Jun 6, 2008

Senator Obama and the American Talib Party!

A vote for Senator Obama represents a vote to support America's version of a Talib (student) government; Senator Obama like his would-be predecessor has already demonstrated his naiveté when it comes to dealing with domestic, personal and international matters.

I have spent the past two months discoursing, almost daily, with purported members of the Obama advisory and election team, as well as with Obama sycophants. Although I never hid it from them, which candidate this independent voter believed would best serve this nation, Senator Clinton; I am convinced more than ever that it would be a mistake to support the Democratic Party nominee, Senator Obama and his America Talib support team.

Considering Senator Obama’s resume alone, there is nothing n his resume that remotely qualifies him to be President of the United States, at least not yet anyway. America should not repeat the mistakes made of the past 2 General Elections, by electing another under qualified candidate, as was done with George Bush, to be President of the United States. It would appear that the Democratic Party insists on having its turn at foolhardiness, given its recent decision to nominate its novice candidate to be President of the United States.

Next, when I consider the disloyalty factor of Senator Obama not only to his pastor, civil rights leaders and more qualified candidates who earned the right to be first, as well as his eager yet unknowledgeable advisers and supporters (given their advice and efforts to push Senator Obama ahead of more seasoned, experienced and qualified candidates), in my opinion it would be completely irresponsible if not foolhardy to place the hopes, dreams, aspirations and destinies of so many individuals in this nation and the world into the hands of the America Talib, the Obama camp!

In my opinion the presumptuous and contemptuous children of an impetuous generation are simply trying to wrest the power and control of the house away from their political parents, without having any qualifications or understanding of what it takes to run the house themselves.

And with respect to the democrats, particularly those in Congress who abandoned their initial pledges of support to Senator Clinton, it is clear that they have not learned their lessons yet. Simply consider the irresponsible voting records of democrats when they dispensed with reason, logic and morality and presumptuously jumped on the George Bush Rush to War bandwagon, a decision that has come back to haunt many of them, including Hillary Clinton. These malleable public servants are repeating the same behavior all over again, and I believe their latest jump ship maneuver will have negative dividends and once again come back to haunt them!

Finally, if Senator Obama were to prevail and become President of the United States along with his Talib advisers, I pray that they will prove me wrong for there is much at stake and neither Obama nor members of his team is ready to take on such a daunting challenge, in the opinion of this writer! Can you say Afghanistan USA and the Senator Obama American Taliban Government, a government that has zero intentions of listening to individuals who are more experienced? This government, if elected, would be run in a similar fashion to the current George Bush and the Bushtanista or Taliban Government in Afghanistan, every other voice of reason, pastor, church, experienced leadership will be left behind!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

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