Jun 29, 2008

The Audacity of Arrogance: George Bush, Senator Obama & The Failed American Electorate

The American electoral process is tantamount to war between the Crips and the Bloods. Neutral Americans are being conditioned to believe that they have to choose sides between the Democratic Crips or the Republican bloods or else. Some of us have decided to remain neutral and to remain outside of either gang! Membership in either gang means that eventually you the individual will loose!

Who would disagree that the American elections process is functioning improperly or that it is continuing on a downward spiral, that is unless its sole purpose is to put anyone in office, whether they are qualified or not to be President of the United States? If that is the case, it is working just fine. Prior to the past 8 years, for 2 centuries, Americans spent most of their time voting, with a few noble exceptions, white racists into office, and now it is incompetents that are being placed into office, regardless of color or ethnicity! One can only wonder, what's next? Given the strong showing by women during this cycle, perhaps by 2012 the women will rescue the nation from grossly incompetent males and the spinning out of control election process!

During the previous two election cycles, 2004 and 2008, Republican American voters failed to run a qualified candidate for the office of the resident, and they elected with the help of cross-over democrats and independent voters a sub par candidate. After nearly two terms in office, George Bush has proved that he is no more qualified to be President of the United States today than he was when he was elected in 2000, and re-elected in 2004. In fact, it would appear that he has decompensated if that were at all possible!

Then Democratic American voters, not to be undone during this current election cycle, voted to elect a nominee on their side their inchoate and unqualified version of a George Bush . If you hadn’t noticed, I have left Senator McCain out of the discussion thus far because I believe that he is qualified for the office of the President. And isn’t it ironic that the same Republicans who placed unqualified George Bush into office, are not supporting in droves a qualified Senator John McCain?

Not only has Senator John McCain served with honor, for decades, in the United States Senate; he also has proven battle scars in Washington DC as well as broad based understanding about how Washington and the world works - and most of all he has a heart for the American people over party politics. George Bush when he ran for office couldn’t even name the heads of state of most nations in the world, I doubt whether he can do so now. Senator Obama, who has served in Washington DC for approximately 3 years, has spent half of his time in the Senate out on the campaign trail.

What is wrong with America and Americans, and how does any of what we have witnessed over the past 8 years make any sense? Democrats will vote for anyone and will encourage anyone else that they can to vote for a candidate whether he has any qualifications or experiences that would qualify him to be President or not. Republicans over the past two elections and in response to the 8 years of the Clinton candidacy were joined with cross-over Democratic voters that helped them to defeat the Clintons, and nearly 8 years later the majority of Americans are suffering as a result of their decision debacle.

It makes you wonder whether or not Americans are making a true assessment of what is at stake for individual Americans, America, their children and the world. And what is at stake is not only the present, but also the future. Are Americans truly concerned about security, not only security from the threat of invading nations or enemies of the American state, but how about the quality of secured life for their children and for all of the rest of us? And speaking of that, would we turn our homes other to the most unqualified child to manage the house while we were away from home? Then why are some Americans willing to commit a similar debacle when it comes to the nation at large by selecting yet another unequipped candidate? Haven't those Americans learned anything over the past 8 years?

Repeating of the behavior of the past 8 years during the current election cycles gives me great concern, it ranks right up there with the pedestrian definition of insanity. American voters need to wake up for it appears to this writer that some Americans are simply repeating the mistakes of the past and for that matter the present. If it is true that perhaps 100 million Americans, who were eligible to vote during the 2004 general election, elected not to participate or were kept from participating, one has to wonder why? Could it be that those voters recognize that the American elections process is mostly a sham or a failed enterprise?

Let’s face it, what do you get for your trouble? It would appear that you will get chameleon-like say whatever they have to unqualified or underqualified candidates who simply want to receive the heralded and hard sought after nomination, along with their group of supporters that without conscience or doing their homework simply voted because they wanted to defeat the candidate or incumbent candidate that is running for the other side. In my mind that makes both the underqualified and unqualified candidates that are running for office, and the ones who vote for unqualified candidates both suspect.

Whatever the outcome, I would conclude that the ones who vote irresponsibly should suffer the consequences for their specious voting practices, but not the rest of us. If this trend is to continue in America, it is time for the rest of us to consider another method for finding and crowning our American leaders, the current method is not working. The audacity of hope (confident expectation), has been replaced with the audacity of arrogance by the underqualified and unqualified candidates who are running for office, and by many of the American voters who vote for them! Muhammad Ali said it best years ago when he proffered: Not just anyone can be President.

What the past 8 years have proven, is that Americans do not take the office of the President seriously, at least not until there is a crises. Getting elected, and having what it takes to do the job ought to be what truly matters in all of her minds!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

Who is this registered independent voter casting his vote for; I am exploring qualified 3-rd party candidates. And for those who will say that ultimately your vote will not count because your candidate will not be electable I simply say, and what has your vote counted for these past 8 years, and what will it count for over the next 4 years? Whatever the case, I have the audacity to vote neither for the Democratic Crips or the Republican Bloods!

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