Jun 7, 2008

Obama and a New World Order: Rev to the Faith In Action Blog:

Obama and a New World Order: Rev to the Faith In Action Blog:

I have been discoursing with purported members of Senator Obama's political inner-circle. These individuals cannot see any conflict between Tavis Smiley's outrage given that Senator Obama attended and spoke so gallantly (to defend Israel) at this Jewish conference, when on the other hand he snubbed the State of the Black Union Conference.

Many black Americans do not see a conflict between Obama's politics as usual and his pledge to continue America's venal and unbalanced support of Israel in deference to balancing the scales between Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah...! Some Americans have been duped into believing that Obama is simply playing possum, but once he gets elected Superman with his unfurled cape streaming in the wind is going to spring into action.

Folks, in my opinion, the reason that the USA is having so much turmoil and trouble with respect to Middle-Eastern and Near-Eastern nations, among other things, is its unfair and unbalanced support towards Israel against not only Hamas and Hezbollah but against other nations within close proximity like Syria, Iran..., and other nations that are at a greater distance!
America has pledged to destroy itself and its standing in the world right along with its 51st state, Israel. And even though American Christians have biblically inspired and romantic feelings toward the Israel of antiquity, the Israel of today was formulated, created and populated as a result of actions that took place in the UN in 1947/48. Much like it is within American leadership circles, many within Israel’s leadership ranks are nothing more than ungod-like natural born killers.

The Palestinian (Arab and Muslim Semitic people) were summarily evicted from their homelands and their homes, neighborhoods...., their homelands were turned over to the mixed European Jewish Diaspora who returned to Israel from European nations following WWII. When you hear Arabs and Muslims say that Israel does not have a right to exist, they base their opinions on the actions that were decided in the U.N. in 1947/48, having been pushed particularly by Great Britain, the USA and a few other nations. A nearly equal amount of nations abstained from the western backed insouciant injustice that took place in the United Nations in 1947/48.

The colonial powers also considered repatriating black Americans to Panama and the Jews to African Ghana at one time, and we are all aware of how the colonial powers sub-divided Africa. That Senator Obama has made it clear that he will continue politics as usual does not bode well for Israel's neighboring countries, for Cuba, for Nicaragua, the DPRK...; and he has already confirmed my feelings that voting for him to be President of the USA would summarily result in repeating the mistakes of the past!

As some fair-minded Americans have recognized, America's hegemonic policies around the world have been wrong in the past, and they are wrong today - even if they are supported by Christian ministers who have rejected the roadmap for peace in the M-E, e.g., Robertson, Hagee, the late Falwell, Parsley and about 300,000 other American ministers. These individuals have an agenda, and it has nothing to do with true biblical eschatology.

It takes courage to stand up for right and to fight for truth and justice. I've said it before and others are beginning to see it that when it comes to matters that truly matter to minorities and 3-rd world people, Obama has simply retreated – he has been muted. I go on record as saying that I believe that Senator Obama will accomplish just about as much in America and the world, as the two successive black Presidents in a nation whose citizens are 95% black, South Africa, have accomplished for the masses - that is if Senator Obama were to prevail and become President.

It has been my hope that whoever would become President of the USA next, would set politics aside and right the wrongs of an American colonial and hegemonic past and present - that Presidential aspirant has not appeared on the scenes yet!

Just as God has planned the establishment of a new world order in order to resolve the world’s problems; to the extent that many in the crop of the world’s 3-rd world nations, that have been held in tow in their weakened status (mostly as a result of actions by Great Britain going back to the Treaty at Versailles and for the past 60 years by the US), a change of American foreign and domestic white supremacist policies, as well as a new world order must be established. Neither Senator Obama nor his youthful talib inner-circle, seem to grasp the need for revolutionary change, they talk a good game, but that's about it. The USA must begin to act in accordance with the rule of divine and international law.

Is Reverend Solomon against Obama as some have said? Is Reverend Solomon an anti-Semite? Answer, Reverend Solomon is for right and for social justice for all nations and people of the world. I will not support any person, black or white, who will support or enforce the injustices of the past of present, in this case American injustice. With respect to being anti-Semite, Arabs are Semitic people too, and if I am anti-Semitic so was the Apostle Paul who wrote in Romans 10, that among other things that Israel has left the righteousness of God and gone about to establish its own righteousness. God had to judge Israel on many occasions for its injustices, which many times resulted from Israel being evicted from Palestine. That America continues to bolster Israeli injustice speaks to the flawed and deep-seated unjust policies in the USA!

It is amazing to me, but should not be, that America has continued to support secularist leaders in Israel over religious Muslims and Arabs of the world. Obama has capitulated already on many occasions. In order to become President of the USA, he has already retreated from standing up for world-wide justice and freedom for all people! This young whelp is not what the world needs right now, he lacks courage, vision or substance!

Whenever America and any of its leaders begin to practice true justice and to adhere to the rule of law itself and themselves, America, a nascent 200 year old nation, will demand the same from Israel, and level the playing field towards other nations. We don’t have much time to do so, another Super-Power is emerging that will soon place its imprint on the world!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

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