Oct 7, 2008

Sarah Palin Has Already Let Me Down (A Non-Misogynist Male) And She Could Become My National Leader!

I was hoping that this presidential election year would be different from the rest. I was hoping that this year would represent the emergent year of the woman and a new and different kind of politics, given that we live in a period of time when it appears that male dominant rule will soon be extinct!

I was excited over the prospect of America having its badly needed and long-time coming first female President. Frankly, I have believed for some time now that men in and outside of America have pretty much screwed up most societies. Men are physical builders, and they have taken the world just about as far as they can. Women are society; they are the guts and the building blocks of society.

The male planters are busily running around implanting (husbanding) the seeds as usual, while the females have to cultivate the seeds and bring them to maturation. It is from their loins that societies emerge, and they nurture (societies inhabitants) including its leaders. Women seem to know instinctively what makes society work.

A female friend echoed what other men have said to me before, that women are caddy and jealous of each other and that women leaders are not going to behave any different from their male counterparts if they were to take over at the helm. I hoped that both of my counselors would be wrong, but I must admit that

Sarah's example over the past 72 hours has me worried. She is already behaving in the manner that male politicians have behaved in for too long, we don’t need that. Why are these women wearing pants suits, even Hillary Clinton? What are we to take from that? I get angry with my own culture group, many of them criticize white behavior and then they turn around and behave in the same manner

Sarah Palin, who I admit that I am not supporting (I will still write in the name of Senator Hillary Clinton on my absentee ballot), has stepped into the same role that men have occupied, and has of late begun slinging mud and behaving like her male counterparts have been doing for centuries in and outside of American politics.

Come on Sarah, the saying is true that ‘if we can keep doing what we have been doing, we will just keep getting what we have been getting’. Be more cutting edge; show us how things ought to be done when running for veer. I would have expected the same from Hillary, the closer that she got to the Oval Office.

Become our teacher Sarah, and show our tenured male leaders, and leaders of the past that the male way of doing things is extinct. For after all, isn’t that the reason that the world is at a standstill right now because males have taken us just about as far as they can without the feminine voice? Aren't the overarching problems in America today a consequence of past and present male leadership?

I have been in numerous discussions with males in the church who really do not agree with the notion of female leadership. They always take me back to the story of the Garden of Eden, Paul’s writings and prior world history. Let’s go there now. After Adam and Eve fell, God steps in and interrogates them both. Then God hands out sentences and informs them what the consequences of their actions will be.

God says something very interesting given Eve’s infraction; even though Adam sinned too. God announces that now Adam is going to rule over you and that your desire will be to him!

Why is that significant? It presupposed that what is about to happen to Eve is not going to be pleasant, and prior to this singular event, the male Adam did not rule over his female counterpart Eve as he will be doing in her then future. In other words, up and until that point they had a different kind of relationship. Can you imagine their relationship from the first time that Adam saw nude Eve in the Garden?

Was God implying that male leadership would be a curse? Most women have always thought to. I suspect that Adam from the onset, immediately fell in love with Eve, and don't forget that when he first saw her he likely attracted, she was naked after all. I know what you're thinking, they were innocent. I was innocent when I was 4 years ago, but even then I knew how pleasant it was to look at a partially naked woman on our 3-station black and white TV, er herm. I would be thinking, as a pre-schooler, stand up in that tub lady when watching a TV soap commercial with a woman bathing in it.

After getting beyond the physical, and learning to respect what she had to offer that complimented what he had to offer, Adam apparently shared a more egalitarian relationship with Eve whereby respecting their complimentary differences.

Was what God said about Adam at this point an announcement or a pronouncement to Eve?
Some teachers say that Adam was placed over Eve to be the teacher in terms of divine knowledge because she was the one that had been deceived. That makes no sense; he was deceived as well she was apparently. That sounds to me like a male invention or twist that was likely implanted into the story. Anyway!

We all know what occurred after the sentencing, pronouncements and announcements were made, until the time that a prophet named Joel recorded in his writings in Joel 2:28 and 29, and for some time after. Prophet Joel wrote about what I will refer to as the re-introduction of the feminine principle. Heaven announced that God’s spirit will be poured out on all flesh, and from hereon the sons and daughters would prophesy, preach and forth tell.

Heaven apparently recognized the need for the reintroduction of the feminine principle which had been suppressed for millenia, even though males including the Apostle’s Paul and Peter especially, continued the suppression of females at time sin deference to the Spirit?

One must wonder that if prophesy is a result of an inspiration of the Spirit, then how does another human, particularly a male one say that a female cannot prophesy because the prophesy did not come through a male body or organ? That would place the male in conflict with what Joel wrote, and therefore the spirit of God! Again, why did the almighty feel that it was necessary to announce the reintroduction of the repressed and suppressed feminine principle?

As other feminine writers have pointed out, one reason for the world being out of balance as it currently stands, has been because of the suppression of the feminine principle, by I AM THE KING males. I have had ministers ask me; do you believe that Paul meant what he wrote about a woman’s place in the church? In deference to the entire revisionist teaching of today, I have no doubt that the evolving Paul chauvinist meant exactly what he said. Peter and others confirmed Paul’s feelings in their writings.

But to show how conflicted Paul was, he wrote that in Christ there was neither male nor female, bond nor free…! Modern teachers who skew his message often say, well he was not speaking in terms of role assignments. You’re probably correct and I suspect that he was confused about that too, because he actually said two different things, which will explain what I am about to say.

I don’t want to get off topic but I remind many believers that Paul was writing letters to specific churches in different regions at the time when he wrote about a woman’s place in society and the church, however, he was not writing scriptures! He even admitted that some of what he wrote did not come from God. Most believers’ use his phrase, all scripture is God breathed to support everything that he wrote.

I don’t have an argument with all scripture being God-breathed; my argument is with those individuals who believe that Paul was writing God-breathed scriptures instead of letters to churches that he mostly started. There is a difference you know!

My major thrust is that if you believe the Prophet Joel, God has been trying to reintroduce the feminine principle back into the world, since his warning to Eve that now this male is going to rule over you. God didn’t want that to happen apparently, he was simply informing of her of what was going to happen. Adam’s sin apparently introduced an unknown streak of male chauvinism in him, the kind that most males, including me have today. Something in us says, rule them women folk! But is it God, or something more sinister that instigates that kind of yearning?

I have been pushing and encouraging females everywhere that I go, to be all that you can be. My late dear grandmother taught me that women think faster than men anyway. Boy was she right! I am oftentimes still organizing my thoughts, when bam bam bam, my female counterpart has thought, analyzed and come up with a conclusion. Hey, I tell them in gest sometimes, allow me to finish my thought. One close to me would say, and when will that be, next week? I tell her in response that, I will get back with you! Smarty!!!!

I have also been encouraging males to back off of the spirit of dominance, that's where the idea of slavery comes from. Most males when referring to rule, believe that the rule that is the most important is that males must dominate. I believe that the most important rule is that whatever you want others to do unto you, you should do the same unto them and that includes females. How would any male feel about another human being 'ruling over them' all of their lives?

My hope had that when women took over, Pelosi in the House, Oprah placing her man into the race, females on the Bench, along with other female Congresswomen and governors and pastors…, that a new day would dawn in America. Hillary, had she prevailed would not have permitted males to drive her. Based on what I have witnessed recently from Sarah Palin given the tactics that she is employing against Obama, likely pushed upon her by her Republican campaign team, the second serious female candidate that could be America’s first female president has already been compromised.

Now I am getting the feeling that the more that things have changed, the more they will remain the same, and that my friends and other male counterparts may have been right after all. Sarah shouldn’t do things the old boyz way, she should lead the country in a better way!

Females, I cannot and will not lecture you, but may I request that when you are in power, given that most males have ‘sold their claimed birthright’ to lead, please do better than we have done (and that is not to say that males have not made some accomplishments as leaders). But please don’t repeat the same behaviors and mistakes whatever you do.

The Earth is in a position in this post-modern era to utilize scientific discovery, increased understanding, technological advancement and communication, and a tepid shared understanding to move ahead at an even more rapid pace, and to throw off the shackles of the present and past.

I believe that it is incumbent on females to take us to the next step by utilizing your gifts, and not by retrenchment and the falling back upon on failed past male tactics that have resulted in divisiveness and dissension. Females have something different to offer. Males are developing weapons of mass destruction in order to destroy humanity. Hopefully females will turn things around and place their imprint on the world which and lead us into a world of peace, mutual respect and understanding of disparate people in and around the world.

Typically, men will build the house and tear the house down, but it takes women to make the household work.

Sarah if you must go after Senator Obama (which is a precursor of how you would go after world leaders), do so in the manner that the intelligent female that would be befitting of the intelligent female that you are. However, never do so in the ‘tried and failed manner that males have utilized in the past. Most Americans are all tired of that way! Teach the boyz as well as the world something new for most of us are looking for a new kind of leadership. The kind of leadership that has been suppressed by males, female leadership is badly needed, and apparently has been missed shortly after men and women began sharing a garden!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: And to those males who believe that their can only be one head in the household, when will you admit that you are wrong? Headship can be shared by both individuals, given that both of them have brains. The two really can compliment one another for there is much that males simply do not know. Slavery is sin I believe, even male slavery or domination of females or vice versa is a sin!


Rev. C. Solomon said...

Rev Message to You Tube: Even though a male will be President again this year, the best thing to happen during this year's election is the insertion of women into national politics. The world has been been out of balance for a long time, given the suppression of the femine principle and voice. The genie, Hillary, Sarah and the rest to follow will never be placed in the bottle again, particularly in a female majoritarian society. Ladies put your own spin on politics and show men how things ought to be done!

Rev. C. Solomon said...

Rev's response to misogynist males on You Tube:

White male racism & misogny? For some white men, this year's election that has elevated a half-black and a female to political ascendancy all at once, is more than they can stomach!

In addition to the Historical Successes & Failures of Black Male Leadership that I am currently writing about, we must also consider the historical successes and failures of male leadership across the board.

In a historical male leadership context, males have refused to share power with females, and instead have insisted upon female subordination. It is time for change!!!!

Even God explained to Eve in the biblical account that Adam is going to rule over you, ever since males have had a problem with sharing power. Prior to 'the fall', their relationship operated much differently!

Rev. C. Solomon said...

Add'l Rev thought:

Although Sarah Palin has disappointed me and others by playing the unfortunate exploitive and matronly wifely role to the Republican ticket, I still believe that from hereon females must take their rightful place in American politics in a majority female society.

Hillary would not have played this role had she been on the Obama ticket, and I suspect that it is one of the reasons that Obama did not pick her. Future female candidates won't play this tragic role, or be a part or play a tragi-comedic role either either I suspect!