Oct 12, 2008

The Financial Crisis In America: It's A Black Thang?

A black comedian quipped in jest, on TV ONE last evening, that [Annie Mae] recently repossessed his house!

Can you believe that some Americans want to scapegoat the worldwide financial crisis, and blame it on black people? Some Americans explained a while back that it was because of the evil ways of black folks that God sent Hurricane Katrina to the Gulf Coast 3 years ago (in particular to wipe out the lower black inhabited wards in the City of New Orleans)! If that were true, God must be a white American! Can you believe it? If not, believe it anyway.

Blacks have been blamed for seemingly every calamity that has befallen America. Or, as some whites have often been known to say America would be even greater if as the leader of Japan once said, America didn't have any blacks in it. It is kind of like what took place in that other former republic, Rome, where Jews were blamed for burning down the city of Rome. And who destroyed the City of Rome, it wasn't Jews?

Conversely, blacks are rarely given any credit, except an occasional token plaudit for their innumerable contributions to America. For example, the remaining Tuskegee Airmen are finally being honored in some American venues today, sadly only a few of them are left to appreciate it.

If the sun were to fail to shine one day, in America blacks would likely be blamed for 'the darkness', pun intended. I can see some whites going down to the already darkened hood and with their burning crosses, demanding to know, what did you folks do to the sun to cause it not to shine? We have powers apparently that we don't know anything about. But has anyone asked the bigger question such as, what is the real reason for America’s current financial crisis? I believe that it has to do with ‘American Values’, and not just American corporate values.

Someone needs to ask this question, what is really wrong? Folks, if black Americans were to take all of their money out of the stock market, from banks and CDs, money-markets and 401Ks, and default on all of our mortgages trust me the American financial system would survive, except for those individuals, entities and indices that earn wealth from the marginal and the impoverished. Why? Given the history of blacks in America, and in spite of our labor we were never paid very much, and neither were our ancestors.

One thing that you can rest assure that we blacks will never be held responsible for is, America's success!

There has seldom been anything left to invest after black Americans paid their bills. Oh I know what you are going to say, well how about Oprah and Bob Johnson, they are billionaires?

Well, that's two black billionaires. But everyday you hear about a Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Wal-Mart Waltons, Mayor Bloomberg, Donald Trump... and millions of non-black millionaires, shall I go on?

Another comedian, John Witherspoon, previously bragged on the David Letterman show that he had become a 'thousandaire'! Dave looked at him quizzically, Dave being one of millions of white millionaires who reside in this country. How come it took 380 predominately black people to take care of first president George Washington's small family? In that scenario one individual George Washington kept the wealth, and the combined wealth of 380 humans beings who did the work was net zero! American values?

Today, we often witness the first president, George's Washington's mindset and his idea of American values in many of America's corporate executives, particularly the ones who earn 3 to 400 times what their struggling plantation employees earn.

It was reported on the 'This Week Show' this past Sunday, that half of the houses that are for sale in the Los Angeles housing market are repossessed houses. I live in northern California, and occasionally I get down to Los Angeles. And I can tell you that even though there are a lot of blacks in the Los Angeles basin, just like in any other American city, the majority of blacks there are not homeowners. So what groups are there that are being foreclosed on and dispossessed from their homes?

And isn't it ironic that blacks in Los Angeles struggle, given that portions of the LA basin were founded by blacks, to include Beverly Hills and parts of the San Fernando Valley.

Half of the chartered founders in the area were apparently black Spaniards (they had a drop or more of black blood in them). Interestingly enough only a few blacks reside in Beverly Hills and Bel Air California, most cannot afford it to, Shug Knight was one an exception! What is my point? In the same manner that blacks are not the majority of homeowners in Los Angeles or anywhere else in this nation, blacks did not procure the majority of the defaulted and are not to blame for America's current economic tsunami. My God, Ed McMahon defaulted, however, the Donald rescued him. Does Ed have an ounce of black blood in him?

The majority of the questionable loans that were made given the deregulation crisis, were made to hard working non-black people, just as some of the loans were made to hard-working black Americans. The question that needs to be answered is how come hard-working Americans with two and three incomes cannot afford to comfortably own a home without mortgaging his or her soul to the company store?

Yes blacks used to found cities in America, but oftentimes neither the cities nor its residents flourished in them. Why? Because you know who would either come in and destroy the cities, or they would strangulate each one economically. Have you ever heard of Allentown California, a city that was founded by a retired black military officer? Historic Allentown is located in Tulare County near Bakersfield California on highway 5, roughly 100 miles north of Los Angeles.

Captain Allen had the right idea and there are many more stories just like this one in American history. A celebration was recently held in the Bay Area, in order to celebrate Captain Allen and Allentwon, his son is still with us and he headed the project. One of the problems that the people of Allentown ran into was securing a steady stream of trade without interference from whites, and just as many black businesses experience today, they could not acquire credit! I am certain that racism, given our post racial society, had nothing to do with it. Tee hee hee!

Incidentally, California itself is rumored to have been named after a black Amazonian female named Califa! Apparently when the explorers met the actual Califa, Pizarro, Cortez or one of them (who had never seen anyone as beautiful) apparently named the region that is now known as Calif-ornia after Califa.

Someone once said that if Califa had remained a black and Spanish state, someone would have opened a restaurant and named it, Nacho Mama! Tee hee hee!

If you were to visit Mt. Vernon Virginia, and Washington's massive estate, now owned apparently by the DAR, you will discover that the only land that blacks inherited, in spite of their life-long labor there, was the plot out back where 96 of them are buried! And for all intents and purposes Washington's Mt. Vernon Virginia, was a chocolate city like New Orleans. The white Washington family, were the minorities on the estate, however, they kept all of the wealth to include Mt. Vernon's massive acreage (now shrunken), the mill, the cattle and the moolah! American values?

I want to talk about that more in the future, but think about this for now. This nation was built, initially, on the backs of unpaid black laborer. And 232 years later, the nation a so-called ‘post racial society’ is in trouble financially. And who has is being blamed, and at the same time who has to save the day?

The sistah's and brotha's are being blamed for the current calamity by some, and a half-black male will have to save the fledgling American financial system if not the world’s financial system! At least this slave will be paid for his work. I am not voting for him, however, if he succeeds I wish him success!

If Obama becomes President of the USA, George Washington will be turning over in his grave. It would be the same as if someone would have come to tell him that his favorite sidekick slave Billie's son, a descendant of Africans too, had become President of the United States in the 18th century! And if Obama becomes President of the land of the free and the home of the slave, all of the faces on Mt. Rushmore would likely take on an appearance of shock and dismay. Even Abe's face might have the appearance of shock on it.

However, it might happen and if so what an ironic twist that a black will have to save this nation that blacks built, all over again!

As opposed to blaming blacks for America's current economic crisis, has anyone considered that perhaps God permitted all of the investments of mostly selfish white Americans to be tapped? Why? Because the latter have been hoarding and storing wealth for centuries while many other Americans have been and are homeless, without health care, retirement funds, jobs ...!

Have whites and all of the other foreigners who have come to America's shores over the years in order to procure freedom, fame and fortune at the expense of blacks (who never got a share or a stake in America's success); the individuals who were 'the products' of the American enterprise system; realized yet that if it were not for blacks America would not be the nation that it is today?

The next question is, do they care? And to wit, everyone else except blacks who benefit from this system would not be beneficiaries without the lifelong blood, sweat and tears of blacks and their ancestors. America's white founders were too lazy to work in many in many instances, they did not build this nation and to wit they are not building it now! In a sense they are doing what their ancestors did, they are moving production overseas in order to exploit almost free labor by American standards, unlike their foreparents who brought their slaves here to America!

Without blacks, America today would likely be a third world nation, if not still subject to the Crown of England 232 later! Black history month? Folks everyday ought to be 'celebrate black Americans' in the United States of Amerigo, if not throughout the Caribbean, the Americas and much of the world!

In summary and conclusion readers, there is some symmetry here given the ongoing financial problem that America is experiencing today, it is as if America has gone back to the future. Blacks worked to create America’s wealth that they do not share in, and it would appear that a black will have to save America’s shaky financial system all over again (the one that they are responsible for creating, not destroying).

Blacks have something in common with American veterans (many of whom are black)they are the ones who fight for this nation so others can enrich themselves, that on the other hand receive little in return for their service.

Even Senator John McCain, he and his wife's annuitized worth is reportedly $100 million. He and his wife reportedly own 7 homes, and 12 or 13 vehicles ..., and the same John McCain recently voted down an increase in pay and benefits for veterans recently. He also voted against a bill that finally passed in the House last year that would have permitted 600,000 mostly black citizens in the District of Columbia (not to forget his hold out on ratification of the Dr. MLK Holiday), to finally have one Congressional Representative.

Yet, John Mcain would send both groups blacks and other soldiers to fight and stay on a warzone plantation for 100 years ..., however, without adequate pay or benefits, while he can live at will on any of his plantations of choice! Hmm!! American values?

Each time that blacks have asked to be compensated for the service that was rendered to this nation, they have been summarily rebuffed. Has anyone considered why the ones who have fought (often over represented by blacks in comparison with the number of blacks in the population), and the ones who helped to build this nation and its largess that everyone else enjoys, often are the lowest of the low on the economic totem pole?

The fact of the matter is that there were black soldiers who were never fully compensated for their service in the Revolutionary War. Why not? The nation and its leaders, didn't believe that blacks should be commensurately compensated, or receive compensation at for their service to this nation. American Values?

Is God poking fun at America or something? Can it be coincidental that a black man may have to lead this nation and save it financially over the next 4 to 8 years, given what whites have done to it. Well, when you think about it, whose money is it anyway? And, given that blacks are the ones who did the work to establish America, along with the natives, whose country is this anyway? Oh I know what you are thinking, what about those blacks who are a part of America's permanent underclass who appear to be doing in America's ghettos and inner cities?

Perhaps, unlike some of us, they have been conditioned to depend upon their current slave masters to give them a job. They do not realize that the masters have discovered new slave-pools overseas where they can enrich themselves by exploiting them! Today's American black slave, and now some of the white indentured servants are too cost prohibitive!

Now isn't everyone sad given the tax breaks that we allowed American corporations, and they are moving production and research in many instances overseas so that they can benefit from cheap overseas labor, having abandoned the ones who worked to make them and what their corporations are today. How does it feel to be treated as if you were a discarded black slave? Black Americas have experienced that feeling for approximately 4 centuries now!

Are your civil rights workers, historically the office of the President, the Congress and the Judiciary helping you. Let me teach you one of our favorite songs and you can sing along with us, those who have historically believed that you were better than us: We shall overcome! Tee hee!! Are you ready to join us as we have been asking you to do for years, and to set this nation on a proper heading yet?

White American Christians, according to John the 14th chapter, in Heaven everyone gets one mansion. John McCain and many others are going to be very disappointed, if they get there! They will be thinking, I had 7 homes on earth and here I get can only have one just like everyone else, and I can't have any slaves? When is the last time do you suppose that John McCain, George Bush and many like them have done an honest days work, and just consider how much they receive in compensation for doing nothing? American values!

The crisis in the American financial system cannot rightfully be blamed on black Americans, however, as with most problems in America that need solving this one may become a black thang to solve! For America to thrive and in order for all of its people to be blessed, the American value system has to change, or another crisis is right around the corner and you cannot keep blaming blacks.

Peace, love & grace,
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: Anyone who is looking for a success formula to start a nation that will eventually enrich them and all of their friends and relatives should follow America's example, here is what you do. Visit a territory in some remote location, kill the majority of its inhabitants or place them in reserves, confiscate and then occupy the land and call it your own; and don't forget to name it Freedom Land.

Afterward, construct ships and go and acquire people-laborers by force from thousands of miles away, bring them and make them work for free for centuries (or build multi-national corporations in that distant land where you can exploit their slave pools), and then set up a government with rules that cannot be amended, that will permit a select group to keep the majority of the nation's wealth for the elites and their descendants!

And don't forget to build religious houses where you can go each week and thank God for blessing you and your family and friends! It worked for those colonists and explorers who came to America. Er herm!!!

This has been an unpaid political announcement by the committee to re-elect Mayor Marion Barry to yet another term as Mayor of 'Home Rule' Washington DC. Now doesn't 'Home Rule' sound like a master to slave relationship. Will the masters of the the majority black District of Columbia, ever permit those on the plantation to have elected representatives? The people of the Republic of China told Representative Tom Davis of Virginia, when he visited Beijing that they ought to, instead of criticizing China!


votetheday.com said...

Global crisis is not only about companies of financial services. It is about common people as well. The ones with loans, credits, mortgages. The ones with jobs to preserve, houses to retain, families to maintain, relatives to support, children to send to colleges. The ones with budgets, where every cent has its destination. How many of the people lose jobs, cars, homes? How many have to cut out the spendings, which they considered a normal part of their lives? - http://www.votetheday.com/finance-26/are-you-feeling-the-effects-of-the-financial-crisis-311

Rev. C. Solomon said...

Well, that is my point exactly and more. The worldwide crisis is being blamed by most nations on America, not blacks.

Why? It has to do with American values, American exceptionalism, American hegemony, the American dollar, America's control and influence on the world-wide economic system (America having often been rebuked by the WTO for unfair trade practices itself).

Look for some future changes, despite what the G7 has said, even members of the G7 (including its unofficial 8th member that won't conform to American dictates, Russia), will simultaneously working to distance themselves from America's economic system.

Look for a different system to be formed soon which will be agood thing to compete with the American one, it will probably come out of China. It would include 3rd world nations that have been systemically hampered or tampered with as a result of American tampering and harassment enterprise and political zone!

I will be pleased to see those nations that America has had its foot on like Cuba, to finally rise up in a new world-wide financial system and likely a new world order.

Perhaps they will be permitted to become what they are destined to be, Free People!

No not free from Fidel, but free of American the American dictatorship!

America won't permit Russia to have a Truman or Monroe Doctrine without interferring, yet America has had its foot on Cuba for over 50 years.

Tom Jefferson, perhaps God's justice has awakened (a bit late to my liking), in time I hope, to do something about what is wrong with America, particularly given its impact on the entire world!

And isn't it interesting that the solutions that has been put forth of late is what most Americans have been taught to decry, socialism. We are a society, a society is about socialism, we have social work schools and social work agencies. A society should be for the people, it worked for a time in Acts 4, it will work in America, however, some anti-capitalists will likely have to likely be banished to the Isle of Patmos!

When did socialism become a dirty word, in America!

Rev. C. Solomon said...

Correction: I meant to say that some capitalists would likely have to be banished to the isle of Patmos, and that other nations must free themselves from American enterprise zones. The USA has the nations of the world divided up into enterprise zones, for the ultimate purpose of economic exploitation by America.