Oct 6, 2008

The Hi-Tech Lynching of Jeremiah Wright, The Wright Reverend!

Whites have bombed and burned black churches, and the reaction by the white community and the government was far less tepid in comparison to a few sound-bytes that have been taken from a black minister's sermon!

Why is it that one black man, The Wright Reverend, has to be sacrificed in order for another black man, Senator Obama, to prevail? Why? It is the way that things are done in America? Senator Obama's ascendancy depended upon his distancing himself from his mentor/alter ego, the purported angry outspoken and uppity black man! Obama's school of advisers told him to never show anger!

It is getting to the place where a black minister cannot preach a sermon, and not have it broadcast throughout the nation.

In the minds of many whites, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is just another angry negro that needs to be put back into his place. His circumstances, in light of the leak of portions of his sermon to the Press begs the question, why aren’t blacks permitted to show emotion or to express what they feel on the inside? White Americans can and do speak their minds, don’t they? Who got angry with Newt and the angry white men? Who was upset when John McCain stated that he would, bomb bomb bomb Iran, or when ever he pounds the lectern?

I am reminded of the days when the white overseer would sit in the pulpit when black ministers were first permitted to preach at all in front of black congregations. Anything said that made the white overseer/spy uncomfortable would be censored, and the preacher could be censured. And today, Rev. Jeremiah Wright or Pastor Willie Gaines of Anacostia Washington (the latter who preached about homosexuality in his pulpit), were stunned when later portions of their sermons were leaked to the white press by blacks no less!

How many of us believed that we were past the time when a black could preach or say something in private, and another black would run and leak it to the white masters? What is also interesting about this current scenario with the Reverend Jeremiah is this, it is happening during an election cycle. Man some whites really get mad with blacks during election cycles that has been going on since 1870. Why? Because blacks don’t ‘vote right’, that’s how some of them would explain it.

Tom Delay and others had no other choice than to gerrymander districts in states like Texas so that white think could prevail. Has he returned to the ant farm?

And Republicans in general, the Party that no longer produces viable candidates, has engaged in the craft of simply manipulating the whole elections apparatus it would seem. Over the past 5 decades, with the help of cross-over Democrats, in order to get their picks elected or what they want passed, they have pulled out all of the Republican Party tricks. Swiftboating, outright lying, character assassination, pimping Jesus, voter fraud or whatever it takes is all that appears to matter to Republicans, and they continue to win Presidential elections!

In a broader sense the hi-tech lynching of the Wright Reverend reminds you of a day when outwardly; whites would simply not tolerate a black American's opinion. Just a couple of decades ago, the Wright Reverend would have been dragged out of his church very likely and lynched. Since voting was an expression of opinion by black Americans, some Americans took it upon themselves to do all they could in order to prevent a black man from expressing his viewpoint by voting. And what has changed?

Several attempts to ensure the rights of black voters, the passing of an Amendment to the Constitution and the passage of several voters’ rights have been thwarted by manipulative individuals and groups of organized whites. All of the malfeasance that took place during the past two elections has at least been brought to America's attention by the so-called liberal Press.

Blacks stood in long lines, they were arbitrarily removed from voter roles and had their voting assignments changed so that they could not figure out where to vote…! Are whites or the white dominated governments, federal, state or local, upset enough to do anything about that? Can you imagine if it were whites who had their voter privileges tampered with, just how quickly this matter would have been resolved? And what has the conservative Press/Media had to say about voter tampering, very little! In fact they blame the voter.

Today in 2008 and during every election cycle all the way back to when blacks were permitted to vote, black Americans are and have been continuously hampered and hindered from voting. What really bothers whites about a minority group of voters, voting? It is because voting is an expression of free speech and like the founders believed, some white still believe that voting is a privilege that belongs only to certain white voters.

I had to ask for assistance from the Governor’s Office myself during a stay in the State of Virginia a few years ago, in order to assist me in getting registered in time to vote in the Commonwealth. The Governor’s office acted quickly in order to insist in ensuring me my right to vote (some technocrat at a lower intended to prevent that from happening), despite numerous efforts or my part to have whatever the phantom problem was resolved.

The first time that the Congress of the United States of America came together so quickly in order to condemn what it considered inflammatory speech took place in February 1994, when a black man no less, Khalid Muhammad spoke out; Khalid broke spoken and unspoken rules. How many times before had whites spoken out before and since Khalid made the mistake of speaking his mind, and the Congress did nothing? The number would be impossible to tally.

Did Congress ever get upset when they did, much less pass a nearly unanimous resolution to condemn such an action?

For 200 years white ministers, politicians, teachers, Presidents, presidents of Ford Motor Company could say whatever they wanted, and the government did nothing, because many of the ones speaking out were a part of the governmental conspiracy.

That men like Jesse Helms or Strongman Thurmond were able to remain in the Senate, decade after decade, speaks to the pathology of the white America psyche and the venal double-standard that persist in America to this day. And today in a typical fashion, another black man has to pretend to be a good black man, and the other black man who speaks in the manner that most blacks think and speak in private or in their pulpits becomes the sacrificial lamb.

Of late, the Wright Reverend has to be sacrificed so that Senator Osama can live by playing the role of the good happy and smiling house negro. Isn't it funny that all Americans are angry about what is going on in the financial markets of late, and they are expressing their opinions in public, over the airwaves and to their elected representatives. Then why is it that blacks can never demonstrate or express their anger?

America has a problem with blacks who appear to be angry, feeling that blacks ought to be thankful for whatever they get. Senator Obama’s team advised him to never appear to be angry, because whites won’t tolerate that from him. That kind of Willie Horton advice is frightening in a 21st Century context. We haven’t changed much from the days of the Jim Crow South nor north have we?

What happened to free speech for blacks? It really never existed. Blacks are free to speak within a certain emotional framework or context. To do otherwise would be considered uncivilized. I chided some individuals on YouTube explaining that when blacks speak out, and that is all that we do typically other than hurting our own people, that white Americans get incensed. Why how dare he? Why don't they just go back to where they came from. White Americans believe that they were hatched here in America it would appear.

When you compare white anger and black anger, and the behavior that often follows what do whites do? They invade neighborhoods with sheets covering their heads, they burn crosses, they terrorize, they lunch and internationally white angers often results in fission, hydrogen and other bombs and missiles being dropped, and whites will invade nations, pre-emptively, murder their heads of state, occupy or engage in the economic strangulation of other nations. Black express their rage usually verbally or in a white-sanctioned manner, that is to attack their own.

When will the dark night be past? Are things any different? Surely there have been some improvements, however, there are a lot of whites, not all, who would like to get a hold of the Wright Reverend and drag him up and down the streets from the back of a pickup truck if they could get their hands on him. Why? Because he got out of line and preached a sermon that some people did not like.

We need more Reverend Jeremiah Wrights; the Christian Canon is full of them. And when they spoke a message of condemnation to their nations, the people behaved much like mainstream white Americans are behaving today. In conclusion, it is clear that in American white anger is acceptable, yet black anger is not, even though blacks have more to be angry about, hmm! My God, what could black Americans have to be angry about is the attitude of some whites?

Anger is a normal emotion, it is what you do with anger that matters, and we don’t invade, occupy nations, murder innocent people in other nations or create any domestic civilians groups to overthrow the government, and neither did the Wright Reverend.

And isn't it interesting that white Americans are not upset with the armed white citizens militias that are hunkered down in states like Montana? Proverb 6 (read the chapter): there are 6 things that God hates and 7 is an abomination. As you read the things that God hates, compare them with the behaviors of the United States. Then you must ask yourself, does God hate America, because clearly America is oftentimes guilty of all six? Watch out Iran; you are next for white America is angry with you!

Love, peace & grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: I know what some of you are thinking, if you don't like it (white mistreatment) leave. My answer to that is no way, for in most societies, the criminals are the ones who are banished, American exceptionalism aside!

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