Oct 15, 2008

A Diminished Obama Presidency in 2009 and A McCain Presidency Won't Fair Much Better!

In 2009, having won the Office of President might not be enough for the real power of the nation will reside elsewhere and behind the scenes.

If Obama were to prevail and become the President of the United States, one has to ask, where will actual power reside?

What I believe will happen if Senator Obama were to become President, is that he will be a figure-head president, and the de-facto power of the Presidency will reside elsewhere. And I guarantee that you in the backrooms of some of our powerful mostly Republican think tanks and secretive organizations, those discussions are already taking place.

I can already envision what will take place take when a leader of a foreign nation visits America. In typical and historical fashion President Obama will be the host and there will be a welcoming show of State and the typical State Dinner, particularly for Presidents of African nations and the United Kingdom.

However, when the show is all over, the red carpet has been removed and it comes down to binding strategic talks about power, money or military help, the real power that will decide what will happen will reside somewhere else, oblivious to most of the American people and even to a President Obama.

President Obama will be surprised I suspect when his decisions or Executive Orders will be neutralized, vetoed or overruled by sources outside of the Democratic Congress or even a republican majority Supreme Court. We will all witness a new and invigorated form of Republican obstructionism, something that the late conservative Senator warned Republicans about at the beginning of the Clinton Presidency.

The heads of State of other non-African nations might make a symbolic appearance or two at the White House; however, the real work decision-making will take place behind the scenes between tampering Republican obstructionists and henchmen for foreign world leaders. When the President of France looks President Obama in the eye and extends him the common courtesies, he will do so knowing that the real power to decide lies somewhere else. He and other world leaders may even place calls to former American Presidents.

Factually, a President Obama or President McCain will preside over a heavily-indebted nations where the consuming role of the President will be to pay the bills left over by yet another Republican President. The Clintons had to pay off the bills left over by the Reagan and Bush 41 presidencies.

The attitude of some world leaders will be, why waste time with President Obama when true American power resides elsewhere, they might show a President McCain a little more respect, because he is white, and by that time we will have swung fully to the white, I mean the right. I believe that the American President and Presidency over the next few years will become a national and world-wide spectacle, and that it will be run by an unseen oligarchy.

Former Secretary of State and the State Department Colin Powell, often found his and their authority and departmental mission being supplanted and undermined in this manner by deposed Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney and others! Dr. Rice, a former colleague at Stanford, did not fair any better when she was in charge the NSA and the State Department.

She would have to send other white members of her staff to go to to Donald Rumsfeld run Defense Department in order to garner information in order help to protect the nation. Isn't it interesting that Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense, failed to defend the nation on 9/11 and his own command post, the Pentagon on that dreadful day?

Perhaps he spent too much time trying to run the State Department, a defacto Intelligence Department and the NSA, as opposed to performing his own job and supplanting other Cabinet members? His venal and obsequious meddling and obstructionist behavior, resulted in the loss of lives of 2000 Americans, some of which he helped to carry from the burning Pentagon.

I can see the President asking, how come I was not invited to the meeting, or why won't my Cabinet members like Don or holdovers from the Bush Administration return my call. Or better yet, what happens when Obama meets Ahmadinajab, current President of Iran. Both leaders will say, I will get back to you. The latter will have to speak with the Ayatollah, and President Obama will have to speak with the American Ayatollahs of state.

Both black Presidents in the purportedly post-Apartheid nation of South Africa discovered that just being the President of the nation does not mean that the resident President will have any real power, and that the real power in the nation resides elsewhere. I explained this to some readers before who fired back at me that the United States is not South Africa. I agreed with them, explaining that South Africa was and is 95% black, and America is roughly 10% black!

And despite the overwhelming number of black south Africans who were and are the numerical majority in South Africa, even with a black majority and two black Presidents, black South Africans were forced to come to grips with what they really knew beforehand that the power resided resided elsewhere and no longer in the office of a black President, neither among the ANC or a black majority! And what is the status of the majority of black South Africans in 2008, not much different than it was before these two black leaders held office.

I believe that we are going to soon experience the same in America, and we are going to witness the frustration of a President Obama. Like Ronald Reagan and George Bush did initially, President Obama when flustered and in spite of the control of a Democratic Congress, will attempt to appeal directly to the American people, particularly his supporters.

He will then realize that those who control and wield America's power will have more confidence in, accede to and take their marching orders from some defacto power group, other than from a President Obama or the office of a black President.

And what will be the composition of that defacto obstructionist group and who will compromise its makeup? In addition to Republicans on the political and religious right, its composition will include bankers, retired Presidents and military officers, a wealthy political power and monetary elite, left-over segregationists, Bill Kristol (one of the most dangerous men in America), the Klan and members of white separatist militia groups.

This treasonous conspiratorial group, will also be composed of individuals who are embarrassed at the very prospect of having a national leader, a mongrel, who is the product of a miscegenous black and white union between a now-deceased black nationalist Kenyan, and a white woman! A mongrel President, why that is uncivilized they would say? Well, at least the President has more than one ounce of white blood in him!

Black Americans are going to be disappointed when they realize that their neutered hero will be as powerless as President’s Mandela, and Mbeki (who recently resigned) have been in a majority black nation.

I witnessed a pageant a few years ago at Howard Community College in Columbia Maryland. It was a religious pageant that was put on by a church that used the college to hold its services. During one scene in the play, a parishioner who had petitioned God for an answer to her query was disappointed with the reply that she received from God. She then verbally dismissed God and told him, that’s alright; I will go and speak to Pastor Dan about my query.

We are going to witness a similar scenario in the American Presidential drama, when not only American interest groups but foreigners approach a would-be President Obama White House, or others who would even venture there in the first place. I expect that many individuals and foreign heads of state will simply do an end around and go to the real sources of power in America away from and apart from the White House!

I can hear a President Obama proclaiming soon, but I am the President! It will take him time to understand that the power of the Presidency will reside elsewhere and not in the control of a black President! Let's hope that I will be proved to be wrong!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Post: Rev, some will say you are really against Senator Obama aren't you. Factually, I am not supporting Senator Obama, however, I am simply pointing out what I believe what will have happen to him if be were to become President. White Senator McCain might fair just a bit bitter, particularly as he shifts more to the Right. But let us not forget that America is still a majority white nation, and that is where the money and the power reides, on the white [pun intended]! Join me in the REAL WORLD/United States!

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