Jun 25, 2008

The Divided States of America & Senator Obama: What Kind of Person Wants To Be President?

Here's a thought: Since Iraq (Babylon) is being occupied and run by the United States of America, and soon to be a western democracy, now can they have WMDS? Tee hee hee!

I simply cannot imagine why anyone would want to be President of the divided states of America? I suspect that those who do are either misguided, naive or clamorous of the idea of presiding over a nation that possesses super nuclear-capabilities sufficient enough to destroy the rest of the world.

And that is exactly what you would get if you were to become President, and not only that you would he the head of a nuclear armed nation that reminds other nations that it disfavors everyday that if you were to develop even one nuclear weapon, either the United States itself or its 51st state Israel would destroy you using their WMDs.

It begs the question that if other nations cannot have nukes, why won’t the USA (and apparently Israel) get rid of their own? Oh I know, the General Assembly voted and it was approved in the Security Council that certain nations would be allowed to have nuclear capabilities and others would not? Has anyone noticed that there have been other nations that have violated that agreement with the full approval of the United States of America?

My own country amazes me; America is not the only hypocritical nation in the world – but we reserve the prize for being the most hypocritical of them all. The nation of Iraq is living proof of American hypocrisy. Iraq had about as much WMD when the USA invaded, as the United States possessed in the 19th Century, and still the USA used that as a pretext to ignore the will of the United Nations and many American citizens to take down a country and its leaders and to occupy a once sovereign nation that hadn’t done a thing to the USA.

And what was even worse was that certain individuals in this nation, not just Mr. Bush, treated you as if you the one that was crazy because you spoke up about American duplicity and injustice, but there’s nothing new there is it?

For some Americans, the golden prize is to become President and to rule over this mess, for even the nascent Senator from Illinois cannot wait to preside over such an inane American policy which has pitted other nations of the world against each other, and suppressed nations that are not of America’s liking in the Americas and around the world. Some Americans believe that Obama is going to change the way that things have been historically done in America, the same Americans don’t even pretend to believe that Senator McCain intends to change anything. Senator Obama neither has the power nor the will to change business as usual in the United States, apparently. He is still threatening Hamas and Hezbollah.

Which of the two Senators is worse for wear, and will do the best job of presiding over business as usual, you decide, for we are all familiar with the old saying, the more things change the more they stay the same? It seems to me that if you were a person of character and you were pursuing the job knowing that you will be forced by the weight of the fearful and ubiquitous American people to maintain the status quo, then you must have your head on backwards. It is time for America to take its foot off of other nations like Cuba and Iran, and how about the Palestinian people and others?

America is still smarting about the Iranians having captured Americans and held them hostage during Jimmy Carter’s Administration. And hardly any Americans ask, well what were we doing in their country in the first place? Hail to the Chief, he or she must have a marble loose somewhere – I don’t expect anything to change any time soon, in fact it might things may get worse!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

And with respect to who wants to be President? The Answer is, I guess somebody has to do it, particularly someone who believes in American lies and doublespeak!

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