Oct 15, 2008

Up From Male Oppression in The American Presidential Election in 2008 and Hopefully Thereafter

Imagine how advanced the world and this nation would be, had it not been dominated by militaristic and authoritarian, Lord of the flies, retrograde male leadership, which resulted in war instead of cooperation between the sexes?

Frankly, I can only imagine what the world and the USA have missed out on given the historical suppression of the feminine principle? For perhaps 10,000 years or more, males have been suppressing females and to their credit they still try to love us, endure us, have our babies and our backs!

Besides producing societies through their wombs, consider the other contributions that females have made in politics, science, medicine and literature ..., not to mention our everyday lives, which have often been overlooked or taken from granted. Again, I can only imagine what the world would be like had it not been for the historical and venal suppression of the feminine principal for perhaps 10,000 years.

As a result of what has taken place historically, the world in spite of the progress that has been made with females playing a hampered role is out of balance as a consequence of imbalanced male leadership and domination. Most individuals know that I do not believe in the inerrancy of Constantine’s Canon. Jesus, having contradicted portions of it himself before it was written, proved that certain of its writing contradicted what God said!

Most Christians were born with a diaper, bottle and a copy of the Canon. They were taught from day one that it was absolute; and most Christians are afraid to question it, for to do so they believe would be to question God itself. The fact of the matter is that if most Christians were to consider where it originated and how it was composed and comprised, they might consider that while many parts of it may be accurate, there are certainly parts of it that deserve scrutiny and questioning.

I must take the time to add that there have been many additions, borrowing from other disparate sources, deletions, exclusions, chronological and numerological errors, tampering with it and poetic writings and suppositions from and before the Common Era spliced into it.

We read about giants that once walked the Earth and slept with women. Now does that sound like a fairy tale or what, and what is the source of that story, the typically unaccepted book of Enoch? And doesn't that sound like a male fantasy? However, not only is Christianity guilty, but most religions that have constructed their craft and their holy books based upon borrowing, codifying myths and suppositions have a similar basis in what they consider to be truth.

One thing for sure, in most societies that were male dominated, their holy books and traditions assure you that God intended for males to be the draconian leaders and dominate heads of household, cities and state that many have often turned out to be!

But just think about it, if men had been more balanced and would have shared or understood complimentary leadership, how much more advanced, and how much further along the world and individual societies throughout the history of human existence would have been. How dare anyone tell their counterparts to take care of me, have my babies, raise the babies and shut up? And that is what the God of most religions demanded?

I personally believe that females are even smarter than they are beautiful, and that as a result the world is in the process of a course correction. Males typically fantasize about, fondle and adore female beauty, but at the same time reject female wisdom, knowledge, intuition and powers of analysis, well up and until we get in trouble.

I find that typically when a human seeks to dominate another, male or female, it can be attributed to fear. There seems to be a need to control or conquer what you believe that may conquer or overcome you. Males have feared females and or looked down their noses at them for centuries. And therefore there has been a need for the subjugation of females. Factually, there is an inherent fear by males that females will do to males, what male have done historically to females.

Would a righteousness all knowing and loving God, insist that the number one preoccupation and occupation of males be to hold females in subjection to them? On so-called Judgment Day will God ask men, did you keep your woman in subjection to you, despite everything else that you failed to do? And if you did, then God would say enter into the Kingdom 'my man'! I doubt that what we refer to as God had anything to do with the historical female-subjugation by males.

And may I add that I foresee a time in the future when certain terms and phrases will be obsolete given increased human understanding in terms of what is real. Titles and ascriptions like God, the Unknown, Great Spirit, or divine ascriptions like Krishna, Vishnu, Allah, Yahweh and why not add Santa Claus … will be obsolete, after what is real comes to be understood. Back to the story.

In the USA, witness this year’s General Election, women are very close to achieving their goal of achieving the coveted leadership role that they have been kept away from for thousands of years. It wasn’t long along Janet Rankin and other females were granted the right to vote. Many white Americans once believed that if blacks were to be given freedom at one time, that the nation would be destroyed, which was another justification that was used to keep black people enslaved.

During each election cycle we are told of whites who work feverishly to take away the rights of blacks to vote, by vote tampering, nullification and disqualification. I do not believe that when females become leaders and take their rightful place in leadership roles, particularly in a female-majority society, that it will signal the end of the USA.

I expect that in time that the United States of America will get even better, that is if men don’t then become complete female obstructionists. Do I sound as if I believe that females are perfect and that some will not be as harsh as some males have been, nyat. History has proven that females can be as sinister than males. However, and on the upside there wisdom is needed and it should be brought to and given its place 'in the market square'!

Do all females, particularly the ones that we refer to as radical feminists embrace me? Of course they don’t and I understand why. For one thing, many females lump me in with males who have historically mistreated them. And two, what they are suspicious of is a fact. I am learning to unlearn, but I am not fully there yet.

I still don’t always know what to do with a woman, and I have been very abusive and unfair to women myself in the past. I spent most of my day yesterday at the University of California Berkeley Campus, particularly up top at the Lawrence Hall of Science near the Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Before reaching the high elevations where these buildings are located I spent much of time on the lower positioned campus telling Satan to get thee behind me Satan.

Like most men I experience every male’s challenge (thank you Dr. Cloud and the New Live Crew), the challenge of not looking at females. I often feel that if God didn't intend for us to look at them, he wouldn't have made them so attractive!

Like most males we do to women what women do to flowers, we look at them, and desire to get a bouquet of them and take them home and put them in a base and well, you get my drift.

I suppose that most females do not mind being admired if it weren't simply for their outward appearance. I suspect that it s being treated like an object simply there for male utilitarian purposes is what females reject.

As beautiful as the women that I saw yesterday were, like the female-majorities on most American college campuses, these women are serious intellectuals who expect to be treated as such. I know that many of them are far smarter than me.

Yesterday, it took two women to get me to where I was trying to get to on campus. They may have thought dumb guy after I left, but they certainly didn’t treat me like a male would have treated a female when they provided me with directions.

Dudes, I initially went to the wrong science building, climbed 3 flights of stairs, walked down a long hall and looked for the Conference room only to be told that I was about a mile from the building where I needed to be, literally. Even though the building had a different name on it, I used my innate male cognitive powers to locate the wrong building, I never read the name on the building before entering, I simply knew intuitively where it was. Wrong!!!!

I heard a woman say about her husband, him ask for directions, this man won't even listen to the GPS that is installed in our car, he always knows a better way!

Sadly, Hillary Clinton was dispensed with and Sarah Palin is off to a rough start as she makes her first advent into national politics. However, in both scenarios whatever failures, miscues or shortcomings that have been - can be attributed to male domination and suppression, the misuse of them by males and the lack of experience by both of in the deadly male game of AMerican politics. Either of them might have fared better out in the jungle while being sought out by armed male hunters.

Clearly the McCain campaign is misusing Sarah Palin, although many Americans believe that she has been willingly misused. And the old boys network in the Democratic Party, not the Republicans, including its newcomer rose up and banded together in order to neutralize and eliminate Senator Clinton, despite her contributions to society and democrats.

It is sad that the ones who are closer to life and bear life, and who will attend to often over-looked societal needs will be ignored, misused or discarded by males. I hate to see other people use other people use people then discard them when they are no longer of use to them. I am guilty of having done that to someone in my younger life.

In either of the political scenarios that I just mentioned, males will end up still on top in spite of the manner in which two prominent women have been exploited. And I suspect that if McCain were to prevail, other than to be his cheerleader, then Vice President candidate also be relegated to the proverbial female scrap heap and used if McCain becomes President instead of Obama. But who knows, in time the Spirit of Vashti or Esther of the Hebrew scriptures might rise up along with a sense of pride in Sarah Palin?

What does religion have to do with any of this? If you accept the Canon I ask you to consider the text found in Joel 2:28 and 2:29, and ask yourselves. Why is it that a prophet has to announce that Heaven will be reintroducing the feminine principle and pouring out Spirit on all flesh including females?

Was that text saying that prior to that time that Heaven had not poured out its spirit on females, as males would have you to believe, you know a woman 'ain't suppose to preach'? And even if you take that position you must ask yourself if that were e the case and suddenly Heaven decided to pour out its spirit on all flesh, why haven’t most males accepted that pronouncement, many even until this day?

Or could Heaven have been saying that because males would not take the foot of oppression off of females, that Heaven itself made an announcement that Heaven supports females! I suspect that it was the latter. Again, what all have we as the human race missed, given the historical suppression of the female voice?

Since males by and large are responsible for most biblical and other religious writings, women typically had to write using synonyms, one has to consider that the male-slanted story explaining what happened in the Garden of Eden has male preference written all over it. Paul slipped up at one time and wrote in the book of Galatians that in Christ, there is neither male nor female…!

You ought to hear how male pastors and teachers try to explain that text which is contradicts what Paul om other Pauline letters and other male writers wrote!

Given that gender could only matter in a matter world, why would a God care about gender as we males care and stake our lives on? It seems to me that the one time that men will focus on the term ‘rule’, is when they apply it to a woman’s need to be ‘ruled’ by a male. Men see that as a divine right.

On the other hand there is something else in the Canon that is called, 'the Golden Rule’. And most men have overlooked the rule of treating others as you want to be treated. I do not know of any individual that wants another to rule over them one day of their lives much less everyday of their lives, particularly when that ruler is a cruel, self-absorbed dominating-type ruler.

I have looked into the faces of women who love their spouses, and believe that they he loved them, and they have been so sorely disappointed. Why? They have discovered that female-domination means far more to their counterpart than love does!And the poor males, they cannot understand what is wrong with her, and why has she shut down. Do unto others men.

If God, the literative male-God, did establish a rule that males should dominate as we have been taught then we have to ask this question, have males abandoned their birthright given their cruelty and lack of skill and ability to lead without demanding subservience? Clearly there has been a paucity of skilled leadership among males.

I would think that if God intended for males to lead, then they would have been equipped to lead, and clearly most of us know that it is not the case. The average female often appears to know more about leadership by the time that she has reached pubescence, than many males figure out by the time they are septuagenarians or ready for the grave.

Why this big pitch for females, and have I overlooked the fact that misandry or radical feminism exist, folks females although required to be, are not perfect. The fact of the matter is that I simply recognize that the nuclear family, societies and the world appear to be out of balance. And I attribute much of it not to the devil, but our having missed out on the female ingredient, component and contribution, due to dominate male leadership.

Males have set out since the beginning to destroy the female ingredient, and we are still behaving in the same manner today. Imagine a cake or pie or any other recipe that has been prepared when an essential ingredient has been left out.

You might respond that even in the animal Kingdom males are often dominate. In many instances that appears to be true, particularly when the male animal engages in physical male dominance. And unless we are no more than animals, it would be befitting for human males to behave in the same manner as their lower-male counterparts. Oftentimes, just as it is taking place in the human kingdom, female animals drive the males away.

We need to embrace, support, encourage and draw on female, wisdom and courage, something that we have ignored for millennia! In a home, oftentimes the female will shut down after repeated male-dominance, suppression and subjugation. However, it appears that in the market square, the females have agreed to fight back. I suspect that all of us and our future will be better because they have! Just imagine a whole new world!

Love Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

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