Oct 17, 2008

American Election 2008: God Awakes (From Rest) To Participate!

A Homily by the Rev.

God having tired of what had been transpiring in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Slave for 232 years, the USA, awoke from his rest, and decided to intervene in the 2008 Election!

God thought and thought why don't I raise up a half white black man to preside over a racist nation (the USA), that was built by black Africans, with white slave masters.

So God said, let us make a white black (part African) man 'in their image', and let him preside! So God made an African-white President, Senator Obama, and said, that's good!

Sadly all that most whites saw was a black President and they said, that's bad (that drop of blood thang)!

Some blacks saw only a half white (native Americans might say a mixed breed) and said, that's not good!

However, the inbred races continued to intermarry while living unhappily ever after, well until there weren't any more purely blacks or whites. Afterward. the angels in heaven gave each other winged high fives, God returned to Teman and Republicans nullified God's actions having discovered that God was an unregistered alien who had been assisted by Acorn!

And the more ‘thangs’ changed, the more they stayed the same!

Love, peace & grace
Rev. C. Solomon!

Unless whites are planning another mass extermination of a
nation of people, I suspect that those who are the most resistant 'to change'
had better get used to having black Presidents, and black Americans
around for a long time! Someday we might change
the name of this nation, given Africa's
contribution to it to, The United
African-American States
(the UAAS)!

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Rev. C. Solomon said...

Addenda: Has anyone else considered that Acorn has been infiltrated by Republicans, who have been masquerading as Democrats?

This latest blatant effort to embarass a democratic organization sounds as if it were planned by Joe Liberman, Zel Miller, the Ohio and Flordia Offices of Voter Registration and the Republican Party. The Democrats are being hosed again by skillful and unethical Republicans!