Oct 20, 2008

The Black President of the USA: Also Head of the G7+1, United Nations, Allies & World-wide Military, Economic & Political Power!

In a sense one could argue that the majority of America’s previous presidents have served America well, in this one sense. They labored tirelessly to provide Americans an unprecedented advantage over all other nations and people of the world, as well as an unequal share of the world’s wealth (at least up and until recently).

The latest President, George Bush, in 2003 unabashedly and under a pretext, employed the use of the America military to strike a once sovereign nation in order to take what America could no longer inveigle from Iraq by force, control of Iraq’s oil fields!

What a President Obama will need to do, if he truly believes in justice for all people would put him on a collision course and in direct conflict with America’s me-first and scraps for everyone else’s consumer attitude.

Just think about it, if America had a President who believed in true justice for all people as opposed to an American only specious political excesses for us (its primary aim being to advantage Americans), there would be an evening out and a leveling of the world-wide playing. The latter would in fact mean the diminishing of America’s power, influence and ability to extrapolate more than its share from the rest of the world.

The American leader is considered by the majority of the world to be the leader of the most powerful economic and military nation on earth. And, his power extends internationally, where he is considered to be the leader of the Free World, the most influential if not defacto head of the G7+1 leading economic nations and the United Nations which is headquartered in America.

He will wield consider power over the 198 member nations in the United Nations, by using his worldwide influence and America’s veto power, as one of five of the permanent member of the United Nations Security Council to continue to force an American design upon the rest of the world. This may change if for example the Republic of China were to call in its chips, and throw America into yet another economic tailspin.

And as I alluded to before, a President Obama will be in control of the most powerful world-wide military spy network and weapons of destruction arsenal!

The power of the presidency of the United States can be used for good. On the other hand it can be used as it has often been used in the past, selfishly, and simply to further the interests of the United States, benefit its friends and to create and co-opt markets that are typically exploited in order to benefit Americans, particularly wealthy Americans.

Worldwide, the stakes have been raised since the time that America enjoyed 45% of the world’s goods that inured to the benefit and pleasure of 5% of the world’s population, the American population. Isn’t it interesting that we often refer exclusively to the United States, in deference to the other nations on this continent, as America!

As of late, the rest of the world has been demanding a share of the world’s goods and a rightful place in the world-wide market system which unfortunately, nearly collapsed a few weeks ago. The latter was due by most estimations, of the irresponsible financial actions that took place in the United States of America. Banks in other nations of the world foolishly purchased bad American paper!

President Bush’s actions in Iraq and his father’s actions in Kuwait demonstrate just how much the world has changed, while at the same time America has remained the same, hegemonistic. America began with confiscation of land, people and resources, and 232 years later, America is engaged in the same practices and with unchanged policies. Why? The answer is because America and Americans will never settle for having a fair or equitable share of the worlds goods and wealth.

Americans will criticize their leaders and at the same time demand that the money and goods train, continues to stop at their neighborhoods. And what the United States will not be able to produce or acquire by fair trade practices or hard work, it will do what it has always done to bolster and underwrite its economic advantages over the rest of the world, threaten other nations or directly involve its military in order to take what it wants.

The latter will take place in deference to what the majority of the other world's nations the World Trade Organization has to say. America has been cited more than any other nation on earth for its unfair trade practices, in deference to NAFTA, GATT, CATT and its denial of American protectionism!

With the emerging and burgeoning world-wide global economy, America has only a few choices. It can be satisfied with its share, produce more itself and for itself, or to simply confiscate what it wants, just as it did recently in Iraq. One out of every 4 barrels of oil that are sold in the world, presently come to the United States of America, leaving the rest of the world to share the remaining 3 barrels.

Why has America refused to exploit its own oil reserves? It has been the policy of the United States government to retain America’s oil reserves for national security purposes. For in the event that the USA was ever cut off from oil resources around the world, America would always have adequate oil to defend itself in its own reserves. In other words, America’s policy has been to ‘use there’s and save ours just in case!

I have tried to assure white Americans that a President Obama will not represent a threat to historical self-centered white values. In fact, I suspect that the individuals, who will be disappointed the most by an Obama Candidacy, will be the leaders and citizens of so-called 3rd world nations, and black Americans. Based on what I have heard so far, what the two group’s value the most are not represented in the Obama policy. Obama has made it a practice of chastising these two marginalized groups!

In the manner that ninety-five percent of the black citizens in South Africa believed that things were going to change over night for them, and that there would be a reversal of their previous course of disaffection and poverty, 95% of black Americans believe the same. However, black South Africans discovered that even under the leadership of an icon like Nelson Mandela, a true freedom fighter, and his predecessor, President Mbeki, not much has changed for black South Africans. And to boot Mbeki recently resigned from his presidential post!

That Senator Obama may soon become the most powerful man in the world is significant. But what will matter the most is what he will do if becomes that man, and better he than John McCain, I would argue, even though I am not voting for either one of them. However, and I will repeat what I said before, a President Obama will have to decide whether or not he will stand up for ‘true justice for all people’, as Dr. Martin Luther King and others did, which will take away from the United States but benefit all of people of the world, or risk his reputation and status in the West and support justice and freedom for all people of the world!

Love, peace & grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: And some have asked, why aren't you voting for Senator Obama or John McCain. I have decided to vote my conscience, and for a qualified person of honor. And I will according to Eccl 5:8 and 9, continue to depend on the Sovereign to intervene in and to balance the affairs of man!

It reads as follows:
5:8 If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.

9Moreover the profit of the earth is for all (socialism?): the king himself is served
by the field

The Black President of the USA: Also Head of the G7+1, United Nations, Allies & World-wide Military, Economic & Political Power!

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