Jun 13, 2008

Reverend Solomon to “Devil on a Horse American” an Obama Blog Supporter!

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Common Sense,
The only semblance of hatred that I have ever witnessed on this blog has come from one source, and you are that one source!

I have faith that in time your heart will be purged from bigotry and that you will learn to abstain from making boorish and empty claims। No one has done more disservice to Senator Obama on this blog than you have, and still you purport to be an Obama supporter.

Perhaps the Lord placed you on my mind tonight, whatever the case may be I was thinking of your disparaging and racist digs at Senator Clinton, in prior posts you have frequently referred to her as Ms। Anne.

What would a Senator Obama or his white mother have to say about someone who claims to be an Obama supporter, but cannot stop attacking someone who is a part of their own cultural heritage with racial slurs? What appellation would you apply to the Senator’s mother, his grandmother or his Scotch-Irish relatives, Ms। Anne or some other pejorative? Or how about the Senator himself? Have you ignored the fact that he happens to be half white himself.

I suspect that the Obama coalition, or cotillion might be a more appropriate description, of white-liberals who have coalesced with black fascists in order to attempt to put the Senator into office will eventually collapse। Sooner or later white liberals will realize just who all is on their team!

Embracing a man in order to get what you want who happens to be bi-racial, even though you obviously dislike Caucasians, once again suggests that you (and others like you) harbor in your hearts something that is in need of being healed। Remember Dr. King’s message, it is by the content of their character, not the color of their skin!

You young people want to take over the reigns of power in America, however, you still haven’t learned to respect diversity, and America is a culturally diverse nation!

# 8 Common Sense Says: June 12th, 2008 at 7:37 pm
@Rev. Solomon,
I know I said I would not respond to your white loving, Uncle Ruckus of the Boondocks acting tirades। That’s exactly who you are. The voice of Uncle Ruckus. You would take a bullet for Hillary, i.e. Miss Ann. You defend her tooth and nail in every post. In case you have not noticed, she lost Ruckus॥er I mean Rev. Solomon. You hate Obama, myself and any black person that does not agree with you. Slavery has lasted longer in America than it hasn’t(count the years), but you are so self hating, so anti young black people that it is sad. Fine Rev., you hate black people who don’t think like you. Take some of your energy that you defend Miss Ann and use it to reach out to or understand where the next generation is coming from. A lot of us walking around now did not have to bow our heads when in the company of white people so they can’t relate. I can’t stand your constant denegration of black people. Do they still make that cream that lightens your skin??? Maybe you can back order. Check into it.

# 9 Reverend Solomon Says: June 13th, 2008 at 3:32 pm
Common Sense ( an oxymoron):
I am still waiting for you to tell me which pejorative you use to describe Senator Obama’s white relatives (his mom, grandmother and other Scotch-Irish relatives, fellow Obama non-black supporters and your mixed relatives – most of us derive from mixed ancestry)। And I am also waiting for you to tell me which of the venal pejoratives you use to describe Senator Obama since he is half-white. I don’t have a problem with Senator Obama running for the office of President of the USA if he wants to run for the office of President, for just like every other American born person who is above the age of 35, he has the right to do so. You could even run for President I suppose, and clearly that would be a travesty!

Just as I did not believe that George Bush was qualified to be President (and he is Caucasian), and he proved that he was not qualified (Ambassador Alan Keyes once said: The man does not have the mental capacity to a President of the USA), he proved that on more than one occasion)।1) I simply do not feel that Senator Obama is qualified to be President (nothing in his resume demonstrates that he is), even though he meets the legal criteria which I also feel should be revisited.2). I don’t agree with many of the positions that he has taken.3). He has not demonstrated that he possesses the mettle to stand up to the pressure that he will be facing that often comes from those who harbor the spirit of white supremacy, or of late black supremacist citizens of America like you.

My larger problem is with nascent ‘devil on horses’ Darfur-like and supposed black-fascist supporters of Senator Obama like you”! One thing for sure, Senator Obama is not a racist, give him credit for that। But you on the other hand have done nothing but spew racial hatred given the incessant racial epitaphs that you have constantly employed on this blog in order to demonstrate your ignorance. All you have done is to prove that so far is that you have a very serious problem, and it is clear that you don’t have ‘common sense’! Another young man like you lumped me in with Shelby Steele, Condolezza Rice, Colin Powell, Judge Thomas…, he said that all of us were Uncle Tom’s. I say to you what I said to him, then what does that make you, a half a Tom, since you support a man who is half-white. I may or may not agree with all of the positions held or taken by the former-named, however, each one of them are erudite, accomplished social contributers that I am still proud of, they have contributed something to mankind and to our race that neither you nor the young man that I referred to have done - civility and respect for other people!

I am pleased that you were not censored, we all need to engage in political discourse! The job of the elders is to teach the youngsters. My suggestion to you is to enroll in an African American studies department at a local university and get up to speed. What comes out of your mouth is a reflection of what you harbor in your heart. You really ought to seek spiritual guidance - something is wrong with your heart!

Rev. C. Solomon

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