Feb 25, 2008

"Shame on You Barack Obama" The Rev's Response to the Faith In Action Blog

Faith in Action Topic: “ “Shame on You Barack Obama!”

Rev. C. Solomon Says:
February 25th, 2008 at 11:58 am

It wasn’t too many years ago when the late Dr. Martin Luther King was accused of plagiarism. Who is right, or who is wrong in this particular scenario with respect to parroting or plagiarizing what someone else has said, I don’t know?

However, I am concerned that nationwide too many black Americans, based upon recent voting trends, have already forgotten all that both Hillary and Bill Clinton have done for not only the black community, but for the entire world. It seems to me that as a community we owe them some respect, it seems to me that Obama owes them some respect!

Relating back to a recent topic on this blog, Hillary is an example of a white American who has done more for the black community, than many blacks have done for our community en toto.

I am not accusing the author of this blog of doing so, however, I suspect that many black Americans are going to rue the day when they glibbly tossed aside and turned their backs on the Clintons. Once the community slays the most powerful white family in the nation or the world that supports us 100%, then where will we or Obama be at that time?

If Obama wins at the Democratic Convention, but loses the general election all he will have succeeded at doing is helping the Republicans. How? He will have destroyed the venal Right’s most powerful opposition, and diminished our most powerful supporters. I hope that I turn out to be wrong and that none of this occurs!

And as proud as most black Americans are to see an accomplished black man rise to the top (we have had many others both male and female). However, what is frightening is that many in white America accept this one (Obama), because he does not carry any civil rights baggage (that they know about). At least some of them have explained it in those terms. Civil libertarians take umbrage at that kind of remark!

Black Americans, in my opinion ought to be appalled with those who have taken that position or who make ‘those kind of statements’. I for one am rather proud of those who carry so-called ‘civil rights’ baggage. Why? Because like Jesus and Dr. MLK, they got out there and marched , risked life and limb, endangered their families, fought and sullied themselves, as they pursued the cause of righteousness and social justice for all people.

And had it not been for them, and the efforts of the Clintons over the past decade and a half, we would not be as far along as we are today! Some of us are like the lepers that Jesus healed, only one returned to say thanks!

Is Hillary’s campaign guilty of double-speak, I don’t know. If they are, they should stop it - all campaigners should!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

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