Jun 5, 2008

Senator Obama Wins The Democratic Nomination: The Democratic Party Preferred Barabbas Over their True savior!

The Real War With All Its National and World-wide Implications Has Been Temporarily Placed on Hold!

The Implication’s of His Win are simply this:

your team made an egregious strategic and tactical blunder that will cause the real world-wide war (with all of its nuances and implications) to be temporarily placed on hold given a likely McCain Presidency;

even with a very unlikely Obama candidacy, you folks have aided and abetted the enemy by temporarily accomplishing what the Republicans could not have done. They were rightfully afraid of the worldwide power & connections of the Clintons. The world was about to undergo a massive change!

Even without Karl Rove’s help this time, the Republicans (with an Obama or McCain Presidency) win again. Democratic voters are not the savviest voters in the world; oftentimes emotion triumphs over sound judgment. The Republicans blundered in 2000 and in 2004 by electing George Bush, and the democrats not to be outdone in 2008 have assured America and the world of having one of two emasculated candidates sitting in the oval office. Hopefully, God or the Universe will intervene and overrule this travesty.

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

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