Oct 1, 2008

The Inexorable Republican Craft of Manipulating American Elections

Their objective (Republicanism) is and has been of late, the craft of manipulating elections regardless of the competencies of the candidates that they choose to run.


Republicans have given up on producing viable candidates. They have accepted the fact that there are fewer registered Republican voters as they seek to appeal to cross-0ver Reagan Democrats. And they have ceded the fact they are unable to produce competent individuals to run for office. Therefore Republican reductionism is simply this, we will manipulate elections with a small minority and still win.

Otherwise, how have they been successful going all of the way back to the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, a polarizing figure in my opinion, to win elections that they should have lost - if competency mattered to Americans? Republicans are drawing upon history and a time when the colonists were the minorities in this land. They figured out what they had to do to overcome their adversaries, the native Americans in order to take the land.

And they succeeded to do so by using by craft and others means that could come up with, lying, breaking-treaties, subterfuge, murder and so on.

Republicans have reduced themselves, as forestated to a venal craft, and the craft is that of becoming adept at manipulating the political process. Exactly how long this has been going on? How far back this goes, I don’t know?

However, I recall former President Bill Clinton saying: Republicans had purposed that America would never again have a Democratic President. All that matters, in the words of the great football college coach is to win.

Does it matter how you win and who you put into office? It doesn’t matter apparently to republicans. In a response to a prior comment that I made on Westhea’s site on You Tube I wrote:

Thank you Westhea, Clearly Senator Obama is superior in intellect to Palin, McCain and his running mate combined! The Republicans ought to be embarrassedd to have to admit that those who are obtuse have been and still are more appealing to their side. From what I can see Republicans are no longer trying to produce worthy candidates. Their objective is and has been of late, the craft of manipulating the election regardless of whom the candidates are who have been and that are currently running.

Right on point, Rev.

(I initially wrote the following):
Republicans have been known to complain about democratic running candidates in presidential elections, saying that they are intellectuals ala Bill Clinton, Al Gore (Nobel Prize), John Kerry & now Barack Obama. Is there any question about which side runs the more competent candidates?

The Republicans have produced luminaries like Dan Quayle, George H. Bush and now Sarah Palin to run America. This says a lot about the Republican brain trust, the pool from which they descend and what 'pubs prefer!

Once up a time I gave Carl Rove credit for being a political genius, believing that any man that could have gotten George H. Bush elected, two times as President of the United State, must have possessed some form of political genius. I have learned of late that his real genius was and is that of being an unconscionable no holds barred assassin.

His tactics included lying, manipulation, misrepresentation, cheating and character assassination even if you were an army veteran or hero like John McCain (a Republican) or John Kerry a Republican. It did not matter, the same tactics were equally applied in order to seat his canditorial choice.

What is even more frightening is that his kind of tactics could have an appeal to Republicans and misguided cross-over democrats. And what does that say about them? Either they are naive, grossly incompetent, willing to be manipulated or ideologues who simply support one side regardless of the facts, or they also agree that Republicans cannot produce viable candidates and therefore they must hold on to power by any means necessary. Apparently a minority such as theirs realizes that it must devolve and use vile tactics in order to defeat a majority.

If Republicans could win an election with Lassie as their preferred candidate, they wouldn’t hesitate to do so. What happened to the Party of Lincoln? They have returned to their former status when they were known as the Whig Party, virulent, violent and truculent.

There isn’t any nobility left, apparently, in the Republican Party, well not since Lincoln. The fact of the matter is that if you consider the last 4 Republican Presidents. Nixon resigned in dishonor. Reagan should have been impeached given his involvement with the Iranians during the Contra affair and his deceit of Congress, principally Barry Goldwater and company. George H. Bush clearly should have been impeached for his gross negligence, incompetence and deception of the American people with respect to Iraq and the reasoning for the Iraqi invasion.

And what have the Republicans to offer America now? They have provided America with two default candidates, candidates of which the rank and file Republicans don't even want, however, if they can secure a win by using these two candidates in order to hold on to power then so be it.

My position again is that Republicans have given up on producing viable candidates, their recent and current aim has been to simply manipulate elections and they will do so by any means necessary, including, at the voting booths, manipulating voter rolls in order to keep some from voting who are eligible to vote, utilizing state, district and supreme courts … to accomplish their aims, swift-boating, lying...!

Lying, swiftboating, character assassinations, misrepresentations of events has become part and parcel of life in the Republican party. Is there no bottom to their craft, wiles and lack of voter values?

And what is more frightening is that the Republican Party claims to be the party of God, where positioned in it is the Religious Right/ Moral Majority, and those who claim to be the Conservatives of God. Nothing could be more false, or misguided, remember, Jesus had Judas among his Party. Are democrats above reproach, you decide.

But one thing that cannot be argued is that the democrats at least produce viable candidates, and the ones who have gone down to ignominious defeat our light years more competent and ahead of their Republican opponents.

So far Republican craft has been successful in national, state and local elections. The question is when it will end. Oh I know, when the Republicans can produce viable candidates to run for office that the people would elect based upon their competencies! One can only wonder what the Republican-crafters have in mind or are cooking up now, for the rest of this year’s election cycle! Will they use sleight of hand or pull another rabbit out of their hats at the last minute.

Finally, are members of the Republican Party en masse ashamed of the behavior of their Party? Or is all that matters to them is THE WIN, or are they also conceding that their aren't any viable, qualified or competent members of the Republican party to run for elective office?

I have been discoursing with a very competent member of the Obama campaign for some time now. And let me say this, the Republicans have met their match this year. Based upon my observations of the Obama team, I don’t believe that they will get away with what they have gotten away over the past decades. The Obama democratic team is as smart as their candidate happens to be. They are shrewd and still honorable! And by the way, does America still have a Justice Department, and what are they doing about the illegal, venal and vicious craft of Republicans?

Peace & Grace from a Registered Independent
Rev. C. Solomon

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Rev. C. Solomon said...

Addenda: President George Bush Jr. may have contributed something to the nation after all, besides, staggering debt, simultaneous wars, loss of confidence by the American people and now a market in shambles.

His 2-terms in office have been instructive, and should help Americans to understand what happens when unqualified and incompetent individuals are placed into such an important office by the voting public, and with the aid of republican malfeasance in polling and voting places.

Who should learn from the Bush fiasco? Republicans, cross-over democrats, independent voters and mostly white southerners hopefully will learn something. I am curious, and will be observing in order to determine just how much they have learned.