Jun 10, 2008

Rev Responds To The Faith In Action Blog.

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Thank you Reverend Brown

And to everyone else, who responded, with respect to Jews and Arab and Muslims, please recall that God also dispatched an angel to communicate directly with Hagar (on several occasions) just as was done thousands of years later with the Virgin Mary. That American Christians write-off Arabs and Muslims wholesale is a travesty of divine proportions.

Israel has long since become a secularist nation. Christian Americans who continue to fund Israel's war chest via the government and through direct and indirect giving are not allowed to proselyte in Israel (I did not say the ROC) - it is against the law. Americans should join with those citizens in Israel, in my opinion, who have been repudiating the behaviors of their government in favor of making peace with the Palestinians. At the rank and file level, Palestinians and the majority of the people of Israel get along just fine!

Their leaders, like America's past and present leaders persist in their quest to bolster division in the Middle-East. I spake with Reverend Browning from MD, and attended Minister Farrakhan’s press conference at the National Press Club following their return from the Middle-East several years ago. I trust what our ministers disclosed as a result of what they experienced and after meeting with sides, Yasser Arafat and his supporters and Ariel Sharon and his supporters. If Yasser Arafat was a terrorist, clearly Sharon was a terrorist! And the consensus of our ministers was at the time, that Israel is completely out of control.

If the current world order will be permitted to remain intact, those nations who have been oppressed and suppressed as a result of America being at the top of the current world order will continue to suffer, no matter who is President, and/or if he or she were to persist in pursuing the policies of the past. America's allies, over the past 7-years, have spoken truth to power and repudiated the behavior and policies of their long-term ally, the United States of America.

With respect to Common Sense's comment, voters should always scrutinize candidates regardless of their race, I am certain that Senator Obama has done the same over the past; just as he has done in the present with Senator McCain and other candidates against whom he has vied. He does not sound like a change candidate, as purported, to this observer!

From what I have observed America is not fighting for truth and justice (or a nation like Cuba would not have been embargoed for a half-century now, regardless of the hurt to the Cuban people), on the other hand and as it has always been proudly proclaimed by past and present American leaders, America is fighting for American interest, and as a consequence white supremacy – truth and justice has little to do with American foreign policy! We need bold new leadership, and someone who can stand up and eviscerate the errors of the past domestically, and American injustice and America’s unjust policies around the world! Even Papa George Bush once said, America ought to become a kinder and gentler nation. That way of thinking cost him a second-term in office!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

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