Jun 26, 2008

Woman Power In A Majoritarian Society And The Birth of a New Son And A New Nation!

Woman Power In A Majoritarian Society!

Arguably, among the most powerful individuals in America today are Oprah Winfrey, Senator Hillary Clinton, Representative Nancy Pelosi, Secretary of State and former NSA Director Condoleeza Rice, Mrs. Obama and the woman who bore Senator Obama, his mother. Politics in America will never be the same, and all male and female misogynists should beware.

Given the success of the Hillary Clinton campaign which went toe to toe with the power of Oprah, although it would appear that Oprah may have won this round, things are about to change in America forever. The fact of the matter is that all of these women won, and womanhood in America prevailed because of their combined, although at times vying against each other contributions.

No matter who wins the election on the Democratic side (and remember the Democratic convention hasn’t taken place yet and keep in mind Hillary only suspended her campaign, she could still be drafted as unlikely as that might appear right now), the women won, evening by putting Senator Obama in the position that he is in now. If he wins, he wins because of women, and as far as the future is concerned politics and a woman’s place in American society from this day forward will never be the same.

Women represent the majority and now their voices will be heard. Don’t be surprised, given that it almost happened this time when in the future the entire Federal Government and most of its department heads will be exclusively female. I cannot wait to see what will take place leading up to the 2008 election, when all of these women join forces to produce 21st American century leadership. The folks over at the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) weren’t expecting things to go this way!

The women won! Hillary won the popular vote. Senator Obama’s mom produced the first official black Presidential nominee from the Democratic Party, and possibly America’s first part-African President. It may or may not be considered the Immaculate Conception, but on the other hand it seems apropos that America’s first looked upon Black President would be produced by both black and white parents – it speaks to the struggle between the two races.. Perhaps we are making progress! I’m sure that Jesse Helms, Strom and other historical white racists must be turning over and over again in their graves.

Mrs. Obama stood up and showed her strength by telling the nation just how she felt given a sense of sadness and accomplishment, and look out for her; we haven’t heard the last of her. And Dr. Rice and Dr. Pelosi will be key players for years to come.

Why am I happy for these and other women? I am pleased for the same reasons that I have been regarding slavery, racism and other forms of oppression, to the extent that they have all been destroyed. Women have been oppressed for too long!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

And speaking of Birth of a Nation, this is not what was intended by our American predecessors or the maker of the film!

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