Feb 11, 2008

The Rev To The Washington Post Blog: 02/11/08

The underground political establishment -

will undermine either Hillary or Obama, if either of these two were to become
President of the United States
of America just as they
attempted to do with
Bill Clinton!

Has anyone ever lived with a controlling person? The rest of the world has
tired of living with a controlling
nation, the U.S.A.! The people
of Iraq live under Marshal Law
as it is, America is the

I trust that we will put someone in office
that will redact the illegal actions
of our nation, and then allow
other nations and people
to find their own way,
and live in the
manner that they
choose to live!

Posted by: The Rev | February 11, 2008 08:13 PM

I believe that both dreamers are correct, Obama and McCain...

We absolutely should withdraw from Iraq as Obama forestated. Will it stablize the
region from an American perspective, no, however, we didn't consider the
region to be stable before dropping in!

Senator McCain is also right, that is, if Iraq is going to behave in the manner that the U.S.A. wants it to, the U.S.A. will have to remain there into perpetuity and ensure that Iraq conforms to American dictates.

The American people will have to decide which flavor of the week they prefer. A smart American President ought to simply invade a country in the Americas. That way, it with satisfy that leader, his Party and some American's bloodthirst - and the troops will be close enough to come home on furloughs for the weekends during a one-hundred year war!

Problem solved? No, however, the problem will never be solved, because the actual problem resides right here in the United States of America. It is called bad policy, hegemony, adventurism, greed and duplicity!

If you think about it, the Treaty at Versaille was signed nearly a centruy ago, and the United States (Britain in stars and stripes) is still trying to stabilize that portion of the old British Empire. Tch tch!

In honor of Black History Month: When will the majority culture, soon to be the minority culture in this nation realize that you just cannot force other people into doing what you want them to do? It never lasts - and you never learn---

The Rev

Posted by: The Rev | February 11,

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