Jun 10, 2008

The American Taliban Party (Too Many of Senator Obama’s Supporters)

@ revsolomonc, You're a fool, and a fucking asshole like that idiotic Juan William of Fox Noise. You, Tavis Smiley (who is a totally nobody, anyway), and other uncle Toms/aunt Jemimas out there are nothing but sickos. You fucking retard!

These remarks are representative of comments that I have received, on more than one occasion from purported Obama Taliban supporters. Obama’s cotillion of liberal white Americans joined with young black fascists, I believe, is doomed to eventually implode. And it doesn’t help that the ‘I was against the war in Iraq and then for the war in Iraq Democratic Congress members, not just senator Kerry switched sides just as they did with the war and joined the American-Obama Taliban group.

And just as the students in Afghanistan did who took over the government of the nation of Afghanistan two decades ago, and afterward installed Sharia Law, one can only wonder what these youngsters truly have in mind, and what they would do if Senator Obama were to become President. Will they install ‘Obama Law’?

On the other hand, I suspect that if he does not do what they want quickly enough, and he cannot, his young fighters will be referring to him as Uncle Tom or by other pejoratives soon after he is elected, if he were to become elected President if he were to become President of the United States

The Talib in Afghanistan would not tolerate any dissent or questioning of the changes that they made once they took over Kabul. It would appear that the original Taliban will have a lot in common with America’s displaced political Talib supporters led by Senator Obama today.

It has always been a pet peeve of mine that individuals in black America who historically criticized the white power structure and its way of doing things oftentimes repeat the identical behavior whenever they have a chance at power. This is an interesting phenomenon, the Obama phenomenon I call it – I pray that nobody gets hurt if an edict of ‘Obama Law’ were to be implemented! These irreverent kids are dangerous!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon
There used to be a time when white Americans would refer to members of their own race as nigger lovers in order to motivate them to stay in line with a white racist agenda. During the Obama campaign many blacks have reverted to using similar pejoratives in order to inveigle black Americans to stay with a black racist agenda. There are many white Americans who no longer respond to that kind of pressure or manipulation, now how long will it take for some black Americans to move beyond race-baiting and antagonizing members of their own race?

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