Jun 11, 2008

A Senator Obama Black Fascist on You Tube!

An Obama Supporter Attacks The Rev on You Tube!

It is clear in some sense that irreverent Obama supporters are following the lead of Senator Obama; Senator Obama did not show a lot of respect for his pastor (a minister) either).

Witness the unedited and unsolicited exchange between Reverend Solomon and an Obama Supporter, tbioko, on YouTube (read from the bottom up) June 2nd through June 10, 2008:

Reverend Solomon responded:

tbiok, You haven't insulted me today, what happened? I miss being insulted by you. And you never answered my question. Since you are supporting a man who is half-white (Scotch-Irish), does that make you half an Uncle Tom? And, btw what does that make Senator Obama since he is half-white, a white-black Tom? And how do you refer to your candidates white mother, grandmother and other relatives? You can't have it both ways. We have nothing against the Senator, we're simply scrutinizing him!

If the majority of the people decide to elect Senator Obama to be President of the United States is not the problem। The problem that we have to deal with is what to do with people like you! Can you say American Talib?

And by any reasonable standard, Senator Obama is a neophyte। He has a lot to learn. As I've told other blacks to do, consider the conditions of blacks in South Africa who believed that by having black Presidents, everything would suddenly change. Given the Mandela and Mbeiki Presidencies, not much has changed for 95% black South Africa. There are structural barriers in place in America that Obama cannot overcome alone, just because he's Emperor (as you wrote). Get up sto speed!
tbiok, Enroll in the African-American studies department as I previously suggested; you don't know who your real enemies happen to be. Do you know who the patron was behind the Harlem Renaissance? Do you know who underwrote the costs of the March on Washington in 1963? Do you know which group subsidizes the NAACP? Because someone is white it does not make them your enemy, and because they are black does not make them your friend? Stop attacking the wrong people, many consider us radicals!
Actually, each one of the names that you mentioned are extremely intelligent and competer black Americans, of which you and most of the time 'The Rev' have differences of opinions. They are not the problem, white supremacy is the problem. You waste too much time trying to destroy your own. That kind of reminds me of when black Americans burn their own communities or rob their own people!
rcs,Are you familiar with Clarence Thomas. Colin Powell. Condi Rice. Lynn Swann. Michael Steele. Thomas Sowell. Walter Williams. Larry Elder. Alan Keyes. Juan Williams. Armstrong Williams (with his ugly ass). Stephanie Stubbs-Jones? They are all self-loathing black nincompoops like yourself!
tbioku wrote
rcs, How does a President Obama sound to you? What about a King Obama? Or, an Emperor Obama? You and ypur ilks should learn to live with it!
revcsolomon responded
'tb', You are in the wrong century! Many individuals in America consider Obama to be a half-white Scottish-Irish and half-black erudite black elitist. Have you forgotten about his Irish blood? Have you sold out, Nubian, Mandingo misfit given that you are supporting a purported 'half-white elitist'? I guess that makes you only 'half a Tom'? Find a university in your area and enroll in the Afro-American studies department quickly, you are a retrograde embarrassment to the black race!

revcsolomon (responded 1 of 2)
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'tb' White liberals transcended the white fascism that they grew up with, at a time when other whites would refer to them as nig-lovers in order to keep them in line. I am not disturbed in the least by your racist ignorance or 'Tom remarks'. Your insults only inform me and I am sure others of just how pathological and pathetic you happen to be. Whether Obama becomes President will not alter what is apparent, where you are concerned! Take your psychotropic meds, then we can discuss issues!

tbioku (wrote)
An uncle Tom, or an aunt Jemima, or a House Negro, or a "Sell-Out" is a Black man or woman who works against his people's (or race's) interest in order to curry unnecessary favors from white elites whether short-term or long-term e.g., financial, position, or power. He or she is a shameless, self-loathing bastard!@ revcsolomon, you're a self-hating uncle Tom like that bastard Juan William of Fox Noise. By the way, Juan William is nothing but a Panamanian!

revcsolomon responded
The problem with youthful black fascists like you is that you do not understand that the black community is not a monolithic community. The fact that you prefer to silence those voices who share a difference of opinion than your own tells me that you do not have the interest of the people at heart. Now think about it, if Senator Obama distanced his pastor given his remarks (which I do not disagree with by the way), what would he do if heard your caustic remarks! You're an embarrassment to OBM!

revcsolomon responded 1 of 2
I have engaged in political discourse with a number of Obama supporters, and I have to give them credit that even though they did not agree with my position they were not as crass you are. As forestated, Obama supporters like you remain me of the Talib in Afghanistan, you want to take over the government and in the process to define the process and slaughter anyone who gets in your way. Your ignorance and insolence, is suggestive of a much deeper psychological pathology. Get some help dude!

Tbioko wrote:
Why don't you fucking shut the fuck up! Spare us these your senseless diatribes, for crying out loud! For once, will you and other retrogressive uncle Toms/aunt Jemimas stop backstabbing the Black race?

Rev. Solomon Responded
Better is the end of a thing than the beginning (King Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes). It will be interesting to see what you folks will be saying once this man has established a record! The race is to the one who endures to the end. We will all learn something about this one-term Senator's endurance. So far, all that he has done is retreat in order to get elected.

I simply hope that all of us, black and white, will grow from this experience which I will refer to as the Obama phenomenon. How quickly we turn on our own. It makes you wonder what it will take before some of you turn on a President Obama. Tavis has a pristine record, Obama hasn't spent a day in office. Will some of you be as vitriolic when things don't go you way with a President Obama, if he were to become President? Obama may win the battle, but I suspect that he will loose the war!

revcsolomon 1 of 2
I believe given present attitudes and behaviors towards Tavis and other blacks and black leaders who did not make Obama their first choice, that the same individuals will be calling a President Obama an uncle Tom, just about February 2009. It always amazes me how quickly blacks will turn on their own! Shift to the center? After a few months in office, a President Obama will have to shift completely to 'the white side', for impatient and unforgiving blacks will have abandoned him! Mayor Nagin?
tbioku wrote You're a fool, and a fucking asshole like that idiotic Juan William of Fox Noise. You, Tavis Smiley (who is a totally nobody, anyway), and other uncle Toms/aunt Jemimas out there are nothing but sickos. You fucking retard!
Rev Solomon responded:
Spoken like a true Obama supporter tbiok and this is what I have been warning others to be skeptical about before jumping on the Obama bandwagon. Senator Obama and his inchoate American Talib supporters have their own agenda. I am simply doing what I believe that Senator Obama has done in the past and present, to subject candidates to scrutiny, he is not exempt. Obama's coalition of white liberals and blacks racists and against the war then for the war Congressman will not survive. Implode?

Folks, make your own determination.

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

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