to be King over Israel. And two of the greatest men in the Bible who stood on either side of Jesus on the mountain of Transfiguration had killed people.

Even if what you alledge were true about the Clintons, how come you judge them? Where is your mercy? And I challenge you to verify any of the allegations that you have put forth.

Have you ever had someone accuse you of something that you did not do? Just because you are black, many Americans view you as unclean, a thief, libidinous, dumb, hedonistic..., is any of it true? Look what the Republicans did to John McCain 8 years ago, or John Kerry 4 years ago..., they skewered both of them, with repsect to their military service.

If you cannot prove what you are saying, then you are helping to slander innocent people - Jesus wouldn't have one of his to do to others what some did to him!

15. The Harriet Tubman quote was and is appropos, however, and at the same time, she never turned her back on or disparaged the whites who underwote her cause, and neither did Mary McLeod Bethune, Dorothy Height, Sojourner Truth...!

BTW the godmother, a white woman, practically underwrote all of the Harlem Rennaisance. Should we overlook Eleanor Roosevelt's workd?

I will apologize to you for attacking you with respect to the 'junior college' comment. Kudos to you and your children for pursuing the educational route. You seem like a progressive family, and therefore keep up the good work.

In terms of building synethesis, we are fighting I believe for the same cause, social justice, and we agree on many issues, however, what black Americans did and are doing inthe primaries still reminds me of the story of Jesus and the Lepers.

He caused 10 of them to be healed, and only a small percentage came back to say thank you!

Reverend C. Solomon

Rev. C. Solomon said...

Correction Maria,

The Clintons aren't gangsters, and more than black people from Lousiana are dumb. And do you know that many northerners consider southerners as not

I meant to type 'any more than black people form Louisiana are dumb!

And, thanks for correcting me on the Rose Law Firm, I was mixing up with the Obama, purported, scandal!

peace & grace